Tuesday, December 18, 2012


In today's news, EXAMS ENDED TODAY!



Even Better News, I was going through our old videos. The nutcase people I hang out with once decided to create a video of students from the Student Council of our school being 'bombarded' with a water balloon. And guess where they showed off these videos at? At the welcome party for our juniors!

Yes, yes, I was one of the victims of the water balloon attacks. But, the video did turn out pretty awesome :D

Just look at him go. All set to hit the awesome-yet-innocent victim with the water balloon.
In case you're still wondering, that victim's me :p

The SPLASHES after the hit.

P.S. I've been trying to download that video but my internet connection won't budge.

Bestest News Of All Times, I found the last book in the Maximum Ride Trilogy!
Yes, the bestest news concerns books each and every time :)

Better Than Even The Bestest News, we had unexpected rainfall at Karachi four days ago!
Imagine this, you have a Physics exam the next day, you're bazing'ed-ly tensed, you and physics don't go together much. BUT. The next day you wake up to the sound of RAIN DROPS falling and the SMELL OF RAIN! ^_^

I guess, these are all the News I had piled up of all these days.

Now, I shall resume my packing for the vacation trip. And the LUMUN trip too.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter High-Fives

Yes, we complain about the winters at Karachi.
But that's because the weather with blankets and sweaters and those puffy socks with bunnies made on them is not really that cold here. It's DECEMBER, the month when the rest of the country sits in front of fireplaces and lazes around, while we are left to savor the cold shiver when we wake up early in the morning, and then... Well, there's no more than a cold shiver to winters here.

Anyways, anybody can get hold of a lappy (read: Laptop) and start pressing keys to criticize. What actually requires effort is finding the good and appreciating it (Yes, I do sound wisdom-atic, but that's just because I've grown two wisdom tooth now. No bragging)

So here's to the things I LOVE about Winters in Karachi :D

Warning: The above image is just a means of fooling you.
Hey, don't blame me. The TV ads do that to you everyday!
At least I'm honest :D

"The Five High-Fives for Winter" 
(I'm not sure if it's High-Fives 'to' or High-Fives 'for'. Grammar Nazi, Help Please)

High-Five #1. Weather's always the best conversation starter. So, you met your teacher at the mall (teachers outside school seem pretty weird, jbtw), and of course you do not know what to say to them. Well, the weather! :D
And fire the guns of criticism :D

High-Five #2. You get the best combos. Ok, so it's winter but you're not feeling cold? (Well, obviously) Make yourself Hot Chocolate anyways and enjoy it under the fan. Now who said that hot n cold are two extreme opposites?

High-Five #3. No icy water problems. The worst thing about winters is getting out of your blanket after eating French Fries (Note: they're valid in Summers too) and having to wash your hands with icyyy cooold water. Worry no more, there's no coldness in store. (NO. Nobody calls the rhyme police)

High-Five #4. Night walks down the road. Here are how cliched winter expressions go like: winters are amazing, the coffee beaks and strolls down the lane at night. Hold it right there! 'Strolls down the lane at night' in winters are the most close one can get to impossible, unless you have a High Neck on, are wearing a cotton shirt over it, and then wearing a full sleeved sweater and a jacket too. The good news is, the night strolls in the Karachi winters are much more peaceful and require less layers of clothes to handle. Just a sweater or a shawl would do :)

High-Five #5. The sea would freeze! Yes folks, it's one of those 'think before you wish' kind of a thing. The sea here would freeze and turn to ice (Yes, that is what freezing means essentially) if it got too cold. And we love the sea too much to see it freeze even for a millisecond, right? So let the sea be :D

Did I just support the much criticized winters? :O
Am I really that awesome? :O
Well what can I say, awesomeness has its days :D

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I was away following vectors,
drowning with HCl as it was poured to neutralise NaOH,
playing with the alleles for eye colour,
being charged by the electrons flowing into the capacitor.

In short, I have been busy studying.

Exams next week.

I DO! I DO! ^_^

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We're Not Very Different

I walk in the corridors, my head bent low, buried beneath my worldly burdens.
Either it's a test or a fight with a friend, either it's the yearning for more pocket money or the secret wish to be able to fly.
There's somebody in those very corridors. She's neither a student nor a teacher. Yet, she visits my school everyday. Her worries do not revolve around what to study or what to wear. She worries whether her children will have food to eat when they go to sleep at night.

We are not very different, she and I. 
She breathes the same air I breathe,
walks the same earth I walk on,
sees the same red that I see,
she has worries; well so do I,
she's a daughter, a friend and a console-er; well so am I.

She puts the broom away, she takes a sigh. All the messy classrooms seem polished.
I notice the sadness in her eyes and realise that taking time out for her won't turn my world upside down.

And yet, as I stand with her, listening to her as she motivates me to stay strong.
She's determined. She cries, I cry too. We weep over the blindness of this world.

And, as I turn to go away,
there's just one thought that seems to stay.
I catch her eye,
'Why are we considered so different, You and I?'
You're called poor, I'm called rich and yet we're the same as time flies by.

She did turn my world upside down in ways she would never know.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Guest Post #2

Check out my Guest Post at 'Blogging from A to Z'
It's called WAITING.

Here's the link: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/2012/11/guest-post-lubaina-from-pakistan.html

It's about us... the ones who dream of going studying abroad and going on world tours.
It's about our Mom n Dad; the efforts they've put in bringing us up.
It's about life. How uncertain it is.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lappy Life

So much for a Holiday.

I did what I do every passing day, start off with a project in the morning and be done with it at night.
My laptop has become my life.

Yes, this is how my day went yesterday.
Yes, I did wake up around 5am on a Holiday.
Yes, I did get an hour's sleep.

Food? It takes me hardly fifteen minutes to gobble up the yummies on the dining table.

My consolation: Hard work pays off :D

Note: The doodle image is a copyright of Lubaina E, the rain lover. :)

P.S. Yes, I did mention my Laptop as 'Lappy' in the heading :p
        Sounding cheesy once in a while doesn't hurt, you know ;)

P.P.S. My aim for 2013 should be: LESS LAPPY USAGE.
        (Sounds much to near to the stupid word of 'impossibility')
Cheers to Cheesy-ness! xD

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Works Of Barney Nutcase

Remember how I wrote about Barney Nutcase Family once?

Well, the family has gone more Nutcase-ish, but turns my frown upside down :D
This weekend was bound to be a stressful one because we have our exams just around the corner, but then one of the Barney nutcase Family member decided to write a humorous story to cheer everybody up.

And yes, I put it up on our school's blog :D

Do read it... it's perfect stress-buster :)

Life and Times Of A Superhero

One of the doodles I drew for the story :)

At times solace and peace is only found in the work that one really really loves to do.
I love to write n I love to draw :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Leaning On

The night before last night.

I called, the cellphone was switched off. Five hours, still the calls were not attended and the messages remained unanswered. There was news of threats to the so-called peace in Karachi, yet the cellphone was not adhered to. The gazillionth call and there was a 'hello' at the other end. A hello that spoke of failure but the determination was still there.

Yes, there was failure. Leaving behind the work we had, we rushed outside, the winter that's not really winter welcomed us. Rang the bell, there was the face of determination. Stayed out till late at night, what was done was done, but just knowing that one has support to lean on to when it all seems to have broken down helps.

No, one does not watch the other one fall down. One runs to pick the person up; at times the courage that we have falters and the strength we have weakens.

At the end of the day, we all have our battles to fight and struggles to overcome. It's not about the problems, it's about the way we face those problems.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dribbling and Shooting


The cheers get louder, the hoots grow stronger, you hear your name being chanted as if it's going to make the entire world happy again, you are suddenly aware of all the eyes on you, you hear running steps headed towards you, the sun seems hotter and the sweat seems to be covering your eyes.

You run with all the strength in you, you know that it's up to you, there's no time, there's no space, your companions have been kept our of your way, you try to remember all the strategy learning practices you had but your mind goes blank. It's just you.

You dribble your way towards the hoop post, you pick up the basketball, mark your position, ignore the defender and shoot!
The ball is almost there, it has to go in, eyes look up with uncertainty and the


Yeah, I did miss the shoot. Yeah, we lost the basketball match by ONE score.

My team jersey of this year :D

My team jersey from last year :D
Yeah, the name's miss-spelled :p

Notice how my Jersey numbers are Nine and Four ?
Well I was born on the fourth of the ninth month! :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

And, Smile :)

It's a big world out there, but it has little problems. That, I'm sure of. It's these little problems that make it seem as if all is lost and there's no light in the dark endless tunnel. But in reality tunnels are meant to end and there would not be any dark if there were no light. Somewhere out there the light exists, the light that may seem far away but is found in Baba's hug and Mama's lap :)

After a weird day at school, you wonder if there's something wrong with you. You wonder about your sanity, you wonder about the way you're going. It seems pretty hopeless but then the day ends and your school bus drops you off at home. And there's Mama waiting for you at the lunch table and there's Baba smiling at you as he sees the tired expression on your face.

Baba and Mama. I love you. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Red Indian-ness

The welcome party to welcome the juniors welcoming-ly :D

Just so you know, this post is being written by a Red Indian.
Yes, my ridiculously lame self did dress up for the Welcome Party
She had to dress up as a storybook character (that was the theme, jbtw) and out of all the characters she chose to dress up as a Red Indian ! XD

Yes, Remember Tiger Lily from Peter Pan ? I dressed up like her dad :)

What I was supposed to be like.

Peter Pan looks cute with the head dress too :D

And here's how I ended up being dressed up as :D
My Awesome friend still hasn't uploaded his album or this picture would not have been attempted to be  'made' to look better :p

My signature move: doing the 'woo woo' while clapping my hand over my mouth. If that makes sense :p
You know, how the jungle people do it. Even though I did not dress up as Tarzan, it still was my signature move :D

Buuuuut, it was cool to be something odd, even though I ran out of my guts as I reached the party area and was literally dragged in by the people from my Barney Nutcase Family (Yes, Barney Nutcase, you shall know the story someday B) )

Yes, at the end of the day my Lil' sister still claimed that I look like a Chicken xP

Come to think of it, I probably do!

And aaaaand, I got the prize for the best costume too. Not only because it was different but also 'Cuz it was creative :D
M creative!
Just a thought, I shouldn't be self-obsessed much.
Oh What da hell, I'm CREAATIIIIVE! xD

Friday, November 9, 2012

Lost Track

I don't remember when it happened, why it happened or how it happened.
But all I know is that I was how Zain R Mian* wrote:
I write for myself. It might not have been the way I’ve always written- I’m not going to lie about that. But that’s the way it is now and hopefully always will be. If writing still makes me happy then there’s really not much else that counts, to be honest.

But now it's changed. I check the statistics before I put up the next post.
I wait for the comments before I type the replies.

Yes, I love to write. I love how writing makes me feel.. lighter.
But I hate how I lost track of that.

As they say: I Write, Therefore I Am.

*Yes, Zain's a blogger too :)
I stumbled over his blog at: 

Imma Juice Box

And finally we get three days off from school!

Makes me wonder what was wrong with me back then when I hated holidays, but these days holidays are my time to BREATHE.

Welcome Party for our juniors tomorrow. The theme: Chapter Tales.
Now, it might sound a tad bit weird.
But, my school: The City School PAF Chapter
Dress Code: dress up as storybook characters.
CHAPTER TALES makes sense now. Phew. Something makes sense.

Now, what does one dress up as ? :s
Disney Princesses and the likes are out of question. Red Riding Hood is too cliched.
A Quidditch player would be nice. Buuuut don't know what would be nicer. And nicest is so far beyond my bamboozled brain.

The possibility of wearing a carton and going in as a juice box is brilliant though xD, only if we had a storybook of a juice box.

I shall contemplate under a tree and wait for an idea to befall me.

And yes my awesome blog, I don't write much these days.
I'm busy with this (another awesome blog :D ): http://pafians.blogspot.com/
No worries. It's just for another year, a year I don't want to end.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cows Save The World!

The four-legged animals that 'Moo' might be an answer to the world's problems.
The world might not end on 21st December 2012 
(Not that I actually hold this notion to be true)

Hey COW =D

Traces of Methane gas have been found on Mars. And the largest producer of Methane are none other than the cows!

Look at the possibilities. Now that there is a possibility of cows on Mars, we can send in cows from Earth to Mars wrapped in pretty Red Ribbons as a token of our gratitude and extension of a hand for friendship to the Martians!

The Martians would try and contact us, we could then set up a trade of Cows in exchange for flying saucers.
Voila! We get awesome transport, they get the cows.

How does this save the world ?

Since no signs of pollutants have been found in the atmosphere of Mars, this means that their flying saucers release harmless gases (if they run by any earth-like fuel that is), this solves our problem of Global Warming which is majorly caused by notorious gases (Read: Green house gases)

Also, we'll establish more farms to breed the cows. We'll be having a greener mother Earth this way! :D

Aaaaand, we get FLYING SAUCERS to fly around in! ^_^

But at the end of the day, this blogger just sits back and says 'If only..' 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Awesome for FOUR! =D



My first holidays when I actually get to sit at home and fix my brothers' brawls, paint the town colorful with my lil' sister, tag team with mama and badger baba to take us all out for dinner.

Yes, baba's home for Eid!
Yes, I shall do nothing but be awesome these four days! :)

I started off with sleeping for three hours after coming home from school :')
Something which was only considered wishful thinking since the past three months.

My head's so light, feels like there's water rushing inside :'D

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Writers Will Be Writers.

No matter how many places I go, how many people I meet and what disappointments I face, my blog is always the best place for refuge after the world throws stones at me and expects me to face the storm without an umbrella.

Aaaaah.. Yeah.. I did go to ROTMUN, i did give my best at ROTMUN, at the end of the day I came back home with an award for the 'Best Position Paper'.. :)

Writers will stay writers I guess :D

Ok so here's an addition to my aims:
1. Genetics (Previous)
2. Explore the world (Previous)
3. Never EVER NEVER let disappointments get me crashing down (New aim B) )
4. A book that says 'written by: Lubaina Ehsan (yh yh, Lubaina Banana Ehsan :p )

Just something I came across at Tumblr :D

Friday, October 12, 2012

Like Food After Scarcity.

The amazing moment when you win at a debate championship's first round after a looooong span of Debate Win Scarcity xP
Happiness :')

Hope all goes well for the rest of the championship. *fingers crossed*

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our Favorite Dictators.

Since I'm the head of the Student Blog of my school, we tried to make it interactive by introducing a Wall for teachers on World Teachers' Day :D

We got people to write testimonials for their teachers on the wall we put up at school rather than Facebook Walls :)

It actually turned out awesome :D
And colourful :D
Oh and we titled the wall 'Our Favorite Dictators'
Pretty cool no ? B)

Best part: Various Marriage Proposals for the hottest teacher at school. Just as he sees the Notes for him he goes "I should resign :p"

That's me in the middle :D
With the Student Blog Team :)
And the Wall at the back :D

Sunday, September 30, 2012

IMY =)

Hey My Rainy Blog,
I miss you.

I am up at 5:15am just so that I could visit you. With all the studies, MUNs, Parliamentary Debates, managing School's Blog, University Applications, Personal statement stuff, going to Basketball practice sessions, shifting my home and God knows what else, I haven't had the time to blog.
 Like really really blog.

Yeah, I haven't forgotten how you were my partner as I shared 'My Out of the Odd' times,
and how I had you when Summer Holidays seemed purposeless, well I'm still here and you're still here.
I am just occupied with other work.

But yeah, I still do miss you.

Want to look at my School's Blog that I am the President of ?
Here: http://pafians.blogspot.com/

Know what my aims are now ?
1-Study Genetics
2-Be the Chief Editor of a Mag
3-A book that says 'written by Lubaina Ehsan' :')
4-Go on a World Tour.. B)


Monday, September 24, 2012

Sorry x1200 :D (Out of the Odd #10)

You talk a lot ?
Well, so do I.
And before you go on being your parrot-self in the classroom. Think Again.

Here's what happened today:

Doesn't make sense ?
Well here's a closer look:

Along with my tries at photography :p

My Physics teacher made me write Sorry 1000 times just because i would not stop talking in the class! xD
Me, a kindergartner ? NOOOO. I'm in my LAST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL.

I did today what I used to do back in the old days :'D

Nostalgia. And An arm-ache :p
Best part: it wasn't just me. My partner-in-talks had to write the Sorry Page as well. :P 
Oh and we were not bound by a page, but people with small aims like us vowed to fit the 1000 Sorrys on a single page xD

To top it all off, we were talking while writing the out the 1000 Sorrys, soo were made to write Sorry 1200 times instead :p

Oh and when she and I were almost done, a friend comes by and goes 
"You guys actually wrote sorry 1200 times ? :O
You could have just written 'Sorry x1200'!"

Oh well, I got a story to tell.
And our teacher got 2400 apologies xP

P.S. What's the plural of 'SORRY'. In case you didn't notice, I wrote 'Sorrys', but it's not in the dictionary :p

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Un-happy Banana.

This blogger (obsessed with blogging blogger in fact) is down with a flu combined with migraine and top it all up with fever. Sounds bad ? Well, it is bad.

Ok, no. I shall try and find the positive-ity in the days that just passed by. Even if the negativity dominates (tends to dominate, see positive-ity ?) the recent days.

Ummm.. What should I begin with.

It started off with the Biology test (Yes, the nerdy side tends to kick in when the teacher plans to give a reward to the top scorer of the class). I know I'm eighteen, but presents from the teacher always seem really cool :D.. So yeah, I wasn't the top scorer, neither was I even among the top-five scorers of the class.

See, now what positive-ity could there be in all this ? It could be that my friend was the top-scorer. Yeah, that'll do :D

It went on to being a holiday on Friday because of the protests going on in Pakistan. Which is just sad. Why destroy your own homeland when the movie at stake was not even the doing of your homeland ? All one has to do is get their voice heard and problems dealt with, which can be done in a very humane way.
Ironically, Friday was International Day of Peace too. What I saw that day was all but peace.

No positive-ity in this. No way. Cinemas were set on fire, traffic lights brought to the ground, a bridge blasted to bits and I do not even want to know how many lives were lost. The positive-ity could be that I got a holiday and slept through my illness, but nooo. That sounds really self-centered.

Anyways, after this the news was put on the table that the place we were going to rent so that we can stay at Karachi while my dad goes away, is only available till December 2012. And my term ends in May 2013.
So yeah, I don't know what will happen now.

Positive-ity ? We get to go and live with baba in case no home at Karachiii :D. Ok, now this actually sounds positive.

We are not the ones to judge, because everybody has their own battles to fight. Every moment, every day.

I hope my post did not bring you down.
Well, look at the picture above n smile :)
My friends call me Banana remember ? :D
No one shall leave my blog without a

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You On Your Own.

To each one, their own religion.
Nobody is to ridicule the other's religion,
it's a matter of one's own personal faith.
Nobody is to argue about which religion is better and which one is not.
There's more to debating than that.

That's it. End of Story.

Yes, Youtube banned in Pakistan for now.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Funky-cising :D

One, I'm staying at Karachiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! ^_^
Me, mama and my lil' brother n sister are going to stay at Karachi, we rented a new place while my dad is going to move away where his job wants him to. 


Oh and here's what I did to my plain white bag when I needed to take my thoughts away from moving and studies.

Yes, the bag was plain white when I bought it :D

Yes, I used recycled materials on this bag.
It sure turned out pretty good :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


You're in happy mood ?
Well then do not read this post since I do not want to ruin anybody's mood with my rantings.

Here it goes, we're shifting again x_x

My dad's job needs him to shift to another city, buut I can't leave in the middle of school year. I got all my friends here, teachers I'm used to being taught by and stuff I got to do and events I have planned.
I can't just leave all that and move away. Again.

We've been moving since the day I was born.

Anyways, I've tried to convince baba to let me stay at a friend's place or something and I can come and move in with my family when my school year ends.

Fingers Crossed.



P.S. The studies are killing me x_x

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Literally words can't describe!

While Adele Set fire to rain,
and Hilary had her hair blowing out on her sweet sixteen,
my LEGAL EIGHTEEN was beyond what words could describe.

Yes, I'm legal.
And yes, I don't feel old or big or even adult-ish for that matter.
Well, my age blues for later.

For now, listen to how my 18th bday went. It'll make you smile :)

Ok so on the night of 3rd September (my bday's on 4th sep) I had planned to go to sleep early and not wait up till midnight since I wasn't expecting any of my friends to call as we had our humongous physics test at school the next day.

3rd Sep. 10.00pm

Me: mama I'm going to sleep.
Mama: *gives me a wierd look* But you always stay up at midnight on your birthday.
Me: Not this time, I'm old for birthdays.
Mama: Well, it's your birthday.

-I dozed off-

3rd Sep. 10.30pm
Aunt: Lubaina wake up, you haven't had dinner so I made noodles for you.
Me: You woke me up just so I could eat noodles ?
Aunt: Sleeping with an empty stomach is not good.

-So I got up to eat noodles.

3rd Sep. 11.45pm.

Mama: Lubaina, before you go to sleep again could you tidy up your mess of books from the dining room ?
Me: Ok mama.

-So I headed to the dining room-

And they sprayed snow spray in my mouth! xD

These nutcases had entered my dining room through the backdoor, arranged my dining room for my surprise birthday party, got me a DUCK-SHAPED cake, PIZZA and presents while I was too busy trying to get some sleep! :D

Some of the cards they made me :)
Yes, some of my friends call me Banana because it rhymes with Lubaina :D


We all happily gave our physics test. We had no class after it, the next class was to begin in forty minutes.
My school counselor called me to talk to me, she kept talking about random stuff and I being talkative kept the conversation going on.

Then two of my friends came to the counselor's office too. They took me to the canteen with them. (Dumb me did not notice the absence of my other class-fellows and friends)

Junaid: So Lubaina, it's your birthday. What are you treating us with ?
Me: I have no money today.
Moaaz: But you have to get us at-least a bottle of Pepsi from the canteen since it's your big day today!
Me: I seriously do not have money.
Junaid: Oh well. Some other day.
Moaaz: Let's go see if the Common Room's open.

And the moment we were outside Common Room's door, I could hear screams from inside.
As i stepped in.

All of my friends were standing with their backs towards me, wearing black shirts over their uniforms, with 
'HAPPY BDAY BENNY!' written with white tape on the back of their shirts and singing me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY song!

I would've let my happy tears out if there were not so many people around :')

The were standing in one row like the picture above but all of them won't fit the camera screen at one time.
So yeah :)
And yeah, people at school call me benny or banana :)

By now I was still shocked at all that people would do to make my day a very very very special one.

Then, they lead me to a SPONGE-BOB CAKE!!! :D
Yes, it was a huge 7-pound cake that I shared with almost every student who was out in the school grounds.

Guess what my school friends got me ?
It's a cup with a cute kid painted on it. 
The lid of the cup is a brain and there's a card attached to the cup saying 
"Even if your brain refuses to retain memories of us, his brain will."
And inside the cup are Paper strips from almost everybody I know with a memorable memory I've had with them :)

I guess, this long yet worth-reading account made up for my blog absence since four days!

Another reason for my absence: I've been made the head of the Student Blog of my school's blog. My school recently started the blog and I have been assigned to manage to it. I'm confused about it's background.

You can visit it here and give me advice related to the background:

My 18th B'day would have been incomplete without my friends no ? :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Know the date ?

Read the date above.
Yes, read the date.
Still haven't read the date ?
Oh, just read the date !

What date is it ?

Now which awesome amazing and beyond epic person can possibly be born on this day ?!

I guess I am authorized to brag about myself on my 18th birthday atleast.
Finally Legal :D

All the happenings of the Legali-sh Awesome-ish 18th Birthday shall be uploaded.
For now, I'm breezing through the celebrations :D

My Motto from my 18th B-day onwards :D

Thursday, August 30, 2012

SPLASH splash SPLASH ! (Out off the Odd #9)

I don't know where to possibly fantabulastically begin!

Without further delay, it is to solemnly and very seriously (I'm beginning to doubt myself now :p) announce that.. that.. that.. IT RAINED TODAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY! ^_^

First PROPER rain of the year 2012-at Karachi.
While I was at school!

So combine the rain-ness and nutcase-ness of my friends and voila, an out-of-the-world-out-off-the-odd day :')

Me and Maheen saw people coming from the canteen with french fries in their hands. Yeah, one rarely finds fries at the canteen because they're sold as soon as they're cooked. Soo, we rushed to our class-fellow, begged him for money (the empty wallet people that we are :p) and ran to the canteen.

I was there waiting for the fries when all of a sudden everybody around me disappeared.

Literally everybody!
I turn around to see, RAIIIIIIIIIIN!
Students were rushing out of the classrooms with their teachers yelling on top of their lungs and demanding everybody to get back in, as the entire school of over five thousand students (just guessing the figures) CAME TO LIFE! :D

One of the sections of our school.
Imagine five other buildings like this with students 'pouring out' of them as it  poured down :D

I got my fries and ran out toooooo!
Warm delicious fries under Karachi's rain :)

Best part: Splashing in the puddles while playing random kiddish games in rain :'))))

We were all so wet :D (not soaking wet yet though)

Well one needs a picture in the rain right ? So there I was posing with my bright smile, the camera detecting my thirty-two teeth when SPLAAAAAAAAASH! One of my friend's dumped an entire water bottle on me! (NOW, I was soaking wet :P)

Well you know what happened then. Yeah, a water fight just as the rain was about to stop.

Couldn't have been any better :)


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mera Bhai

Mera Bhai (Read: My Bro)

You've had an amazing yet tiring day.
From getting kicked out off Chemistry Class because you were late to playing Ludo as the rest of the class studied pH curves.
From baking a cake for Your littlest brother's birthday to playing two hours of basketball.
From randomly getting demands for a grand party for your 18th birthday to being able to solve Math trigonometry questions. (Ok so the math part may sound a tad bit nerdy, but oh well)

After a productive-awesome-one-of-a-kind day you see this person walking on your street. Your first thought is that, oh Huthaifa's (my other lil' brother) heading home. The guy is walking Huthaifa's walk too, you immediately plan in your head a lil' surprise you and Huthaifa can carry out for your littlest brother's birthday. And then the realization hits you, the guy walking is just another guy. Huthaifa left today. He studies in another city so lives away from home. The fact sinks in that you'd miss Huthaifa till he comes back in his next holidays.

Yeah I miss you bro. Take care and be back home soon. I've got the blueprints for all the pranks laid :D

The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food came out his nose. -- Garrison Keillor 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Lover's Cove Challenge #4

I like contests that let me play with words :D
Here goes:

It’s that time again!
Time to head on over to apd-loverscove.blogspot.com, other wise known as Lovers’ Cove and take part in this week’s challenge!
Please read the Guidelines and Q’s & A’s thoroughly before entering!
In short, you must come up with a line of 15 words or less and your line must continue
on in thought based on what the previous person on the linky wrote.
Get invitation to the challenge at:  Lover's Cove Challenge #4 8-26-2012

Behold! I am renewed again, for the spirit of love has descended upon my heart!
Years, I’ve wandered aimlessly through the midst of the shadows trying to elude the dark.
Darkness isn´t always so dark, sometimes becomes hope when our imagination wants to look for a light
A light that has been trying to find its sight through such darkness night
This darkness becomes me; I am but the light of our shadow that quivers now
yearning for a flight toward the dream, away from the claws of fear

My line.
And I rise, rise towards destiny till what the heart wants seems so near.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

9999 Times.

Even though I vowed not to disclose my grades online, buuuut due to unforeseen requests. Here goes:
5 A's in AS level :)
Highest grades in all those who had the same subjects combos as me.

DISCLAIMER: Not my doing. I couldn't have done what I did without help from my Allah :)

So here's to life:
You want me to go through all the downs ?
You want me to get used to disappointments ?
You want me to be broken that gets me on my knees ?
Well I will.
But just know that I won't stand up to fall back down.
Even if I do fall down again, I'll stand up.
I'll stand up 9999 times, not more :p

From Me, to Myself.

Yes, the above was a response to what happened today.
No, no broken hearts just a slightly disheveled spirit :)
We had this Practice Parliamentary Debate at St.Patrick's High School today, we won only one debate out of three practice sessions.

Sad no ?
Oh well, learning from the experiences and moving on 9999 times :D

Friday, August 24, 2012

Have a Cookie

Cookie, yes ? :)
And Hey, SMILE :)

Life's not all about ups and down, sometimes the road is smooth.
At that time, get your pillow and take a nap. :D

Thursday, August 23, 2012

#surroundedbyamazingpeople :')



Ok sooo, I don't know how to begin. You know how you think that you're going to have the most boring days ever buuut they turn out to be the exact opposite ?
Yeah well that's what happened on Eid and the two days after it =D

1st Day-Woke up early to give finishing touches to vermicilles (typical Eid delight)
             and the cake I baked for  breakfast.
             An Eid Milan Party followed by a visit to a distant relative and off to lunch
             with baba's cousins.
             And then an Eid Dinner at our home for friends and their families.
            (There were around THIRTY people at our home) xD
2nd Day-Went out in the evening with friends, best windy weather ever :)
               Our non-stop foolery.
               Dinner at baba's college friend's home, the aunty cooks awesome food ^_^

3rd Day-A trip to Interior Sindh.
              And off to Gharoo Water Park! :D
              (It has separate water-slide areas for men n women :D)

Good Days Mayn :')

The Cake I baked on the first day :)
My newly acquired baking skills :p

I have to go to school in like half an hour and I haven't had breakfast and neither have I changed.

Just sitting in my night-suit and Blogging. It's addictive xD


Sunday, August 19, 2012




I can't wait to put on Mehndi on little girls' hands and see them smile :)
I can't wait to dress up my little sister as she looks at her reflection in the mirror with delight.
I can't wait to help out Mama in the kitchen, making yummi-licious Eid breakfast :D
I can't wait to walk around in my new dress and see Baba smile at me :)
I can't wait to be the treasurer of my Brothers' Eidi that they are hassling elders for xP
I can't wait to give the Eid gifts I've bought for my friends :)

Eid is about sharing and love and happiness right ? :)

I love EID :D

Just One Day till EIIIIDDDD! :D

P.S. I purposefully skipped out parts about spending Eid with relatives. Baba doesn't have much holidays so we can't go to our Family Home at Islamabad. 
Which is just sad. 
Eid is more about Family too you know.

So, for all those who are spending with a House full of Khalas and Khaloos,
Mamoos and Mamis,
Chachoos and Phuppos,
Dadi and Dada,
Nani and Nana
and 'More than a Dozen' COUSINS.
Feel blessed, very blessed and make the most of it :)

Eid tomorrow! :D

Oh and for all those celebrating their Eid today, EID MUBARAAAAKKKKK! :D

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Even More Green :D (Out Of the Odd #8)

14th August! :D
Even though we loathe every bit of all that happens in Pakistan everyday,
on 14th August the aura is just different.

There's Solidarity.
There's the spirit of Paki Pride.
There's Green :)

Over at my place, the moods were high and low.
High because the weather was amazing.
Low because Baba would not let us buy flags to put up at our home. His reason: the flag is disrespected in many ways this way. My patriotic Baba :')

Well we headed for this Anti-littering Drive at Seaview. Sadly, we were too punctual and nobody from the organisers was there. We still went on go-carts at the beach! :D

Then over to Hypestar. Roamed around doing nothing at all. Like literally. Just window-shopped. While Baba made us do crazy stuff.
Like getting the trampoline off the rack and having us to jump on it xP
Aaand, complimenting on the hats and caps of the salespersons :p
And blocking the Sales Counter while reading magazines and seeming very engrossed in them.

In the middle of Hyperstar, HBL had set up a 14th August Celebration area.
(Yayyyy! 14th Aug Celebrationss!!!!) :D
We had to say an Independence Day wish in one sentence with 'HBL' and 'Smart' in the same sentence.
My wish: While standing at HBL, I smartly wished Pakistan a Happy Birthday. :)

Guess what gift we got ?
Dr.dre beats! xD

You so Cooleos Oreos HBL! :D

Aaaaand back at home I made Independence Day cupcakes and sent them over to friends n neighbours.

These are the cupcakes I made :D
Made on special request from my lil' sister LABIBAH :)
The stuff I do for her :p


Oh and I gave charity on this day :)
And I made lil' children smile by telling them they look really cute in their green clothes.

And I randomly smiled at any elder person I saw.
Aaaand the smile they gave back was PRICELESS! ^_^

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Smiles :)

The moment when your Baba randomly calls up one of his friends. When the friend asks about what's going on in your baba's life he starts bragging about his daughter's result. And then looks at his daughter and smiles :'). While I ate grapes :p

Just know that you both, mama and baba, have made me a very happy daughter :)

And yes, Thankyou Allah for the grades in AS level that I never expected :)

P.s. Never knew alphabets could matter so much. 
       I though we got past that in kindergarten. 

The Best Google Doodle Ever!
-Paki Pride :')

Event Check:

Sunday, August 12, 2012

65 Years :)

I shall stop worrying about my result that is tomorrow and start preparations for doing something productive on 
14th August 2012! :D

Yes, it's my country's 65th Birthday :)

My homeland, Pakistan :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Nervous Jitters ? Oreos :D

Me: Ok sooo what am I going to ask for after I get my result ?
Mama: But your result's not even out yet!
Me: Oh that's okaaayyyyyy, I'm just driving away my nervous jitters by thinking happy thoughts :D
(Baba arrives in the room)
Baba: Lubaina's talking about result all over again ?
          I'll go get pills so that you sleep through the 13th :p

Know what ? I actually like the idea!
No waiting in anticipation,
no worries about no sleep at night,
just wake up after the drugs loose their effect,
and VOLA see my result :D

Ok so this result wait is making me go BONKERS!

Thus, I shall go make Cold Coffee n dip Oreos in it.

Yes, my new-est addiction on the block: Cold Coffee + Oreo Combo :')

Oreos ^_^

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Moments :) (Out Of the Odd #7)

The moment when it rains :)
The moment when one finds money in an unexpected place :)

The moment when one's brothers don't finish up all the chocolates :D
The moment when one's mama brings in milk at night :)
The moment that happens out of the odd.

An out of the odd happy moment ?
Yes, it happened today :)

My friend had borrowed money from me and she had to return it.
Friends always borrow n return money right ?
That's how it goes.
Buuuut the moment when the money comes in such a pretty bag along with a funky candle and a caaaard saying thankyou, that's the moment of a true smile :).. The best moment.

The Pretty in Pink Bag :D

The Funky Candle :D
I have a knack for anything that looks crazily weird n very different :D
Hey Zobz n Aimi if you guys are reading this, just know that it made me smile on one of my most tiring and hectic days :)..

P.S. Yes, just three days of school buuut last year of A'levels has waaayy more study than I had expected it too have. 

P.P.S RESULT ON 13th X___X
P.P.P.S I LOVE SCHOOOOL (Mainly because of the people in it) :D

Monday, August 6, 2012

First Day of the Last Year of School.

The moment you step inside school and you're like 'I WANNAAAA GO HOOOME!'
It's not because I hate school,
neither 'cuz I hate the people there,
nor do I view it as a place of torture.
It was just the realization that this is my last year at school and I have utterly no idea how am I going to bear the though of leaving it.

The times we've had.
The pranks we've played.

Oh that reminds me, they changed the chairs of our class. There are some weird wooden ones placed now and they're sooo beyond uncomfortable!

Sooo, my Nutcase of a class has decided to request the administration to change our chairs.

If not, then we plan on bringing floor cushions to class and sitting on the floor in protest until we get back the Comfy chairs xD

They remind me of my Nutcase Dost. :D
Glad to be back to school.
Let's see how our cushion stunt turns out to be xD

Friday, August 3, 2012

Wrong-ness at its Peak.

My legs are dead.
I'm like a walking zombie.
Any minute my backbone will break and say 'I Give Up'

I got stranded in Karachi.
My driver got lost.
I had to wait for him for an hour.
His cellphone stopped working.

Where exactly was I when my driver disappeared ?
The last place on Earth where one should be lost at.

Swarm of people getting clothes for eid.
Hundreds of 'Riksha People' stopping by thinking I need a ride.
My mama in frantics, a seventeen-year old whose driver is no where in sight and the only people with her are her cousins who're already frightened from all the stories they hear about Pakistan. (The cousins are from Canada, so yeah).

Then, another car was sent to pick us up. FINALLYYYY! Till that time we walked over to KFC and waited for the car there.

Yes, GAARI :) (Read: CAR)
I do not think i've been so happy before to see a gaari I recognize head my way.

As if anything bad could happen.
This other car had an accident!!
Dead legs and now arguing drivers.

By then the other driver was found. The other car was deserted while we headed home with the first driver.

Peace yes ? Not exactly.

I came home to find a smiling mama, glad to see her daughter back safe n sound. Until she remembered that she left the camera I had borrowed from my friend at some place.

Karachi is huuuuuuge! How in the world were we to find a camera in this ginormous place.
That too a camera that my friend loves.

Buuuut thankfully by the end, mama's friend had found the car camera that mama left at somebody's home.

Like daughter, like mama :P
I tend to be very very very very forgetfull too.

Any more tragedy that could befall ?

Well, not yet.
I just hope I get a goodnight's sleep. I'm off to hit the sheets :)

Or maybe I won't even reach the bed. I have no strength to walk to my bed.