Monday, November 12, 2012

Red Indian-ness

The welcome party to welcome the juniors welcoming-ly :D

Just so you know, this post is being written by a Red Indian.
Yes, my ridiculously lame self did dress up for the Welcome Party
She had to dress up as a storybook character (that was the theme, jbtw) and out of all the characters she chose to dress up as a Red Indian ! XD

Yes, Remember Tiger Lily from Peter Pan ? I dressed up like her dad :)

What I was supposed to be like.

Peter Pan looks cute with the head dress too :D

And here's how I ended up being dressed up as :D
My Awesome friend still hasn't uploaded his album or this picture would not have been attempted to be  'made' to look better :p

My signature move: doing the 'woo woo' while clapping my hand over my mouth. If that makes sense :p
You know, how the jungle people do it. Even though I did not dress up as Tarzan, it still was my signature move :D

Buuuuut, it was cool to be something odd, even though I ran out of my guts as I reached the party area and was literally dragged in by the people from my Barney Nutcase Family (Yes, Barney Nutcase, you shall know the story someday B) )

Yes, at the end of the day my Lil' sister still claimed that I look like a Chicken xP

Come to think of it, I probably do!

And aaaaand, I got the prize for the best costume too. Not only because it was different but also 'Cuz it was creative :D
M creative!
Just a thought, I shouldn't be self-obsessed much.
Oh What da hell, I'm CREAATIIIIVE! xD

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