Friday, August 16, 2013

Trip to the North

Warning: Below are not-so-cheery emotions that contradict with the motto of this blog. 
Read at your own discretion.

I remember how I gave my blog a Green theme last year on 14th August. That day was special and amazing, because last year I got the most unexpected yet the most amazing results. Alhamdullillah.

I've spent an entire year floating on that 'Happy Cloud'. I made it when it was least expected from me to.

I guess, I had sketched out a mental image of the same happening this year too. But, it didn't.
My grades turned out to be lower than my own expectations, let alone the expectations of those around me.
"Expectations torment us, in the end. Yes, they do."

Well, just as I thought I had lost it all and would not make it through, my family planned a road trip!
Did I mention before about how random my family is? I LOVE THEM.

It was supposed to be a one-day trip to any Northern City. Instead, my Baba drove all the way to Malakand. He then randomly decided to go meet a friend in the Swat Valley. And, then just as randomly we headed off to Malam jabba as well. Yeah, it turned into a two-day trip to beautiful areas. I guess, sometimes all one needs is a trip to the North.

"It's the green, I tell you. Green has this calming effect; a soothing aura."

I had not gotten out of bed since I got to know about my result. I detested every minute of the way that I had not wanted to be on a road trip; I'd rather watch rerun of Friends at home. I do not remember any hour that passed without a crying tantrum from my end. What was I supposed to do? I talked to my friends, didn't attend most of the calls or return the messages asking about my result and lent out the anger on my family who have a lot of patience for bearing with me and well... didn't write it down until I read Fahaad's Blog Post. You can read it here.

"Our own problems seem way way easier when we know that someone out there has faced the same that we did."

A view from Malam jabba I captured using my cellphone.
Oh and, did I mention that Malam Jabba is on top of the mountains?
It's the place where the phrase 'ON TOP OF THE WORLD' suits best :D 

"Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best. Let God take care of the rest."

A the end of the day, this trip cured me. It could have been my worst fall ever. But, it wasn't. And, it isn't. I'm ready with my newest battle armor,  my newest strength and my even more newest resolve. Yeah, this can count as an over-use of the word 'newest'. 

"We are not born once, but again and again" -William Charles.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Out Of The Eid #1

Since every EID experience is an out of the odd experience, this post is the first of its kind under my self made category of 'Out Of The Odd' at When it Rains. You can read more Out Of The Odd posts here.

Even though EID comes every year, just like my birthday. But, I'm usually almost always (Yeah, the un-sure-ness does exist) more excited at the thought of EID than my birthdays. Nobody likes getting old after all. I'm already legal even though I don't feel like it.

Anyways, practiced hand lettering, all in the Spirit of EID :D

Pencil-ing the letters :D

On a totally unrelated note, I LOVE *GULAB JAMUN :D
(You know, just making a point if somebody tries to visit me on EID and then decides to get me *Mithai. You never know, anything can happen)

And, here:
After the addition of colors :D
On a totally related note this time, our camera broke down like two years ago and my Baba hasn't bothered buying a new one since. Thus, the pictures at my blog are taken using my 3.2 megapixel cellphone camera. Thus, ignore the quality. Yeah, the point was to explain the not-so-good 'image quality'.

Also, also, also,
Yes, I learned how to create my own GIF images ^_^


Oh and, lastly on a totally unrelated-ly related note, I LIKE TYPING IN CAPITALS :D

*Gulab Jamun is this delicious *mithai:*Mithai are the South Asian Sweets usually made of sugar, milk and condensed milk. Learn more about them at: