Wednesday, November 27, 2013


November 2013, the month that turned it all around.

The winters, the love for coffee and baking cupcakes after eons.
The feelings as I pack for my hostel.
The realisation of the love I am surrounded with.
They say one turns over a new leaf, I say I jumped on to a new leaf and it started raining.
Not all rains are good, by the way. But, I love rain nonetheless ^_^
I've heard that snow's better than rain, I believe that to be true :D

Just because... :')

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Autumn Liebster Award

In all the days I was busy, my blogger friends made sure that I felt special whenever I decided to resume my blogging stead. And, guess what? Their mission was accomplished. I got two awards and a tag while I was away. And, they have indeed made me feel very very very very special ^_^

Liebster award exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. 
It has German origins – the word “liebster” has several definitions: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome and the likes... Yes, it's very special indeed :) [via]

The first Liebster Award is from none other than Miss Ridx. She is one of the most amazing bloggers there is :'). You are missing out on a lot if you haven't visited her blog.
Then, the Midnight Autumn Tag is from Miss Ridx too (She specially designed this one herself)
And, the second Liebster Award (I love the award she chose, I mean look at the cute heart ^_^) is from Harshini Naidu (She writes the most spell-bounding posts). Do visit her blog, Talking in my Dream

Now, I have to answer ten questions each, in return for receiving the three awards/tags. But, since I accepted them together I'll answer a combination of questions asked by Ridx and Harshini which will be ten in totality.

Q1. (Asked by Miss Ridx) Have you ever made a prank call? 
Oh yes. Many times. This one time we called our school teacher and ordered pizza from him. When he told us that he does not sell pizza, we asked him if he knew a good 'Chinese Pizza Place'. Haha. Chinese Pizza. The nerves tend to do that xD

Q2. (Asked by Miss Ridx) Do you prefer blue or black inked pens?

Q3. (Asked by Miss Ridx) Would you ever want to learn to fly?
Know what? If their is one superpower I'd love to have, it would definitely be the ability to FLY ^_^

Q4. (Asked by Miss Ridx) Favourite drink?

Q5. (Asked by Miss Ridx) Go to the color of the eyes?
I like Dark Green eyes.

Q6. (Asked by Harshini) If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

Q7. (Asked by Harshini) What is the best gift you were ever given?
There are two, actually. A Lava Lamp (It turns purple when switched on) and a Pen (It's a very special pen).

Q8. (Asked by Harshini) Where would your dream vacation be?
Doesn't matter where. What matters is with whom. :)

Q9. (Asked by Harshini) Your best attribute?
I have a super long nose :p

Q10. (Asked by Harshini) Why do you blog?
I love writing. I usually don't make sense when I'm writing. That's not good if one wants to write a book. But, it's perfect if one chooses to blog. :)


Since Liebster awards and Autumn Tags are to be passed on. I came up with a combination of both that I can award to my favorite bloggers :D

Created this award myself, specially for you guys :')
Oh, and the background is a painting of mines that I painted on a wall.

Now, the receivers of the Autumn Liebster Award :D

Abdullah Ehsan from Banoony Phanoony-You are the funniest young blogger out there.
Labibah Ehsan from Purple Sparkles-Your posts make me smile every time.
Nadal Hadi from Til' I Clear My Head-Your blog is the one that inspired me to start blogging in the first place :)
Ifrah Ishfaq-Even though you don't write a blog but the way you encourage me each time keeps me going. Thank you so much.
Yusra Hussain from Biting Blissfully into a Divine Cupcake-You're one of the first bloggers who made me want to keep blogging. Awesome hou.
Shonazee from Life Goes On-She's a Doctor-To-Be who has been there to tell me that something special out there is waiting for me.
Raaji (I Romanticise) from Writing For Life-Your blog is my place to be at when I need to calm down my mind. The way you write is peaceful, no matter what you write about.
Ph_  from Cascading Thoughts-Because, you are one of the first readers of this blog :')
Momina Latif from Everlasting Thoughts-Don't you ever abandon us again. Cyber-world seems incomplete with you.
Zeba from Zebra Talk-One day, I want to write like you. Your words never fail to inspire me.
Aqsa Faisal from Living My Own Legend-Your blog posts are so full of life. They speak of strength, bravery and adventure. I love that. Also, you make me feel good about myself :3
Ariba Shahid from iAriba-No reason. You're a PAFIAN blogger who dedicates her posts to me, what more can I possibly say :')
Raiha from Raiha Khan's Blog-I don't usually read much realistic stuff. But, when it comes to your blog posts, I do just that :D
Rajesh from Seasons in the Sun-You're one of the few bloggers out there whose poetry connects, makes sense and is worth being read over and over again.
Irene from Melodies in the Sand-Even though I haven't known you for that long but I adore your posts and the fact that you're an artist.
Nupur from Purple Fantassyy-The way you write is cute :) And, I love your blog's name (even though I've told you this before).
Ovais from 18 Downing Street-His posts are real. No lies and no exaggerations. One of the best Paki bloggers out there.
Smile Khan from My Everland-She's a French Pakistani who writes patriotic posts at times and lives in Paris! You're teaching me french someday :D
Fahaad Humayun from Special One-Yes, I get how much you hate responding to blogger awards but this one is just to say thank you for being there at my very first online writing venture at tVOY till now. You're awesome. I love reading your blog. And, you're good at making your point. :)
Ayesha from Berry Talks-Oh, Berry. ^_^ Berry and Benny till the end of times.
MS-Because, you read my blog when nobody else did ^_^


Follow the following steps if you are one of the Award Receivers (The ones who run their own blogs)
#1. Answer the Ten Questions I have typed below in a post at your blog
#2. Tag people in the post whom you wish to pass on the Autumn Liebster Award to.
#3. Ask ten questions from the award receivers :)


You can just save the award and post it at your blog. Sometimes, we're unable to pass it on. If you can do that then it's awesome. Otherwise, just know that I did this to let you all know that each one of you is very special to me. :)


The Ten Questions

Q1. Describe yourself in three words.
Q2. Your best Home Alone experience?
Q3. A perfect evening is?
Q4. Think quick. Fish or Fries? 
Q5. Which place will you travel to if you have the option to visit any place in the world (free of cost)?
Q6. Winters or Summers?
Q7. Reason for Q6?
Q8. Is the concept of having a good hand-writing over-rated?
Q9. Comics or Novels?
Q10. What is the best part about being a blogger?


Whoa. Posting awards takes up a lot of time. Well, this shall be it for now.

Cheers :D

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wait, What?

She looked out the window, wishing it would rain. But, that would not happen. Could not happen, in fact, because it was snowing. Were it really snowflakes falling from the sky or was it her little brother on the roof tearing up one of those packing material things that the new Air Conditioners came in and making it seem like it's snowing. Wait, what? How could it snow when the new Air Conditioners came in JUST a few days ago. Oh yeah, it is summers. Seems like winters. The fan is turned on, so is the Air Conditioner. Yeah, it is summers. No snow. No rain, either. The maid's outside vacuuming. Ohhhh, the Air Conditioner's not switched on, that is just the sound of the vacuum cleaner. Air Conditioners do not make THIS much noise. But, there is too much light. Better close the curtains. Or, is the light turned on? Wait, what? But, how can she see snow if the curtains are closed.


Nothing makes sense. Means it is not time for her to wake up yet.

*Closes her eyes. Blocks out all the thoughts. Pulls over the blanket. Goes back to sleep.*

I just pulled over the blanket. It is definitely not summers!

*Shut up, Lubaina. Just sleep. And, goes back to sleep*

Found this Calvin and Hobbes comic. It perfectly describes the story of my life. 

Yeah. This is pretty much the most happening part of my day when I have to decide whether to wake up or not. Better catch as much asleep as I can. Medical studies don't let one sleep, or so they say ;)

Medical College does not start until Mid-December. Yayayayaay! So many holidays. ^_^

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Doctor-To-Be in Winter

So, where was I when I left off around 24 days ago?
Oh yeah. I had my doodle-making mode on, started the Doodle Liners too. You can view them here. I was comfortable in summer clothes. And, was very very very nervous about my Medical College Admissions.

Well, guess what? The tables have turned! Well, not the doodle tables, just the medical and summer ones.
Yes, I feel very cold these days. And yes, I did get into a Medical College that I have dreamed of getting into since I visualized the possibility of becoming a doctor. *Alhamdulillah.

Oh yes, I am one of those Doctor-To-Bes now who flaunt off their lab coats even when they're eating out. Although, I might not wear my lab coat everywhere. You know, this world can't handle THAT level of awesomeness B|

Haha. I sound so self-obsessed. But hey, who's judging.

Anyways, apart from getting past the admission-mania there was EID.
I love Eids.
Even though nothing much happened at Eid other than meeting my family, eating good good very good food and wasting time on Facebook liking the Eid Pictures uploaded by everybody.

Apart from Eid, there is cold in the air. The feet freeze at night when one's not wearing socks and the nose turns red. Yes, WINTER'S COMING ^_^

Oh and, the rest of my family roams around in summer clothes while I shiver in the winter ones. This might give you an idea of the extent of the 'winter' and my health level at the moment. I am A-OK, just by the way. It's just that I've embraced the winter too dearly this time around. I think.

This shall be it for now.
Oh and, do not re-read Toxin by Robin Cook if you wish to eat Meat Burgers and not be haunted by gruesome diseases caused by bad meat. Well, if you still plan to read or re-read it: I DID WARN YOU!


*Alhamdulillah (Arabicالحمد لله‎) is an Arabic phrase meaning "Praise to Allah". It's most commonly used to thank Allah.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Crow Liner

Once in a while, there's this one line that takes up all the space in our heads. It roams and runs around, it rolls and jumps up high, until this line has become a part of us. 'Liner Doodles' is where I write those lines and create my own doodles for them, these lines are meant to be preserved. 

A very disturbing picture made it to the front page of one of Pakistan's leading newspapers.

My Baba handed the newspaper to me in the morning, he's the one who got me into the habit of reading them. But, I closed my eyes. He made the Is-Everything-Ok-Question-Mark face. I explained that there's a picture I'd prefer not looking at on the front page. He laughed. And said,

"Have you heard of the crow who closes its eyes just before the cat is about to attack? Or, the ostrich that buries its head in the ground when a flood is approaching?"

Love you Baba <3

Friday, October 4, 2013

Two Shout Outs!

Here's to the two who keep me sane as I miss the third one.
Here's to the two who make sure there is not a single boring moment in our lives.
Here's to the two who brim with life and smiles... and, colours.

Abdullah and Labibah, my little brother and sister started their own blogs. I know it's late but this post is dedicated to them two, and their blogs.

Here's a shout out for Abdullah's blog: BANOONY PHANOONY!
(Inspired by monkeys, bananas and the joy in life)
Visit Abdullah's Blog:

Here's a shout out for Labibah's blog: Purple Sparkles!
(Inspired by all things pink and purple, happenings and daily life)
Visit Labibah's blog:

Here's a shout out for Huthaifa! He's truly missed at home.

That would be all three of my siblings :')

Also, I'm planning on posting regular Shout Outs and Guest Posts of my favorite blogs and bloggers here at blog-o-sphere. There's always room for some goodwill ^_^


*Mā shāʼ Allāh (ما شاء الله) is an Arabic phrase that expresses appreciation, joy, praise or thankfulness for an event or person that was just mentioned. ( 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Star Liner

Once in a while, there's this one line that takes up all the space in our heads. It roams and runs around, it rolls and jumps up high, until this line has become a part of us. 'Liner Doodles' is where I write those lines and create my own doodles for them, these lines are meant to be preserved. 

"You will put the 'star' in starting over and over." -Sarah Kay in her poem "B".

Gave Shape-Poetry a try :)

Sarah Kay's TED Talk is one of the best TED talks I've listened to. You can watch it here.
Yes, still no Youtube in Pakistan. I miss Youtube though.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back at the Road Not Taken

Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey BLOG ^_^

No, I shall not keep calm. I've missed blogging, I've missed having no study to do and I've missed reading whenever and wherever I felt like it. Well, even thought this won't last very long. I will be going to a good Medical School in a few months (I really really hope and pray that I do). But, I still have free time on my hands for now.

Well, nothing much happened in the past few weeks except the study-eat-sleep routine. 

Apart from that, remember how my family randomly plans road trips? Yeah, that happened. This time, we headed off for Abottabad. Of course, I took my pile of course books along and while they explored the city I sat back in our room to study.

This one time I went out for a walk with Mama, Baba and my little brother Abdullah just after the sunrise. We came across this road among the woods that reminded me of 'The Road Not Taken' by Robert Frost.

I happen to be NOT a photographer, just captured this one because it fit the poem so perfectly.
And, my very awesome friend, Maheen Khan, thought so too. ^_^
P.S. The title of this photograph is not the same as the poem, that would be stealing probably. I guess :p
Also, started The Book Thief. Many say it's the best read ever. *fingers crossed*

Thursday, September 5, 2013


A Wise Penguin one said,
 "The only good thing about birthdays is that we get to talk to our friends whom we've not had a good talk with in a long long time."

That wise penguin was so right.

In fact, I got to meet my friends whom I hadn't met in a long long time when they came over to give me a Surprise Birthday Party. Seeing them was the most indescribable moment of happiness :') WITH AN AMAZING CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH THE BEST ICING AND BUNTIES DECORATION ^_^

Also, got wishes from my family whom I hadn't reached out to in a long long time either.

Not to mention all the popularity I gained as my Barney Nutcase Family flooded my Facebook timeline with all the wishes and the posts and the pictures AND kept my cellphone busy with all their calls trying to do as much as they can while being kilometers apart.

I love the people I have in my life. I am so so so so blessed to have them.

Yeah, I had one of the bestestestest 19th Birthdays one can ever have, yesterday. ^_^

Lettering that my out-of-the-world amazing friend did for my Birthday :)
Also, I'm stuck under a pile of books preparing for my Medical College Entry Test. And, watching Suits, of course.

The test's on 22nd September 2013, till then 'Hey Blog and fellow awesome When It Rains readers, I'll be taking a break from my sanctuary. Will be back with a whole new Flashback Series :D'

Have any ideas? Mail them to me at :)


Friday, August 16, 2013

Trip to the North

Warning: Below are not-so-cheery emotions that contradict with the motto of this blog. 
Read at your own discretion.

I remember how I gave my blog a Green theme last year on 14th August. That day was special and amazing, because last year I got the most unexpected yet the most amazing results. Alhamdullillah.

I've spent an entire year floating on that 'Happy Cloud'. I made it when it was least expected from me to.

I guess, I had sketched out a mental image of the same happening this year too. But, it didn't.
My grades turned out to be lower than my own expectations, let alone the expectations of those around me.
"Expectations torment us, in the end. Yes, they do."

Well, just as I thought I had lost it all and would not make it through, my family planned a road trip!
Did I mention before about how random my family is? I LOVE THEM.

It was supposed to be a one-day trip to any Northern City. Instead, my Baba drove all the way to Malakand. He then randomly decided to go meet a friend in the Swat Valley. And, then just as randomly we headed off to Malam jabba as well. Yeah, it turned into a two-day trip to beautiful areas. I guess, sometimes all one needs is a trip to the North.

"It's the green, I tell you. Green has this calming effect; a soothing aura."

I had not gotten out of bed since I got to know about my result. I detested every minute of the way that I had not wanted to be on a road trip; I'd rather watch rerun of Friends at home. I do not remember any hour that passed without a crying tantrum from my end. What was I supposed to do? I talked to my friends, didn't attend most of the calls or return the messages asking about my result and lent out the anger on my family who have a lot of patience for bearing with me and well... didn't write it down until I read Fahaad's Blog Post. You can read it here.

"Our own problems seem way way easier when we know that someone out there has faced the same that we did."

A view from Malam jabba I captured using my cellphone.
Oh and, did I mention that Malam Jabba is on top of the mountains?
It's the place where the phrase 'ON TOP OF THE WORLD' suits best :D 

"Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best. Let God take care of the rest."

A the end of the day, this trip cured me. It could have been my worst fall ever. But, it wasn't. And, it isn't. I'm ready with my newest battle armor,  my newest strength and my even more newest resolve. Yeah, this can count as an over-use of the word 'newest'. 

"We are not born once, but again and again" -William Charles.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Out Of The Eid #1

Since every EID experience is an out of the odd experience, this post is the first of its kind under my self made category of 'Out Of The Odd' at When it Rains. You can read more Out Of The Odd posts here.

Even though EID comes every year, just like my birthday. But, I'm usually almost always (Yeah, the un-sure-ness does exist) more excited at the thought of EID than my birthdays. Nobody likes getting old after all. I'm already legal even though I don't feel like it.

Anyways, practiced hand lettering, all in the Spirit of EID :D

Pencil-ing the letters :D

On a totally unrelated note, I LOVE *GULAB JAMUN :D
(You know, just making a point if somebody tries to visit me on EID and then decides to get me *Mithai. You never know, anything can happen)

And, here:
After the addition of colors :D
On a totally related note this time, our camera broke down like two years ago and my Baba hasn't bothered buying a new one since. Thus, the pictures at my blog are taken using my 3.2 megapixel cellphone camera. Thus, ignore the quality. Yeah, the point was to explain the not-so-good 'image quality'.

Also, also, also,
Yes, I learned how to create my own GIF images ^_^


Oh and, lastly on a totally unrelated-ly related note, I LIKE TYPING IN CAPITALS :D

*Gulab Jamun is this delicious *mithai:*Mithai are the South Asian Sweets usually made of sugar, milk and condensed milk. Learn more about them at:

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Noodles Doodles Schmoodles

Came back from Karachi day before yesterday. It sure was a wankydoodle-ish trip. 

Well, before I get time to write about all that happened among the winds of the city I love, here's the Ink on Watercolour doodle I mentioned in my last post. 

In progress with just the Watercolor.

With the ink :D
Yeah, I messed up the Pink Ribbon and the Ladybird.

Also, the title of this post is not the name I gave to this doodle, it's just a combination of rhyming words I like.

Baba says I could name this doodle as 'Time Shift' or 'Time Travel' since it depicts most of what has been or still is close to me and some of the most memorable memories since I've been born. Oh well, I'll go with Baba's name suggestions then.

I have to start studying again for Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).
I'll get on with the Karachi Trip post during my study breaks InshaAllah.

I know it's early but I can't wait for Eid! ^_^

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Barrel Roll ^_^

Remember how I wrote about the skin burning Summers in the last post?
Well, the very next day after that post it started raining. A LOT.
And, the weather has been pleasant since then.


Also, also, I recently finished this Ink on Watercolour Doodle.

I've been experimenting with Synthetic Enamel Paint these days and trying to paint the wooden boxes at my home to make them look worthwhile. Will post updates on that after I return from Karachi.


A Barrel Roll to Happiness, maybe?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Reasons

I just realised (Well, realised a few days ago but I've been very lazy) that it was my blog's 
First Birthday last month!

I started this blog on 9th March 2012 and officially started blogging on 1st June 2013. Yeah, took me three months to finally write it out. Well, as I said, I've been very very very lazy AND busy with the entry test and shifting and shizz.


Just for the sake of it: YAAAYY! LET'S CELEBRATE! 
On a very normal day I would've launched myself right into the celebration mode but on a day like today all I can say is: BAUHAT ZIADA GARMI HAI! Read: The Summer heat is roasting me into a burnt up Banana.

*reverting back to my thankful and cheery self now*

I guess I shall make a list of all that I like about SUMMERS and maybe that'll make everything seem normal again.

Reason #1. I am awesome. Okay, no.

Reason #1-edited. SWIMMING! ^_^ What is better than moping about the hot weather the entire day and then finally getting to dive in that big ocean of very-ice-cube-cold-goodness. Well, it's not THAT big and nor have I gone swimming since a few weeks now, but this can count as a reason.
All those who think otherwise: you may go and jump in a pile of dirty socks.

Reason #2. ICE CREAM. This is a summer filled with Ice Cream and Ice Cream Shakes for us. Somehow, Baba has realised that keeping the freezer stocked with ice cream flavours is essential for the happiness of his children.

Reason #3. Playing in the RAIN. Yeah, try going out in the winter rain and you'll hear my Mama calling out "Come back inside or no coffee for a week!". So, since we can't enjoy the rain in winters to the fullest, summer rains are always worth the wait. Conclusively, exactly why summer rains are amazing: One can splash in the water paddles and face the sky as it rains without a care of the world.

Here's our recent rain routine:
Go out in the rain, get soaking wet, the boys usually shampoo their hair in the rain too (Hehe yeah, True Story) and then as soon as mama steps out in the veranda run to her while shouting "Mamaaaa! Thandi baarish hai!" (Translation: Mamaaa! The rain's so cold!). And, repeat.

Reason #4. Since we can't go out much and there's not much to do at home except blaming the weather, us brothers and sisters finally have a common enemy rather than each other.
The common enemy: The people who supply the electricity, of course. Yeah, we're having spells of no-electricty-ness during these summers after every hour!

Oh and that reminds me, the electricity dies out for only an hour the entire day during Ramadhan. On this thought: Ramadhan Mubarak to all the Muslims out there! :)

It is a late Ramadhan greeting, but, oh well..
I shall be off now, even the laptop's heat is getting too much :3

For all those who are wondering: our Air Conditioners usually don't work during the day due to low voltage problem. But, the times that our Air Conditioners do work is one of the bestestest moments of the day :D..

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Month

I left Karachi on 7th June 2013, today is the 7th of July. Exactly a month since I bade farewell to the place I fell in love with in just two years. 

I wish I had taken more pictures, I wish I had taken out time and explored every corner of the city where the winds never leave you and the sea is best place to hangout, and I wish I could turn back time to experience Karachi as it deserves to be experienced.

With all the thoughts I stumbled on a breath-taking video on Facebook, and the nostalgic feelings mounted up in a tower taller than Jack's Beanstalk. I miss the ever busy Shahra-e-Faisal, the new 'buzz' of going to Hyperstar and Hardees, the rocks of Manora, the sunset by the Shahra-e-Faisal bridge (It's sad how I never learned the name of that bridge), the moment one feels a part of a great culture by the old buildings next to Zainab Market and the drive on a road that leads to Naheed Super Market which has trees lined up on both its sides (Yes, I didn't learn this road's name either). Well, even though I don't live in Karachi anymore, but I know that a part of me still resides there. I hope I get to visit Karachi sooner than soon.

Oh and, you can watch the video of Karachi Time Lapse here, IT'S AMAZING ^_^ :

The video and this picture above is by Fazz Kazi.


Monday, June 24, 2013

These Two. Featuring: Abdullah and Labibah

Midst all the skin-burning, hair-sweating, fire-blasting and just a very very very very hot weather with no electricity, is me. Sitting with a Chemistry book, training but not complaining. What's the point of our SAT scores or CIE grades or the rest of the shizz anyway if at the end of the day we have to prepare for the 'Entry Tests' all over again. I mean, can't we get admissions based on our co-curricular record and school grades alone? Interviews are acceptable though.

Oh well, with all that going on. There is this going on too.

He runs into my room asking for scotch-tape saying it's very important and that he needs a scotch tape right away. I'm curious but I don't ask. Minutes later he has got newspaper wrapped around his feet. My first though, did he get hurt and not find bandages?

Me: Abdullah, why do you have newspaper wrapped around your feet?
Abdullah: Oh, nothing.
Me: This can't be nothing.
Abdullah: Actually these are newspaper shoes.
Me: *looking at him with a bewildered expression*
Abdullah: Oh, you know. So that my feet get wet but not dirty when I got out in the rain! :D

Who needs a break to watch movies when you have this little rascal in the house :D

Behold, the 'newspaper shoes' :D

The below happened on another day.

Me: Abdullah, change your night suit already.
Abdullah: Don't boss me.
Me: Yeah, but that doesn't mean you won't change it.
Abdullah: Oh I wont, you'll see.

And this little fellow went on a trip all the way to Peshawar in his night pajamas. Haha yeah, he's one stubborn little brother of mines.

The little notes Abdullah and Labibah leave on my journal as I head off
to take a study break. Oh yeah, Labibah's cute too ^_^
Oh and, this happened too.
I'm sleepy but I just have to finish two chapters before I go to sleep.
Abdullah arrives with a torch in his mouth.

Me: Ummmmm, why are you eating a torch?
Abdullah: Oh, you know. When I turn off lights and turn on the torch, my cheek GLOWS! *___*

With this eleven year old brother in the house, giving me all the laughs just as it seems the end of the world. And, the cute little nine year old Labibah, who's going to unleash her 'evil-ness' on me when she reads that I called her 'little', I'm pretty sure I'll make it through all the humongous pile of books I have to study :D

I love you Abdullah (Yes, he's going to make puke-ish sounds as soon as he reads this :3)
I love you Labibah (Yes, she's going to give me a hug when she reads this :D)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Moving, Yet Again (Take 2) -Featuring: Marvin.

*Puts away her books for Medical College Entry Test for a while*

I wonder what would it be like for a passerby to witness an oh-so-random family like mines.
Aaaaah.. This time I won't be the narrator, I'll write the second part of the story of shifting from Karachi to Kamra from the perspective of a person who saw us the entire time. Observed us. Noted down our actions. Ok, this is getting creepy. But, I guess I've made my point.

So, here it is. 'Moving Yet, Again (Take 2)' from the eyes of Marvin :D

Note for the wise: This story is very real. Apart from the introduction of 'Marvin'.

I'm sitting in the corner of the Business Express Waiting Lounge in Karachi. It'll be my first trip in this train, the one train that will 'bring in a new era in Pakistan Railways'. I guess I am looking forward to the trip but I'll be travelling alone, so I'm not so sure. Even though I chose to go my train rather than an airplane myself. 'For the Spirit of Adventure!'. A 17-hour journey all by myself, well it's good I brought along Inferno. Nothing better than Robert Langdon for company :)

That's when I spot them. Two little children racing to get the spot in the lounge right in front of the Air Conditioner. I mean, isn't the entire room cold? Wait, what? Now their dad is giving them money so that they go and get snacks as he gets the seat in front of the Air Conditioner. This wasn't entirely it. The mom then stepped in and sat with the dad, following her were a dozen bags! There was a girl keeping watch on the bags, their daughter I suppose. Ok, so three kids and two parents, but what's with all the bags?! I keep my cellphone in hand in case they start threatening the people that there are explosives in the bags. But, that doesn't happen. Three other people, two guys and a girl who looks the same age as the elder daughter enter the lounge in a while, they're here to see off the family. To be honest, I thought they were a part of the family, which would've explained the gazillion bags but they didn't get on the train. So, yeah.

You know I wouldn't have been surprised if their bags
were strapped to the roof just so that their compartment
would have room to sit in.

Ok, before you get any second thoughts. I know who got on the train and that no bags were left behind not because I'm a stalker or anything, but because I got the compartment right next to this ummmm... 'different' family. No sooner were we all boarded and the train took off, there is a loud banging sound from the compartment next door. 'BANG!' I ignore, Langdon's in Italy after all. 'BANG BANG DUM THUSH' I ignore. I can't possibly leave Robert with partial amnesia alone. 'DUM DUM DHA DHA DHAAAAA!' Ok. This is creepy now. I open the door to my compartment realising that the noises are from the compartment of the 'different family' and the train's guard and the conductor are trying their best to open the door. Yes, the lock of the compartment wasn't unlocking. Well, the guard managed to pry the door open and the family decided to keep it open for the entire journey. I came out of my compartment and sat by the window in the hall way of the train, i guess that's what it's called. Only to find both the little kids stumble out of the compartment saying 'We want chocolate frogs? Where's the trolley guy with Bertie Bott's every flavored jelly beans and Chocolate frogs?' Oh, so they are Harry Potter fans too is what crosses my mind just as the 'trolley guy' turns up. Them both end up getting loads of board games, while the mom, dad and elder daughter are snuggled up reading books.

I bet the entire train heard the noises!

The dad closes his book and as if knowing that he's hungry the mom closes her book too and takes out the food bag. Ok, don't judge me. But, this was one family I couldn't help but notice. No sooner are they done with their lunch, the little two climb up on the upper bunk of the compartment, but they  look down every other second and tell their mom about what's happening on the upper bunk. 'Mamaaaa, Abdullah just drew a tree on his sketch pad' 'Maamaaaaa, I beat her in Checkers'.. and it continues. In the meanwhile, the dad starts on with his stories of the 'young days' when he used to travel by train all the time. Well, the little kids get bored with their board games and the mom and the elder daughter start their 'duels' of board game. Now, it's a duel because the entire family seemed in a state of war. The little brother had sided with the elder daughter while the little daughter had sided with the mom. The dad was the judge. Their compartment rang with battle cries! It was a LUDO match. 'KILL THE YELLOW ONE IN FRONT OF YOUUU!' 'LUBAINAAAAA! DIE! DIE! DIE' 'NOOOOOOO' 'Calm down, calm down, it's just a game' 'I WILL NOT GIVE UP WITHOUT A FIGHT'.. Oh well, the mom won at the end. Very soon, they were sleepy only to find out the there were no blankets left for their compartment. But, yeah. They had a bed sheet in one of their gaziilion bags and the dad got off at the next station and bought chaddar too. The elder daughter came out in the halfway, engrossed in her book again while the rest of them slept. But, the lights were only turned off only after the little brother got done with his 'Sock Puppet Show'..

World War III? Probably.

And, they closed the compartment's door. Where was I? Oh yeah, Langdon. He kept me company during the night while the elder daughter was lost in Cecelia Ahern's words. Oh, and know what? We reached Lahore two hours early the next day!
And, I thought I'll get bored. 
Note from Lubaina: We're two brothers and two sisters in reality. But, one of my brother's was already in Lahore. This story would have been more dramatic with him and his theatrical antics though :P

Next stop: Kamra. Finally :D

Note for the wise: the doodles above have been doodled by me. I'd like it if these are not plagiarized :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Moving, Yet Again (Take 1)

Featuring: Barney Nutcase Family and Habshis. (What could be better? :') )
In case I forget when I turn eighty: both the names above are of the amazing-estestestest family and best-estestest group of friends I found at Karachi :)

So much to write, such little time.
To make it short: I’m done with my A Levels, no school anymore. *sigh* *And, another sigh* And, I moved, yet again, from Karachi to Kamra (Yeah, you might have to Google-ofy this city, it’s near Attock but unknown to even most of the Pakis) *SIIIIIGH*

The timetable and 'Past Paper Count' I had pasted on my wall during CIEs.
Won't be needing this anymore :D
 I’ll be starting off with my Out Of the Odds in a few weeks, but before that, this traveler owes the world a story. A story of all the sdfghjklgfdvbfrt-esses (Read: I do not have words to describe all that happened as we left Karachi and came to Kamra)

Note for the wise: If I were the reader and not the writer here, I would probably have closed this blog post by now and moved onto a read that actually makes sense.
Still reading? Well, no matter what happens, remember this:

My newest obsession: Hand-lettering :D
Yeah, before telling my friends or gulping down the news of ‘moving, yet again’ that was stuck like a huge bite of burger that refused to go in while making me seem like the most uncivilized person as the mayo plastered my face, and clothes too... Ok, this is a weird expression. But, oh well. I doodled this 'Life is but an ADVENTURE' poster knowing that whatever happens, does happen for the best. Sounds cliched, but oh well. I write' oh well' too much no? Oh well...

And then, I got down to texting my friends and letting them know that I’ll be moving the very next day of our last exam. Hahaha, yeah, many of my ‘Barney Nutcase Family’ members were ready to kidnap me and keep me in Karachi. You know, it’s not such a bad idea. And then, in came their tries of working out a ‘Farewell Party’ for me on the last day of our exam. Maaaayyyyyyyn, I love them :’)

Also, they made me feel as if I’m sick and going to die :3.. Yeah, that was the level of effort they were putting in as they wanted me to leave Karachi HAPPY-LY. And, I did :D

After the exam what is worth being remembered is the baffoonry at Amara’s home after exam, then the ultra-mega-acts-of-awesome-ness at the Grill House (them lot made a freakin’ tower of cans as the waiters and Manager of that place gave us ‘the eyes’. If only looks could drive us out of a restaurant :3) and then off to PAF Museum for the rides :D Too childish? Meh. We’re young B) We battled it out in the dodging cars SIX TIMES! By the end of it, most of us had aching arms and disoriented noses and rattled teeth and churning stomachs. (No, no, thankfully we had no accidents :3) Bbuuuuut, it was worth it.

By the way, this hangout had the largest turn up of all the hangouts of the two years!
See, I’m loved xD

The Dodging Cars all lined up :D
It's not a clear picture, but it sums up the essence of it :')
If this wasn’t enough. As soon as I got back home I had another group of friends ready to take me to the Arenaaaaa ^_^

Did I write how loved I felt that day? 

Oh and I fell during Ice Skating at the Arena. Lubaina has a good day and no accidents happen? Hahaha. Wait. HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Never happens.

Buuut, the best part about the ice skating rink was GIRL POWER XD Mayn, I’ve been waiting to write this down since daaaayyysssss. The guys in the rink didn’t really know how to ice skate while us girls whizzed passed them in attempts of making them fall down (Yeah, call us evil.. But then, Meeshal and I did get paid back by falling down ourselves too, no?)

I had a good good day :’)

Only to wake up the next morning with high fever and a back ache ‘cause of the fall during ice skating. But, that story’s for another day. For now, I have stupid study to do to get an admission at a stupid medical college. They say, we need to stay positive. Soooo, I guess it’ll be ‘veerrryyy niiiccceee’ study to do to get into a ‘verrryyy niiiiiccceee’ medical college. Don’t judge, I’m not this two-faced the rest of the times.

I’ve missed writing out everything random-ly-lame-ly-weird-no-matter-what-it-is at my blog :’)

Meeshal, Maheen, Kajol, Sadia, Mehraz, Moaaz, Khushhal, Junaid, Mehraz, Amara, Najam, Tooba, Saad Haseeb, Saad Rafi, Ubaid, Hassaan AK (Hassaan Akhrot Khan :p), Zeest, Wasti, Aqsa Bongi, Minahil, Rija, Iqra and Abdullah.
(Yeah, even though most of the above probably won't read this post 'cause they're 'too cool with the shades on' or too engrossed in the 'entry test studies'. But, this post would've been incomplete without their mention. So, yeah)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Urdu All the Way! - Umru Ayar Comic Book

Just when you realise that the passion for Urdu is going down the drain. And, the only Urdu Poetry stanza you know is 'Tuh Rah Naward e Shauq hai, Manzil na kar Qabool' (Translation: You are a traveler traversing the road of love, Don't settle for your current state) 
Sigh. It even saddens you to know that many would not recognise these as the words of ALLAMA IQBAL.

Anyways, with all our 'English Classy-ness' going on, the ones who take steps to initiate a 'Revival of Urdu' must be appreciated. Give it up for none other than 'Kachee Goliyan'. Yes, you've heard the news too? An 'Umru Ayar' comic book is going to be released by them very very soon :D


Oh. So, you still don't get what all mayhem is about? Well, then the points below are just for you.

Five Reasons why Umru Ayar Comic Book is worth looking forward to.

1. The dynamics have been revamped. It's not JUST Umru Ayar. Kachee Goliyan have been continuously posting questions like '
What other Alf Laila characters do you like?' and 'If Umru faces Batman, who'd win?'. Which indirectly directly hints at the possibility of our favorite characters other than Umru Ayar making appearances too! Just the kind of comic we need in Pakistan.

Oh look, BATMAN and SUPERMAN! :D

2. The love for Umru's ZAMBEEL and his SULEMANI BLANKET. Remember how in the stories, Umru would have everything in his Zambeel? For those of you don't know what his Zambeel is, it's a basket Umru used to carry everything and anything that he needed. This one time, he pulled out an entire army from it! Now, for the Sulemani Blanket, remember Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak? I bet you do. Sulemani Blanket is exactly the same as Harry's Invisibility Cloak. ^_^

An illustration of a Zambeel I found at
Looks all wizard-ish :D

3. The love for Sherlock Holmes. You can just skip this bit if you're not much of a Sherlock fan. So, basically Umru's second name 'Ayar' means cunning. And, that is exactly the kind of a character he has; clever, smart and cunning. So, reading the comic and smiling through out as you find your 'Paki Sherlock Holmes disguised as Umru Ayar' is definitely worth the wait :)

4. URDU. Been through those times when you longed to connect yourself to your mother language? (Disclaimer: This one's for Pakistanis only) And, no matter which Urdu literature book you picked up, it seemed as if you had just entered into a phase of a Reading Disability as the Urdu words whizzed past your ear like those annoying mosquitoes at night? Well, don't worry, you were not the only one. Now, reading an Urdu Comic will surely ease those nerves that haven't soothed since the time we got guilty about not knowing much Urdu.

A sneak peek from the Umru Ayar Comic Book
Oh, the colors *___*

5. Who's going to be the Arch-nemesis this time? I can not wait for the enemy that Kachee Goliyan create for Umru! Just because it's so easy to love the character when there's an enemy to hate ;)

Kachee Goliyan-Setting trends since 2011.
Founded by: Ramish S Mobin and Nofal K Khan

Sunday, March 10, 2013


I remember how I had vowed to dedicate this blog to happy things and writings that make one smile. But when the unspeakable strikes, one is left with no other choice but to let it all out by words.

He passed away yesterday, he was my age, he used to be in the class next to mines, he was known for his athletic skills and his football game, he died in a car accident. Hamza Khatri.

Little did the ones who attended morning classes with him, laughed with him and joked with him knew what was about to strike that very day. It took just Three hours and Fifty minutes. That's it. Eighteen years that he spent in this cruel world, he had dreams for the future, he was the only child of his parents and his mom and dad had big plans in store for for him, were all gone as he had a car accident at 2pm, and soon took his last breath at around 5:50pm on the 9th of March 2013.

But Almighty's workings work in a different way. All that happens, happens for the better. Here I am planning to go meet Khatri's family in a while when I do not even know if I'll make it past the next minute. Death does not really give out a warning signal before it strikes, it just takes away the soul from the body and done. We're gone.

Khatri left us, and to all those reading this, pray that he is granted Jannat-Ul-Firdous.
But, he left behind gazillions who miss his smile, his company, his advice, they simply cannot bear to trudge on with life without him. These people who have a hole in their hearts need us now. They need shoulders to cry on, ears that would listen but not judge, company that comforts them and hands they can hold on to as they find the strength to go through this loss.

Every life matters, every moment is worth it, there are tiny problems that we face but those are hurdles to test us and prepare us as we go forward with zeal and passion. We spend our days looking forward to tomorrow, and at the end death awaits us. We do not leave when death strikes, it all does not end when death's hand strengthens its grip on us.

Khatri left behind his legacy.

Khatri left behind memories.

Khatri left behind hearts who will never forget to love him.

He didn't really leave, he lives within us, in our prayers, in our hearts and our words.

This life is not pointless, as we go forward, we touch souls in ways we do not even realise, and maybe, just maybe, that is how this is supposed to work. And that is how it has been working since the beginning of times..

Monday, February 11, 2013

He Became A Winner

I sit here, gazing out the window. Yes, a very typical scene. But it's not so typical right now because I'm not looking out the window. Heck, the curtains of my window are closed. And yet, I sit here gazing out the window... the window that might have been closed due to all the happenings around me, the window that had blurred my vision and derailed my focus, the window that had been painted black by my OWN misleading ways.

Yes, I mislead myself.

My being had changed its course after I let myself be carried away with the ways of this world. It did happen. It's disappointing, but it's true. This is where I stand up, not a moment longer am I going to grey away my youth as I trudge the ways of the apocryphal ones, I am who I am. I am going to create my own way. I am going to not please the masked ones for once. I am going to make history. My aims, my dreams, they have been ignited by passion.

A passion of doing what I love to do.

-Said the one who became a winner.

P.S. On a very very very serious note, I love Rainbow Ice creams ^_^

Friday, January 25, 2013

Mr.Time. You There?

Wait. I had started writing blog posts about winter vacations, right?
Wait another minute. I had written just one post about the vacations.
Is that it?
Yeah, I guess that's it.

There's so much to do... And I have done... Nothing?

will you be so kind?
Stop as you may,
as I hand you a dime
as you pause,
pause what we call time.

Ignore my poetic baldness, because I have lost it!

Shoot. I just wrote poetic baldness xD

And this is when Mr.Time was my partner. Yeah, during the vacations. All I had was time.
That's when I came up with picture-ising each day of my life.

All that happened from 8th till 19th December :)
Nope, I did not get to work on my 'picture journal' after this. :p

17th December-the day those mids ended.
Oh, that freedom :')
We were till 11pm, playing basketball :)

All the work done for LUMUN IX.
LUMUN IX, that's another amazingly awesome story.
That I shall write about... Someday... soon... Maybe... Hopefully...

Yes, I do try to make up my own quotes at times. Sigh.
I know Mr.Time will knock at my door someday and it will go something like,

"Knock Knock!"
"Whose There"
"Mr.Time who?"
"The one who doesn't exist"

Yes, I know I ruined the knock knock joke. Completely.

Oh, well. It is true.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Vacations Take 1-Family

Hey Blog,
I've missed you :)

In all news, the winter vacations are about to end. School on 7th January, even though they seem as endless as those Egyptian Labyrinths full of treasure yet many dangers.

Treasures and dangers, that's how my winter holidays can be described best :D

Started off with family at Islamabad. You know how you feel lost and then you search the ground to find something to hold on to, I met my family then :) There's no happier moment than being with family after an entire YEAR! The khalas fussing over you, nani giving you sweet halwa to eat, mamoo taking you out for midnight ice cream and little cousins constantly screaming out 'LUBAINA BAJIII'; even though when you run over to them and ask 'What Happened?' the most common reply is 'Nothing' with a very cheeky smile. Oh well, the joy of being with family :)

Apart from the distant relatives, Mama, Baba, my brothers and my sister were all together after months. And mayyyn, I've missed our fights :D

Ok, so here's how a typical family conversation goes while we were on our way from Kaamra to Peshawar (Yes, I've travelled a lot in these vacations)

Baba: Alright everybody, it's going to be cold at Peshawar.
Mama: Well I've packed extra sweaters so it's going to be all good.
Lil Sister: My purple sweater is here tooo!
Lil Bro: I'm feeling cold already.
Mama: Well, we can stop the car and get out the sweater for you from the trunk.
The bro elder than Lil Bro: Yeah. I want my socks too.
Mama: What socks?
The bro elder than Lil Bro: The socks you packed to bring along.
Mama: You are wearing socks.
The bro elder than Lil Bro: I'm not wearing socks.
Lil Bro: Mama, he's not wearing socks.
The bro elder than Lil Bro: Because nobody told me to wear socks.
Lil Sister: Use your mind. We wear socks in the cold.
The bro elder than Lil Bro: But i was shouting and asking if I am to wear socks and nobody replied.
Me: You were asking about the dirty socks. You HAD to wear the clean socks.
The bro elder than Lil Bro: NOBODY ASKED ME TO WEAR WHICH SOCKS!
Baba: You're fifteen years old. Learn to take care of your self.
The bro elder than Lil Bro: I repeat. Nobody asked me to wear socks!

'THE' socks :D

Yeah. Well, that was just one sock story :D
I could write a book on the conversations my family has and the book will NEVER end.