Sunday, September 30, 2012

IMY =)

Hey My Rainy Blog,
I miss you.

I am up at 5:15am just so that I could visit you. With all the studies, MUNs, Parliamentary Debates, managing School's Blog, University Applications, Personal statement stuff, going to Basketball practice sessions, shifting my home and God knows what else, I haven't had the time to blog.
 Like really really blog.

Yeah, I haven't forgotten how you were my partner as I shared 'My Out of the Odd' times,
and how I had you when Summer Holidays seemed purposeless, well I'm still here and you're still here.
I am just occupied with other work.

But yeah, I still do miss you.

Want to look at my School's Blog that I am the President of ?

Know what my aims are now ?
1-Study Genetics
2-Be the Chief Editor of a Mag
3-A book that says 'written by Lubaina Ehsan' :')
4-Go on a World Tour.. B)


Monday, September 24, 2012

Sorry x1200 :D (Out of the Odd #10)

You talk a lot ?
Well, so do I.
And before you go on being your parrot-self in the classroom. Think Again.

Here's what happened today:

Doesn't make sense ?
Well here's a closer look:

Along with my tries at photography :p

My Physics teacher made me write Sorry 1000 times just because i would not stop talking in the class! xD
Me, a kindergartner ? NOOOO. I'm in my LAST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL.

I did today what I used to do back in the old days :'D

Nostalgia. And An arm-ache :p
Best part: it wasn't just me. My partner-in-talks had to write the Sorry Page as well. :P 
Oh and we were not bound by a page, but people with small aims like us vowed to fit the 1000 Sorrys on a single page xD

To top it all off, we were talking while writing the out the 1000 Sorrys, soo were made to write Sorry 1200 times instead :p

Oh and when she and I were almost done, a friend comes by and goes 
"You guys actually wrote sorry 1200 times ? :O
You could have just written 'Sorry x1200'!"

Oh well, I got a story to tell.
And our teacher got 2400 apologies xP

P.S. What's the plural of 'SORRY'. In case you didn't notice, I wrote 'Sorrys', but it's not in the dictionary :p

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Un-happy Banana.

This blogger (obsessed with blogging blogger in fact) is down with a flu combined with migraine and top it all up with fever. Sounds bad ? Well, it is bad.

Ok, no. I shall try and find the positive-ity in the days that just passed by. Even if the negativity dominates (tends to dominate, see positive-ity ?) the recent days.

Ummm.. What should I begin with.

It started off with the Biology test (Yes, the nerdy side tends to kick in when the teacher plans to give a reward to the top scorer of the class). I know I'm eighteen, but presents from the teacher always seem really cool :D.. So yeah, I wasn't the top scorer, neither was I even among the top-five scorers of the class.

See, now what positive-ity could there be in all this ? It could be that my friend was the top-scorer. Yeah, that'll do :D

It went on to being a holiday on Friday because of the protests going on in Pakistan. Which is just sad. Why destroy your own homeland when the movie at stake was not even the doing of your homeland ? All one has to do is get their voice heard and problems dealt with, which can be done in a very humane way.
Ironically, Friday was International Day of Peace too. What I saw that day was all but peace.

No positive-ity in this. No way. Cinemas were set on fire, traffic lights brought to the ground, a bridge blasted to bits and I do not even want to know how many lives were lost. The positive-ity could be that I got a holiday and slept through my illness, but nooo. That sounds really self-centered.

Anyways, after this the news was put on the table that the place we were going to rent so that we can stay at Karachi while my dad goes away, is only available till December 2012. And my term ends in May 2013.
So yeah, I don't know what will happen now.

Positive-ity ? We get to go and live with baba in case no home at Karachiii :D. Ok, now this actually sounds positive.

We are not the ones to judge, because everybody has their own battles to fight. Every moment, every day.

I hope my post did not bring you down.
Well, look at the picture above n smile :)
My friends call me Banana remember ? :D
No one shall leave my blog without a

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You On Your Own.

To each one, their own religion.
Nobody is to ridicule the other's religion,
it's a matter of one's own personal faith.
Nobody is to argue about which religion is better and which one is not.
There's more to debating than that.

That's it. End of Story.

Yes, Youtube banned in Pakistan for now.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Funky-cising :D

One, I'm staying at Karachiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! ^_^
Me, mama and my lil' brother n sister are going to stay at Karachi, we rented a new place while my dad is going to move away where his job wants him to. 


Oh and here's what I did to my plain white bag when I needed to take my thoughts away from moving and studies.

Yes, the bag was plain white when I bought it :D

Yes, I used recycled materials on this bag.
It sure turned out pretty good :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


You're in happy mood ?
Well then do not read this post since I do not want to ruin anybody's mood with my rantings.

Here it goes, we're shifting again x_x

My dad's job needs him to shift to another city, buut I can't leave in the middle of school year. I got all my friends here, teachers I'm used to being taught by and stuff I got to do and events I have planned.
I can't just leave all that and move away. Again.

We've been moving since the day I was born.

Anyways, I've tried to convince baba to let me stay at a friend's place or something and I can come and move in with my family when my school year ends.

Fingers Crossed.



P.S. The studies are killing me x_x

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Literally words can't describe!

While Adele Set fire to rain,
and Hilary had her hair blowing out on her sweet sixteen,
my LEGAL EIGHTEEN was beyond what words could describe.

Yes, I'm legal.
And yes, I don't feel old or big or even adult-ish for that matter.
Well, my age blues for later.

For now, listen to how my 18th bday went. It'll make you smile :)

Ok so on the night of 3rd September (my bday's on 4th sep) I had planned to go to sleep early and not wait up till midnight since I wasn't expecting any of my friends to call as we had our humongous physics test at school the next day.

3rd Sep. 10.00pm

Me: mama I'm going to sleep.
Mama: *gives me a wierd look* But you always stay up at midnight on your birthday.
Me: Not this time, I'm old for birthdays.
Mama: Well, it's your birthday.

-I dozed off-

3rd Sep. 10.30pm
Aunt: Lubaina wake up, you haven't had dinner so I made noodles for you.
Me: You woke me up just so I could eat noodles ?
Aunt: Sleeping with an empty stomach is not good.

-So I got up to eat noodles.

3rd Sep. 11.45pm.

Mama: Lubaina, before you go to sleep again could you tidy up your mess of books from the dining room ?
Me: Ok mama.

-So I headed to the dining room-

And they sprayed snow spray in my mouth! xD

These nutcases had entered my dining room through the backdoor, arranged my dining room for my surprise birthday party, got me a DUCK-SHAPED cake, PIZZA and presents while I was too busy trying to get some sleep! :D

Some of the cards they made me :)
Yes, some of my friends call me Banana because it rhymes with Lubaina :D


We all happily gave our physics test. We had no class after it, the next class was to begin in forty minutes.
My school counselor called me to talk to me, she kept talking about random stuff and I being talkative kept the conversation going on.

Then two of my friends came to the counselor's office too. They took me to the canteen with them. (Dumb me did not notice the absence of my other class-fellows and friends)

Junaid: So Lubaina, it's your birthday. What are you treating us with ?
Me: I have no money today.
Moaaz: But you have to get us at-least a bottle of Pepsi from the canteen since it's your big day today!
Me: I seriously do not have money.
Junaid: Oh well. Some other day.
Moaaz: Let's go see if the Common Room's open.

And the moment we were outside Common Room's door, I could hear screams from inside.
As i stepped in.

All of my friends were standing with their backs towards me, wearing black shirts over their uniforms, with 
'HAPPY BDAY BENNY!' written with white tape on the back of their shirts and singing me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY song!

I would've let my happy tears out if there were not so many people around :')

The were standing in one row like the picture above but all of them won't fit the camera screen at one time.
So yeah :)
And yeah, people at school call me benny or banana :)

By now I was still shocked at all that people would do to make my day a very very very special one.

Then, they lead me to a SPONGE-BOB CAKE!!! :D
Yes, it was a huge 7-pound cake that I shared with almost every student who was out in the school grounds.

Guess what my school friends got me ?
It's a cup with a cute kid painted on it. 
The lid of the cup is a brain and there's a card attached to the cup saying 
"Even if your brain refuses to retain memories of us, his brain will."
And inside the cup are Paper strips from almost everybody I know with a memorable memory I've had with them :)

I guess, this long yet worth-reading account made up for my blog absence since four days!

Another reason for my absence: I've been made the head of the Student Blog of my school's blog. My school recently started the blog and I have been assigned to manage to it. I'm confused about it's background.

You can visit it here and give me advice related to the background:

My 18th B'day would have been incomplete without my friends no ? :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Know the date ?

Read the date above.
Yes, read the date.
Still haven't read the date ?
Oh, just read the date !

What date is it ?

Now which awesome amazing and beyond epic person can possibly be born on this day ?!

I guess I am authorized to brag about myself on my 18th birthday atleast.
Finally Legal :D

All the happenings of the Legali-sh Awesome-ish 18th Birthday shall be uploaded.
For now, I'm breezing through the celebrations :D

My Motto from my 18th B-day onwards :D