Thursday, August 23, 2012

#surroundedbyamazingpeople :')



Ok sooo, I don't know how to begin. You know how you think that you're going to have the most boring days ever buuut they turn out to be the exact opposite ?
Yeah well that's what happened on Eid and the two days after it =D

1st Day-Woke up early to give finishing touches to vermicilles (typical Eid delight)
             and the cake I baked for  breakfast.
             An Eid Milan Party followed by a visit to a distant relative and off to lunch
             with baba's cousins.
             And then an Eid Dinner at our home for friends and their families.
            (There were around THIRTY people at our home) xD
2nd Day-Went out in the evening with friends, best windy weather ever :)
               Our non-stop foolery.
               Dinner at baba's college friend's home, the aunty cooks awesome food ^_^

3rd Day-A trip to Interior Sindh.
              And off to Gharoo Water Park! :D
              (It has separate water-slide areas for men n women :D)

Good Days Mayn :')

The Cake I baked on the first day :)
My newly acquired baking skills :p

I have to go to school in like half an hour and I haven't had breakfast and neither have I changed.

Just sitting in my night-suit and Blogging. It's addictive xD



Anonymous said...

Haha. I didn't go to school today. :p

Lubaina E. said...

Well one can't skip school for long :p

Aliza said...

The cake O.O I want a huge dig in that bloody yummy looking chocolate delight!!! :D

P.S: Your post just reminded me that I need to post about my eid too :P

Glad you had a fun eid! May you have more! :D xox

Lubaina E. said...

It's finished now :p
And yes, an Eid post is a must :D

The Ordinary Guy said...

Cake <3
I am hungry now. =/

And I do not get why people think Eid is boring. It is always fun for me. Glad you had a good time. =]