Monday, August 6, 2012

First Day of the Last Year of School.

The moment you step inside school and you're like 'I WANNAAAA GO HOOOME!'
It's not because I hate school,
neither 'cuz I hate the people there,
nor do I view it as a place of torture.
It was just the realization that this is my last year at school and I have utterly no idea how am I going to bear the though of leaving it.

The times we've had.
The pranks we've played.

Oh that reminds me, they changed the chairs of our class. There are some weird wooden ones placed now and they're sooo beyond uncomfortable!

Sooo, my Nutcase of a class has decided to request the administration to change our chairs.

If not, then we plan on bringing floor cushions to class and sitting on the floor in protest until we get back the Comfy chairs xD

They remind me of my Nutcase Dost. :D
Glad to be back to school.
Let's see how our cushion stunt turns out to be xD


Anonymous said...

I'm glad we have new, comfy chairs, in which one can simply dose off. =P

Don't think of the end already, just make the most of time while you're there. =D

Afshan Hussain said...

Yeah, why thinking of the end when it has just begun? Gal, live like there's no tomorrow. Like seriously ;)

Lubaina E. said...

@Neda. Our seats our going to be replaced! :D N yeah, i'm going to take up your advice :)

@afsahan. Couldn't agree more :)

hameem oxford said...

finished school ? so job now ?

Lubaina E. said...

@hameem. Naaa. In my last year of school :)

hameem oxford said...

primary school? haha secondary school ?
u did ur matriculation ?
well i call every education establishment a school :) that's why i'm asking

Lubaina E. said...

High School :p
Done with my first year of A-levels, left with A2 (second year of A-levels) now.
Then off to Uni :)

hameem oxford said...

Okay. i think i got it now. {=_=}