Friday, January 25, 2013

Mr.Time. You There?

Wait. I had started writing blog posts about winter vacations, right?
Wait another minute. I had written just one post about the vacations.
Is that it?
Yeah, I guess that's it.

There's so much to do... And I have done... Nothing?

will you be so kind?
Stop as you may,
as I hand you a dime
as you pause,
pause what we call time.

Ignore my poetic baldness, because I have lost it!

Shoot. I just wrote poetic baldness xD

And this is when Mr.Time was my partner. Yeah, during the vacations. All I had was time.
That's when I came up with picture-ising each day of my life.

All that happened from 8th till 19th December :)
Nope, I did not get to work on my 'picture journal' after this. :p

17th December-the day those mids ended.
Oh, that freedom :')
We were till 11pm, playing basketball :)

All the work done for LUMUN IX.
LUMUN IX, that's another amazingly awesome story.
That I shall write about... Someday... soon... Maybe... Hopefully...

Yes, I do try to make up my own quotes at times. Sigh.
I know Mr.Time will knock at my door someday and it will go something like,

"Knock Knock!"
"Whose There"
"Mr.Time who?"
"The one who doesn't exist"

Yes, I know I ruined the knock knock joke. Completely.

Oh, well. It is true.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Vacations Take 1-Family

Hey Blog,
I've missed you :)

In all news, the winter vacations are about to end. School on 7th January, even though they seem as endless as those Egyptian Labyrinths full of treasure yet many dangers.

Treasures and dangers, that's how my winter holidays can be described best :D

Started off with family at Islamabad. You know how you feel lost and then you search the ground to find something to hold on to, I met my family then :) There's no happier moment than being with family after an entire YEAR! The khalas fussing over you, nani giving you sweet halwa to eat, mamoo taking you out for midnight ice cream and little cousins constantly screaming out 'LUBAINA BAJIII'; even though when you run over to them and ask 'What Happened?' the most common reply is 'Nothing' with a very cheeky smile. Oh well, the joy of being with family :)

Apart from the distant relatives, Mama, Baba, my brothers and my sister were all together after months. And mayyyn, I've missed our fights :D

Ok, so here's how a typical family conversation goes while we were on our way from Kaamra to Peshawar (Yes, I've travelled a lot in these vacations)

Baba: Alright everybody, it's going to be cold at Peshawar.
Mama: Well I've packed extra sweaters so it's going to be all good.
Lil Sister: My purple sweater is here tooo!
Lil Bro: I'm feeling cold already.
Mama: Well, we can stop the car and get out the sweater for you from the trunk.
The bro elder than Lil Bro: Yeah. I want my socks too.
Mama: What socks?
The bro elder than Lil Bro: The socks you packed to bring along.
Mama: You are wearing socks.
The bro elder than Lil Bro: I'm not wearing socks.
Lil Bro: Mama, he's not wearing socks.
The bro elder than Lil Bro: Because nobody told me to wear socks.
Lil Sister: Use your mind. We wear socks in the cold.
The bro elder than Lil Bro: But i was shouting and asking if I am to wear socks and nobody replied.
Me: You were asking about the dirty socks. You HAD to wear the clean socks.
The bro elder than Lil Bro: NOBODY ASKED ME TO WEAR WHICH SOCKS!
Baba: You're fifteen years old. Learn to take care of your self.
The bro elder than Lil Bro: I repeat. Nobody asked me to wear socks!

'THE' socks :D

Yeah. Well, that was just one sock story :D
I could write a book on the conversations my family has and the book will NEVER end.