Friday, November 9, 2012

Imma Juice Box

And finally we get three days off from school!

Makes me wonder what was wrong with me back then when I hated holidays, but these days holidays are my time to BREATHE.

Welcome Party for our juniors tomorrow. The theme: Chapter Tales.
Now, it might sound a tad bit weird.
But, my school: The City School PAF Chapter
Dress Code: dress up as storybook characters.
CHAPTER TALES makes sense now. Phew. Something makes sense.

Now, what does one dress up as ? :s
Disney Princesses and the likes are out of question. Red Riding Hood is too cliched.
A Quidditch player would be nice. Buuuut don't know what would be nicer. And nicest is so far beyond my bamboozled brain.

The possibility of wearing a carton and going in as a juice box is brilliant though xD, only if we had a storybook of a juice box.

I shall contemplate under a tree and wait for an idea to befall me.

And yes my awesome blog, I don't write much these days.
I'm busy with this (another awesome blog :D ):
No worries. It's just for another year, a year I don't want to end.

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Ghadeer said...

Juice box is an awesome idea!