Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Moments :) (Out Of the Odd #7)

The moment when it rains :)
The moment when one finds money in an unexpected place :)

The moment when one's brothers don't finish up all the chocolates :D
The moment when one's mama brings in milk at night :)
The moment that happens out of the odd.

An out of the odd happy moment ?
Yes, it happened today :)

My friend had borrowed money from me and she had to return it.
Friends always borrow n return money right ?
That's how it goes.
Buuuut the moment when the money comes in such a pretty bag along with a funky candle and a caaaard saying thankyou, that's the moment of a true smile :).. The best moment.

The Pretty in Pink Bag :D

The Funky Candle :D
I have a knack for anything that looks crazily weird n very different :D
Hey Zobz n Aimi if you guys are reading this, just know that it made me smile on one of my most tiring and hectic days :)..

P.S. Yes, just three days of school buuut last year of A'levels has waaayy more study than I had expected it too have. 

P.P.S RESULT ON 13th X___X
P.P.P.S I LOVE SCHOOOOL (Mainly because of the people in it) :D



So beautiful..And its such a nice candle,really!
I think it would be great to give money to your friend on & off for a chance to get some cute stuff in return :)


All the best for your result dear!!

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

awe cute
beast of luck!

The Ordinary Guy said...

Friends borrow money and never return. One absolutely have to beg them with "yaar abb tou ker dai wapis" and even then they return half of the borrowed amount.

You're blessed with great friends. :)

Lubaina E. said...

@Creative Mind. Well, not every friend returns the money :p. And Thankyou :)

@Izdiher. Thanks :)

@The Ordinary Guy. Friends not giving back money is more common though, one of the reasons why this post is labelled Out Of the Oddd ;)
Buuuuut I still love my friends :)