Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter High-Fives

Yes, we complain about the winters at Karachi.
But that's because the weather with blankets and sweaters and those puffy socks with bunnies made on them is not really that cold here. It's DECEMBER, the month when the rest of the country sits in front of fireplaces and lazes around, while we are left to savor the cold shiver when we wake up early in the morning, and then... Well, there's no more than a cold shiver to winters here.

Anyways, anybody can get hold of a lappy (read: Laptop) and start pressing keys to criticize. What actually requires effort is finding the good and appreciating it (Yes, I do sound wisdom-atic, but that's just because I've grown two wisdom tooth now. No bragging)

So here's to the things I LOVE about Winters in Karachi :D

Warning: The above image is just a means of fooling you.
Hey, don't blame me. The TV ads do that to you everyday!
At least I'm honest :D

"The Five High-Fives for Winter" 
(I'm not sure if it's High-Fives 'to' or High-Fives 'for'. Grammar Nazi, Help Please)

High-Five #1. Weather's always the best conversation starter. So, you met your teacher at the mall (teachers outside school seem pretty weird, jbtw), and of course you do not know what to say to them. Well, the weather! :D
And fire the guns of criticism :D

High-Five #2. You get the best combos. Ok, so it's winter but you're not feeling cold? (Well, obviously) Make yourself Hot Chocolate anyways and enjoy it under the fan. Now who said that hot n cold are two extreme opposites?

High-Five #3. No icy water problems. The worst thing about winters is getting out of your blanket after eating French Fries (Note: they're valid in Summers too) and having to wash your hands with icyyy cooold water. Worry no more, there's no coldness in store. (NO. Nobody calls the rhyme police)

High-Five #4. Night walks down the road. Here are how cliched winter expressions go like: winters are amazing, the coffee beaks and strolls down the lane at night. Hold it right there! 'Strolls down the lane at night' in winters are the most close one can get to impossible, unless you have a High Neck on, are wearing a cotton shirt over it, and then wearing a full sleeved sweater and a jacket too. The good news is, the night strolls in the Karachi winters are much more peaceful and require less layers of clothes to handle. Just a sweater or a shawl would do :)

High-Five #5. The sea would freeze! Yes folks, it's one of those 'think before you wish' kind of a thing. The sea here would freeze and turn to ice (Yes, that is what freezing means essentially) if it got too cold. And we love the sea too much to see it freeze even for a millisecond, right? So let the sea be :D

Did I just support the much criticized winters? :O
Am I really that awesome? :O
Well what can I say, awesomeness has its days :D


MS said...

Hehe, High-five #2 ;)

Lubaina E. said...

HAHA. Yeah. Your experience, my story :D

Furree Katt said...

I didn't realize you were from Karachi too! :O
The weather is still fluctuating by the way, it's both warm and cold. The biggest dilemma is whether to keep the fan on or off!
Because, Fan Off = you feel hot.
Fan On = you feel really cold.

AND WE NEVER GET SNOW YOUR PICTURE IS MISLEADING hahahaha. I wish the sea would actually freeze over, we'd have the world's largest ice skating rink then!

Loved the GIF.

Momina said...

Oh God you, lucky you! We have crazy winters in Islamabad. But hey. it's fun to sit in front of the heater with a cup of coffee and nothing to do! :P

sahara said...

hi5!! i love winter too :)

sahara said...

hi5!! i love winter too :)

Lubaina E. said...

@Furree. Well,now you know that I'm from khi :).. And yes! The fan dilemna is so true! Also, I did mention under the snow picture that it is to fool you guys just like the TV ads ;).. And I love friends. Thus, the GIF :)

@Momina. It suuuure is. I sure hope I get to visit Islamabad in the winter vacations.

@Sahara. High Five back to you too! :D

Zeba said...

I am in Cambridge. The weather is bordering zero. I love it. :)

Lubaina E. said...

Zeba, I bet you do :)