Saturday, September 22, 2012

Un-happy Banana.

This blogger (obsessed with blogging blogger in fact) is down with a flu combined with migraine and top it all up with fever. Sounds bad ? Well, it is bad.

Ok, no. I shall try and find the positive-ity in the days that just passed by. Even if the negativity dominates (tends to dominate, see positive-ity ?) the recent days.

Ummm.. What should I begin with.

It started off with the Biology test (Yes, the nerdy side tends to kick in when the teacher plans to give a reward to the top scorer of the class). I know I'm eighteen, but presents from the teacher always seem really cool :D.. So yeah, I wasn't the top scorer, neither was I even among the top-five scorers of the class.

See, now what positive-ity could there be in all this ? It could be that my friend was the top-scorer. Yeah, that'll do :D

It went on to being a holiday on Friday because of the protests going on in Pakistan. Which is just sad. Why destroy your own homeland when the movie at stake was not even the doing of your homeland ? All one has to do is get their voice heard and problems dealt with, which can be done in a very humane way.
Ironically, Friday was International Day of Peace too. What I saw that day was all but peace.

No positive-ity in this. No way. Cinemas were set on fire, traffic lights brought to the ground, a bridge blasted to bits and I do not even want to know how many lives were lost. The positive-ity could be that I got a holiday and slept through my illness, but nooo. That sounds really self-centered.

Anyways, after this the news was put on the table that the place we were going to rent so that we can stay at Karachi while my dad goes away, is only available till December 2012. And my term ends in May 2013.
So yeah, I don't know what will happen now.

Positive-ity ? We get to go and live with baba in case no home at Karachiii :D. Ok, now this actually sounds positive.

We are not the ones to judge, because everybody has their own battles to fight. Every moment, every day.

I hope my post did not bring you down.
Well, look at the picture above n smile :)
My friends call me Banana remember ? :D
No one shall leave my blog without a


sahara said...

u smile too, everything will be fine ..
i am having fever too plus i have my design submission tomorrow i dont know how will i finish it. i am so not feeling well but still working and its making me feel worse :(
any ways ... one banana for u too , smile

Cassandra Too said...

Stay positive and god stuff will start coming your way! :D Smile! :D

I hope to see you at backtofive! :D

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xoxo backtofive

Anonymous said...

I loved the picture. And yeah, I love bananas too. :D

Lubaina E. said...

@sahara. WHOA! That's alot of work. Well, if you my friend can manage than hopefully i'll be able to manage too (:

@Cassandra. Yes, positivity is the key :D

@Neda. It sure is CUTE (: