Friday, August 10, 2012

Nervous Jitters ? Oreos :D

Me: Ok sooo what am I going to ask for after I get my result ?
Mama: But your result's not even out yet!
Me: Oh that's okaaayyyyyy, I'm just driving away my nervous jitters by thinking happy thoughts :D
(Baba arrives in the room)
Baba: Lubaina's talking about result all over again ?
          I'll go get pills so that you sleep through the 13th :p

Know what ? I actually like the idea!
No waiting in anticipation,
no worries about no sleep at night,
just wake up after the drugs loose their effect,
and VOLA see my result :D

Ok so this result wait is making me go BONKERS!

Thus, I shall go make Cold Coffee n dip Oreos in it.

Yes, my new-est addiction on the block: Cold Coffee + Oreo Combo :')

Oreos ^_^


The Ordinary Guy said...

Hahaha anticipation always suck.
You will be just fine inshallah. So do not worry about it till you absolutely have to i.e the result day. =]

Lubaina E. said...

Hopefully i'll be fine inshaAllah.
I just a loooong wait.
Day after tomorrow. Seems so far away. I can't help but worry :/

Buuuuuuut one things for sure, I did more work in the last couple of days than I did in eons just to keep my mind away from result thoughts. :P