Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Even More Green :D (Out Of the Odd #8)

14th August! :D
Even though we loathe every bit of all that happens in Pakistan everyday,
on 14th August the aura is just different.

There's Solidarity.
There's the spirit of Paki Pride.
There's Green :)

Over at my place, the moods were high and low.
High because the weather was amazing.
Low because Baba would not let us buy flags to put up at our home. His reason: the flag is disrespected in many ways this way. My patriotic Baba :')

Well we headed for this Anti-littering Drive at Seaview. Sadly, we were too punctual and nobody from the organisers was there. We still went on go-carts at the beach! :D

Then over to Hypestar. Roamed around doing nothing at all. Like literally. Just window-shopped. While Baba made us do crazy stuff.
Like getting the trampoline off the rack and having us to jump on it xP
Aaand, complimenting on the hats and caps of the salespersons :p
And blocking the Sales Counter while reading magazines and seeming very engrossed in them.

In the middle of Hyperstar, HBL had set up a 14th August Celebration area.
(Yayyyy! 14th Aug Celebrationss!!!!) :D
We had to say an Independence Day wish in one sentence with 'HBL' and 'Smart' in the same sentence.
My wish: While standing at HBL, I smartly wished Pakistan a Happy Birthday. :)

Guess what gift we got ?
Dr.dre beats! xD

You so Cooleos Oreos HBL! :D

Aaaaand back at home I made Independence Day cupcakes and sent them over to friends n neighbours.

These are the cupcakes I made :D
Made on special request from my lil' sister LABIBAH :)
The stuff I do for her :p


Oh and I gave charity on this day :)
And I made lil' children smile by telling them they look really cute in their green clothes.

And I randomly smiled at any elder person I saw.
Aaaand the smile they gave back was PRICELESS! ^_^


♥ Cassandra (Backtofive) said...

Yummmmmy cupcakes! :D

Love that you are giving charity. It will definitely make your day better.
backtofive's twitter

xoxo backtofive

Afshan Hussain said...

Haha.........I'm kinda late for this- but:
and yeah.........that sentence you 'smartly' made was cool ;)

Aliza said...

So,so wanted to post about Pakistan`s independence day myself,but lazy me -.- That Google doodle,yeah :D Loved it,absolutely <3

You go,girl,nice post! Say hi to a new follower :)

P.S: I`m curious about your grades :P My IGCSE result is on 23rd this month,do pray loads! ^_____^

Stay awesome xox

J.L. Campbell said...

I definitely understand that. We celebrated our independence early in August and everything felt different.

Aqsa Faisal said...

the post very inspirational. Someone is havng fun on Paki day :D

The Ordinary Guy said...

They have go carts there now?!
All they had were camels and horses when I was there. :D

Jessille said...

must be so delcious :)
btw mind to take a look at my blog?

Lubaina E. said...

@Cassandra. And it did :)

@Afshan. The sentence seemed pretty lame to me, but oh well :p

@Aliza. Well we all have our days for procrastinating ;)
and i got 5A's in AS level Alhumdulillah :)
And no worries, you'll do good.
Thanks for the follow :D

@J.L. Campbell. Yeah, the feeling's amah-zing :)

@Aqsa. Well my homeland after all :)

@Ordinary Guy. First time we saw em too :D. The camels are still there. Horses, not that much.

@Jesille. Off to your blog :D

Taha Ishrat said...

I was also there some cute girl take our pic and gifted a "BEAT AUDIOS HANDSFREE" lolzz :) anyways the crowd was good and everyone is enjoying :)

Lubaina E. said...

@Taha. Yeah, the Spirit of Independence Day :)