Saturday, April 6, 2013

Urdu All the Way! - Umru Ayar Comic Book

Just when you realise that the passion for Urdu is going down the drain. And, the only Urdu Poetry stanza you know is 'Tuh Rah Naward e Shauq hai, Manzil na kar Qabool' (Translation: You are a traveler traversing the road of love, Don't settle for your current state) 
Sigh. It even saddens you to know that many would not recognise these as the words of ALLAMA IQBAL.

Anyways, with all our 'English Classy-ness' going on, the ones who take steps to initiate a 'Revival of Urdu' must be appreciated. Give it up for none other than 'Kachee Goliyan'. Yes, you've heard the news too? An 'Umru Ayar' comic book is going to be released by them very very soon :D


Oh. So, you still don't get what all mayhem is about? Well, then the points below are just for you.

Five Reasons why Umru Ayar Comic Book is worth looking forward to.

1. The dynamics have been revamped. It's not JUST Umru Ayar. Kachee Goliyan have been continuously posting questions like '
What other Alf Laila characters do you like?' and 'If Umru faces Batman, who'd win?'. Which indirectly directly hints at the possibility of our favorite characters other than Umru Ayar making appearances too! Just the kind of comic we need in Pakistan.

Oh look, BATMAN and SUPERMAN! :D

2. The love for Umru's ZAMBEEL and his SULEMANI BLANKET. Remember how in the stories, Umru would have everything in his Zambeel? For those of you don't know what his Zambeel is, it's a basket Umru used to carry everything and anything that he needed. This one time, he pulled out an entire army from it! Now, for the Sulemani Blanket, remember Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak? I bet you do. Sulemani Blanket is exactly the same as Harry's Invisibility Cloak. ^_^

An illustration of a Zambeel I found at
Looks all wizard-ish :D

3. The love for Sherlock Holmes. You can just skip this bit if you're not much of a Sherlock fan. So, basically Umru's second name 'Ayar' means cunning. And, that is exactly the kind of a character he has; clever, smart and cunning. So, reading the comic and smiling through out as you find your 'Paki Sherlock Holmes disguised as Umru Ayar' is definitely worth the wait :)

4. URDU. Been through those times when you longed to connect yourself to your mother language? (Disclaimer: This one's for Pakistanis only) And, no matter which Urdu literature book you picked up, it seemed as if you had just entered into a phase of a Reading Disability as the Urdu words whizzed past your ear like those annoying mosquitoes at night? Well, don't worry, you were not the only one. Now, reading an Urdu Comic will surely ease those nerves that haven't soothed since the time we got guilty about not knowing much Urdu.

A sneak peek from the Umru Ayar Comic Book
Oh, the colors *___*

5. Who's going to be the Arch-nemesis this time? I can not wait for the enemy that Kachee Goliyan create for Umru! Just because it's so easy to love the character when there's an enemy to hate ;)

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