Monday, February 11, 2013

He Became A Winner

I sit here, gazing out the window. Yes, a very typical scene. But it's not so typical right now because I'm not looking out the window. Heck, the curtains of my window are closed. And yet, I sit here gazing out the window... the window that might have been closed due to all the happenings around me, the window that had blurred my vision and derailed my focus, the window that had been painted black by my OWN misleading ways.

Yes, I mislead myself.

My being had changed its course after I let myself be carried away with the ways of this world. It did happen. It's disappointing, but it's true. This is where I stand up, not a moment longer am I going to grey away my youth as I trudge the ways of the apocryphal ones, I am who I am. I am going to create my own way. I am going to not please the masked ones for once. I am going to make history. My aims, my dreams, they have been ignited by passion.

A passion of doing what I love to do.

-Said the one who became a winner.

P.S. On a very very very serious note, I love Rainbow Ice creams ^_^