Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Doctor-To-Be in Winter

So, where was I when I left off around 24 days ago?
Oh yeah. I had my doodle-making mode on, started the Doodle Liners too. You can view them here. I was comfortable in summer clothes. And, was very very very nervous about my Medical College Admissions.

Well, guess what? The tables have turned! Well, not the doodle tables, just the medical and summer ones.
Yes, I feel very cold these days. And yes, I did get into a Medical College that I have dreamed of getting into since I visualized the possibility of becoming a doctor. *Alhamdulillah.

Oh yes, I am one of those Doctor-To-Bes now who flaunt off their lab coats even when they're eating out. Although, I might not wear my lab coat everywhere. You know, this world can't handle THAT level of awesomeness B|

Haha. I sound so self-obsessed. But hey, who's judging.

Anyways, apart from getting past the admission-mania there was EID.
I love Eids.
Even though nothing much happened at Eid other than meeting my family, eating good good very good food and wasting time on Facebook liking the Eid Pictures uploaded by everybody.

Apart from Eid, there is cold in the air. The feet freeze at night when one's not wearing socks and the nose turns red. Yes, WINTER'S COMING ^_^

Oh and, the rest of my family roams around in summer clothes while I shiver in the winter ones. This might give you an idea of the extent of the 'winter' and my health level at the moment. I am A-OK, just by the way. It's just that I've embraced the winter too dearly this time around. I think.

This shall be it for now.
Oh and, do not re-read Toxin by Robin Cook if you wish to eat Meat Burgers and not be haunted by gruesome diseases caused by bad meat. Well, if you still plan to read or re-read it: I DID WARN YOU!


*Alhamdulillah (Arabicالحمد لله‎) is an Arabic phrase meaning "Praise to Allah". It's most commonly used to thank Allah.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Crow Liner

Once in a while, there's this one line that takes up all the space in our heads. It roams and runs around, it rolls and jumps up high, until this line has become a part of us. 'Liner Doodles' is where I write those lines and create my own doodles for them, these lines are meant to be preserved. 

A very disturbing picture made it to the front page of one of Pakistan's leading newspapers.

My Baba handed the newspaper to me in the morning, he's the one who got me into the habit of reading them. But, I closed my eyes. He made the Is-Everything-Ok-Question-Mark face. I explained that there's a picture I'd prefer not looking at on the front page. He laughed. And said,

"Have you heard of the crow who closes its eyes just before the cat is about to attack? Or, the ostrich that buries its head in the ground when a flood is approaching?"

Love you Baba <3

Friday, October 4, 2013

Two Shout Outs!

Here's to the two who keep me sane as I miss the third one.
Here's to the two who make sure there is not a single boring moment in our lives.
Here's to the two who brim with life and smiles... and, colours.

Abdullah and Labibah, my little brother and sister started their own blogs. I know it's late but this post is dedicated to them two, and their blogs.

Here's a shout out for Abdullah's blog: BANOONY PHANOONY!
(Inspired by monkeys, bananas and the joy in life)
Visit Abdullah's Blog: http://banoony.blogspot.com/

Here's a shout out for Labibah's blog: Purple Sparkles!
(Inspired by all things pink and purple, happenings and daily life)
Visit Labibah's blog: http://purple-shurple.blogspot.com/

Here's a shout out for Huthaifa! He's truly missed at home.

That would be all three of my siblings :')

Also, I'm planning on posting regular Shout Outs and Guest Posts of my favorite blogs and bloggers here at blog-o-sphere. There's always room for some goodwill ^_^


*Mā shāʼ Allāh (ما شاء الله) is an Arabic phrase that expresses appreciation, joy, praise or thankfulness for an event or person that was just mentioned. (wikipedia.com)