Monday, August 27, 2012

Lover's Cove Challenge #4

I like contests that let me play with words :D
Here goes:

It’s that time again!
Time to head on over to, other wise known as Lovers’ Cove and take part in this week’s challenge!
Please read the Guidelines and Q’s & A’s thoroughly before entering!
In short, you must come up with a line of 15 words or less and your line must continue
on in thought based on what the previous person on the linky wrote.
Get invitation to the challenge at:  Lover's Cove Challenge #4 8-26-2012

Behold! I am renewed again, for the spirit of love has descended upon my heart!
Years, I’ve wandered aimlessly through the midst of the shadows trying to elude the dark.
Darkness isn´t always so dark, sometimes becomes hope when our imagination wants to look for a light
A light that has been trying to find its sight through such darkness night
This darkness becomes me; I am but the light of our shadow that quivers now
yearning for a flight toward the dream, away from the claws of fear

My line.
And I rise, rise towards destiny till what the heart wants seems so near.


Andy David said...

Dear Lubaina E.,
A warm welcome to Lovers' Cove!
Thank you for that beautiful line...I love it! It's a perfect continuation from Eclipse's. Please make sure to check back for later links too...that way everyone who joins the challenge also gets a few clicks. Plus, it's a great way to discover new friends (smile). Thank you so much for taking part. I'll be back to read more from you. See you soon!

Crystal said...

I must apologize.. my line in a way, took everyone down the path of darkness and at last, Lubaina, you have brought us away from the darkness!! As was Andy's original concept. I think it goes to show what love can do.. it can bring a person out of that darkness and into the light.. Your line turned it around and I'm sure everyone can appreciate your beautiful line! Thank you for joining and thank you for sharing!!

Elen Lackner said...

Dear Lubaina :Great and beautiful, I like it so much. I greet you from Argentina. Kiss Elen

Kriti said...

Lubaina way to go - you are bringing it to a close I see... Nice!

JANU said...

OH! I liked this flight...:-)

Lubaina E. said...

@Andy David. Lover's Cove is an excellent initiative and I'd love to be a part of it and see it grow :)

@Crystal. Well yeah, I was in a happy mood so I gave it my best to bring out as much positivity as I could. Your line gave the poem a twist it deserved :D

@Elen. Thankyou :)

@Kriti. Being positive :)

@Janu. Thankyou.

Andy David said...

Dear Lubaina,
You should be encouraged by the nice comments. When you have time, send me some of your paintings and I'll see if any of them fit this month's challenge. Over at my main writing blog, Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn..., I also like to include romantic photos/artwork with my poetry. I have a few friends who send me photos and have given me permission to use their paintings too. If you wish, you can send me a few of your paintings and I'll see if they will fit the theme of this month's Lovers' Cove or if I can also use them to accompany my poetry. My email is: APDavPoet(at)gmail(dot)com or you can use the CONTACT ME form in the upper right corner of both my blogs. Alternatively, you can message me on Facebook or send me a message via G+.

I'm waiting to see if there will be any more latecomers to Lovers' Cove before I compile the final poem. Thanks for keeping touch.

radwa pony said...

ohhhh finally a very nice turnning over
all of us like Crystal said couldnt get out the dark bubble but here it comes light again a warm hope :)

Andy David said...

Dear Lubaina,
The final poem has been compiled. Come see here...