Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Autumn Liebster Award

In all the days I was busy, my blogger friends made sure that I felt special whenever I decided to resume my blogging stead. And, guess what? Their mission was accomplished. I got two awards and a tag while I was away. And, they have indeed made me feel very very very very special ^_^

Liebster award exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. 
It has German origins – the word “liebster” has several definitions: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome and the likes... Yes, it's very special indeed :) [via http://lorrainemariereguly.wordpress.com]

The first Liebster Award is from none other than Miss Ridx. She is one of the most amazing bloggers there is :'). You are missing out on a lot if you haven't visited her blog.
Then, the Midnight Autumn Tag is from Miss Ridx too (She specially designed this one herself)
And, the second Liebster Award (I love the award she chose, I mean look at the cute heart ^_^) is from Harshini Naidu (She writes the most spell-bounding posts). Do visit her blog, Talking in my Dream

Now, I have to answer ten questions each, in return for receiving the three awards/tags. But, since I accepted them together I'll answer a combination of questions asked by Ridx and Harshini which will be ten in totality.

Q1. (Asked by Miss Ridx) Have you ever made a prank call? 
Oh yes. Many times. This one time we called our school teacher and ordered pizza from him. When he told us that he does not sell pizza, we asked him if he knew a good 'Chinese Pizza Place'. Haha. Chinese Pizza. The nerves tend to do that xD

Q2. (Asked by Miss Ridx) Do you prefer blue or black inked pens?

Q3. (Asked by Miss Ridx) Would you ever want to learn to fly?
Know what? If their is one superpower I'd love to have, it would definitely be the ability to FLY ^_^

Q4. (Asked by Miss Ridx) Favourite drink?

Q5. (Asked by Miss Ridx) Go to the color of the eyes?
I like Dark Green eyes.

Q6. (Asked by Harshini) If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

Q7. (Asked by Harshini) What is the best gift you were ever given?
There are two, actually. A Lava Lamp (It turns purple when switched on) and a Pen (It's a very special pen).

Q8. (Asked by Harshini) Where would your dream vacation be?
Doesn't matter where. What matters is with whom. :)

Q9. (Asked by Harshini) Your best attribute?
I have a super long nose :p

Q10. (Asked by Harshini) Why do you blog?
I love writing. I usually don't make sense when I'm writing. That's not good if one wants to write a book. But, it's perfect if one chooses to blog. :)


Since Liebster awards and Autumn Tags are to be passed on. I came up with a combination of both that I can award to my favorite bloggers :D

Created this award myself, specially for you guys :')
Oh, and the background is a painting of mines that I painted on a wall.

Now, the receivers of the Autumn Liebster Award :D

Abdullah Ehsan from Banoony Phanoony-You are the funniest young blogger out there.
Labibah Ehsan from Purple Sparkles-Your posts make me smile every time.
Nadal Hadi from Til' I Clear My Head-Your blog is the one that inspired me to start blogging in the first place :)
Ifrah Ishfaq-Even though you don't write a blog but the way you encourage me each time keeps me going. Thank you so much.
Yusra Hussain from Biting Blissfully into a Divine Cupcake-You're one of the first bloggers who made me want to keep blogging. Awesome hou.
Shonazee from Life Goes On-She's a Doctor-To-Be who has been there to tell me that something special out there is waiting for me.
Raaji (I Romanticise) from Writing For Life-Your blog is my place to be at when I need to calm down my mind. The way you write is peaceful, no matter what you write about.
Ph_  from Cascading Thoughts-Because, you are one of the first readers of this blog :')
Momina Latif from Everlasting Thoughts-Don't you ever abandon us again. Cyber-world seems incomplete with you.
Zeba from Zebra Talk-One day, I want to write like you. Your words never fail to inspire me.
Aqsa Faisal from Living My Own Legend-Your blog posts are so full of life. They speak of strength, bravery and adventure. I love that. Also, you make me feel good about myself :3
Ariba Shahid from iAriba-No reason. You're a PAFIAN blogger who dedicates her posts to me, what more can I possibly say :')
Raiha from Raiha Khan's Blog-I don't usually read much realistic stuff. But, when it comes to your blog posts, I do just that :D
Rajesh from Seasons in the Sun-You're one of the few bloggers out there whose poetry connects, makes sense and is worth being read over and over again.
Irene from Melodies in the Sand-Even though I haven't known you for that long but I adore your posts and the fact that you're an artist.
Nupur from Purple Fantassyy-The way you write is cute :) And, I love your blog's name (even though I've told you this before).
Ovais from 18 Downing Street-His posts are real. No lies and no exaggerations. One of the best Paki bloggers out there.
Smile Khan from My Everland-She's a French Pakistani who writes patriotic posts at times and lives in Paris! You're teaching me french someday :D
Fahaad Humayun from Special One-Yes, I get how much you hate responding to blogger awards but this one is just to say thank you for being there at my very first online writing venture at tVOY till now. You're awesome. I love reading your blog. And, you're good at making your point. :)
Ayesha from Berry Talks-Oh, Berry. ^_^ Berry and Benny till the end of times.
MS-Because, you read my blog when nobody else did ^_^


Follow the following steps if you are one of the Award Receivers (The ones who run their own blogs)
#1. Answer the Ten Questions I have typed below in a post at your blog
#2. Tag people in the post whom you wish to pass on the Autumn Liebster Award to.
#3. Ask ten questions from the award receivers :)


You can just save the award and post it at your blog. Sometimes, we're unable to pass it on. If you can do that then it's awesome. Otherwise, just know that I did this to let you all know that each one of you is very special to me. :)


The Ten Questions

Q1. Describe yourself in three words.
Q2. Your best Home Alone experience?
Q3. A perfect evening is?
Q4. Think quick. Fish or Fries? 
Q5. Which place will you travel to if you have the option to visit any place in the world (free of cost)?
Q6. Winters or Summers?
Q7. Reason for Q6?
Q8. Is the concept of having a good hand-writing over-rated?
Q9. Comics or Novels?
Q10. What is the best part about being a blogger?


Whoa. Posting awards takes up a lot of time. Well, this shall be it for now.

Cheers :D


MS said...

Mubarakaan :D

Abdullah Ehsan said...

Jazakallah! u r a blunderphul sis ;)

smile khan said...

That made my day :]

Ifrah da bst said...

Thanks for considering me one of the receivers of the Autumn Liebster Award :).
Btw I will start writing a blog once I am done with vivas and ospe.
Let me tell u that it was your blog that inspired me to think of writing a blog.
I must say your blog is one of the bestest blog I have ever come across.Keep it up gal!! :)

Rajesh said...

L, thank you very much. To be mentioned in the same league as some of the above is an honour. Congrats and keep it way up.

Irene ~Melodies In The Sand~ said...

I love coffee too! In fact, I am a recovering coffee addict hehe

It is really very kind of you to give me this award, Lubaina. Thank you so much for thinking of me! Take care! ♡ :-)

nupur said...

Thank you so much :D
This means ALOT.

Harshini Naidu said...

awww, Thank you for the kind words :D
And the cute heart was meant for cute bloggers down the blogosphere! :)
And I loved reading your answers :D

-Love :D

Momina said...

Thank you Lubaina and Congratulations! I'll do the post, soon! :D

Yusra Hussain said...

Thank you, Lubaina!
It actually did make my day.

You are one creative blogger. Thank you for taking out your time and designing the award.

I hope the clouds bring rain as a blessing for you. I hope you get to enjoy the sound/feel/smell of every single water drop falling down from the sky.

You can have a bite from my cupcake. :D

Zeba said...

Thank you, this makes me so happy. You are a beautiful writer already but more importantly, a beautiful person. It shows in your writing. Sigh. Thanks again. :)

I Romanticize said...

Thank you so much :-). I'll take it up some time soon :-)

Lots of love.

Lubaina E. said...

@MS. ^___^

@Abdullah. And, you're a bandarful bro ;)

@Smile Khan. No problem :)

@Ifrah. YAYAYAAAYY! ANOTHER AWESOME ADDITION TO THE BLOGGER WORLD ^_^ Can't wait to read your blog. The purpose of my blog was to spread happiness in the first place and to make any reader realuse that there is SO much to do that we miss out on. Also, i'm honored. Thankyou. Best of luck with the medical studies :)

@Rajesh. I'm glad this award makes you feel that way :)

@Irene. Well, atleast you're on your way to recovery :) And, no problem. I wanted to mention you here :)

@Nupur. You're welcome :)

@Harshini. I'm glad you approve of what i did. I was worried about not doing justice to the awards i got. Thank you so much :)

@Momina. Oh, there's no hurry :D

@Yusra. Oh my. That's such a beautiful comment :') I'm a foodie. Hence, i'm graciously accepting the cupcake offer :D

@Zeba. Thank you so much for the kind words ^_^ You are nothing short of amazing.

@Raaji. You're welcome. I'll be looking forward to reading your answers :D

Aqsa Faisal said...

Lubainaaaa! Thankyou! It's good to know there are people out there who encourage awesome existence of awesome people ;)
Apart from my madness, this means a great deal to me. It's surprising how your one awesome act made my day awesome :D
*mandatory comment on the blog*
Sorry for being way too late

shonazee said...

Thank you soo sooo much ! This means a lot to me , and I'm at loss of words right now , but i LOVE that painting and the button , one very awesome person you are , I am glad I bumped into you ! And check my blog out for more of your taarif ;)


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely nice graceful blog . . . .felt so good

Nadal Hadi said...

Are you kidding? YOUR blog inspired ME to start blogging! :P
Thank you so much Lubaina! It's gonna be a long trek down from Cloud Nine for me. ^_^