Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rumi Collage

The black circle in the middle (sort of the middle) has been filled with these words now:

"If all you can do is crawl, start crawling." -Rumi

Collage Cover for the Folder :D

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Covered By Labels

Hey Lubaina,

Don't look for words to describe yourself.

"Oh, I cannot post something related to football since I'm not really a football fanatic. Or, I should only read fictional works because I'm not really a non-fiction lover." These should not be your thoughts.

You can be anything and everything. Don't try to hide under the cover of labels, be bold and be yourself, So, what if two to three words don't define you? A thousand words surely do.

With Love,
Lubaina with a brief moment of insight.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

No Shoes Friday

Do you wear shoes? Well, I know that you do. And, how do I know that? Well, I tried NOT wearing shoes (wore just socks, it is cold here these days) the entire day on Friday and noticed that I was the very extremely odd one out because everybody else was wearing shoes.

Friday was that one day when we roamed around entire Islamabad probably, Mama Baba had places to go to and I tagged along. And, know one good thing about not wearing shoes the entire day? I actually looked down on the ground to watch my step, with all the looking I noticed the beautifully patterned sidewalk, the cement patches to smooth down the road, the bricked design in the lawn that I walked on and, since looking down equals seeing lots of shoes, the creativity that is bursting out of the shoe industry.

Why 'No Shoes Friday'?
Well, one might expect a wisdomatic solution but there is none.
I actually roamed around in socks the entire day because I was too lazy to wear my converse and tie the laces. True Story. My converse just relaxed in the car the entire day.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Converse Doodles :D

When in doubt what to do, DOODLE! That too on converse :D

And, yes. I didn't post Summer Holidays Part II because nothing much happened after the first ten days except a lot of family time and binge watching of TV shows. Home for Eid holidays these days! :D

Monday, June 9, 2014

20 Days of Summer - Part I

Yes, I am guilty of not posting much ever since I joined Med School. But hey, that was kind of expected. Alright, so, AKU has given (read: mercifully blessed) us with like twenty days of holidays (ask for more holidays and they'll make you bow down to their mercy for 20 days is apparently enough). Anyways, the plan is not to let even a single day of holidays go to waste.

And, here's what has been happening so far.

Day before Day Zero and Day Zero: 
Watched X-men and flew home the next day. So, the last time I went home I checked in like a minute before the check in was about to close and ran to the boarding area. This time I checked in two hours before the boarding. Call it a lesson well learnt or living on the extremes, I made it home and that's the point :D

X-men: Days of Future Past. Best movie with the best 3-D graphics *_*
And, flying home. Look, they're even showing off their plane tickets in the bottom left photo.

Day One:
Just lazed around at home. Slept whenever I got the chance. Well, I couldn't possibly sleep whenever I wanted to because Labibah (my baby sister) was too happy to have me back home and couldn't bear the sight of me sleeping. Yeah. Happens.

Didn't get time to doodle much. Hopefully this shall suffice.

Day 2:
Breakfast at Khasala Dam. Yeah. We packed food and ate it by the waterrrrr :D

Pre-Breakfast: In search of a nice spot for the breakfast picnic.
Post Breakfast: Splashes in the water.---The picture's taking a lot of time to load. So, later, maybe.

Day 3: 
Visit to Islamabad. Met my Dadi, Dada, Nani, Mamoo and Maami. Yeah, that's a lot of relations. One just can't NOT visit them. I love my family.

Captured the sunset in Islambad as we were going to Nani's home.

Day 4:
Off to Lahooooore! Yeah, one of Baba's random trips. And, of course, we love tag along and add flavour to those long drives with our useless arguments, stopovers at almost every rest station at the motorway and sessions of watching old movies to revive all the memories.

When it was my turn to sit at the front. Yes, we usually tend to argue over who gets to sit at the front too.
(Note: Only applicable when Mama's not there. Otherwise, the front seat's reserved for her)

Day 5:
Meeting AKU friends at Lahore. I've been to Lahore many times but have never had any hang outs with friends there. This one was a first. And, spent hours and hours at Readings too. (Well, DUH)

Well, obviously I can't reveal the faces unless I get consent from each one of them for displaying their picture on a publicly open blog. Yes, I hid my face too. It seemed odd in the midst of all the colorful circles.

Day 6:
It's craft tiiiime. I sewed a bag! Yes, I spent almost the entire day doing so. So proud of myself :')

Note: The beads, key chains and shizz to funkicise the bag have yet to be added.

Day 7:
Off to the North. We had planned on camping in Naran for the night but got late so spent the night in Balakot. Know what, if you really actually want to experience the sceneery that surrounds the not-so-straight road then stick your head out of the jeep or out of the sunroof. Depends on your choice of vehicle. A Sun Roof worked excellently for us though! ^_^

View from my room's window. That's Kurram River flowing from Babusar Top right there.

Day 8:
The day that's can be perfectly called as 'One Heck Of A Day'. Well, Baba sprained his ankle and realised he can't really walk when we reached Naran. We headed off to Batakundi from Naran where the Lalazar Hotels are very homely and best for a person who can't walk much. Cancelled the camping and trekking plans because Baba couldn't accompany us so it wouldn't have been worth it.

Photographic experiments at Batakundi Take #1

Photographic experiments at Batakundi Take #2

Day 9:
Came back hoooome. Well, our van had a lot of troubles so spent like three to four hours in Mansehra just chilling at the mechanic's.

Ok, so there are a few places where the glaciers have taken over the roads. The area has been cleared up (as shown in the picture just as science books show images with texts) but one of the ways wasn't very smooth and that spoiled our van. 
Day 10:
That's Today. Well, I blogged. That counts for something. And, just watched She's The Man with the sister. One of the best childhood movies :')


So, that's ten days down and ten more to go. Time sure does fly by very very verrryyyyy fast. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

On The Move

 If I ever write an autobiography, this is is what it would be titled:

On The Move Since 1994

Born in Rawalpindi, I soon moved and journeyed to many places. My dad's the one who is always in for an adventure and mama wants us to be brave. So, yeaaah, we've been out a lot. Even then, we might have shifted homes and cities and countries because it was needed but we travelled because we wanted to. I can't imagine how it would be to live in just one city our entire lives. It must be amazing but then again discovering new places is even more fun. I love moving. I love travelling. But, know what, no matter what place one is at it's the people at that place that matter. They are the ones that make the city what it is for one.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Just Another Rainy Day

Because, it's the first time that it rained today since I moved to AKU. And, when there's rain there has to be a blog post. Imagine thise, your alarm rings but you hit snooze and go back to sleep. Only a few minutes later do you realise that you hear a sound that's not usually present at 6:30 am. You take time to register it. And, it's the sound of rain. Such a perfect start to a good rainy day.

One of my early morning tries at photography after waking up to the sound of rain.
It's obviously not a good picture but it does capture some of the essence of the rain. So, it works.
It has been over three months since I last posted at this blog. I have not forgotten about it. I visit this blog almost every day but never have the energy to write about all the happenings at AKU.

For one, hostel life is pretty different from what I had thought it would be like. The people here are way more friendly than I had imagined them to be and I think I manage my finances efficiently too. I mean, I have the prices of a lot of things learnt by heart! That never used to happen. Well, maybe it did happen somethimes. Oh well.

Anyhow, apart from the hostel shizz, medical school's actually turning out to be pretty amazing. Ofcourse, there's study and ofcourse there are moments of uncertainty but ,then again, one can't escape those. I 'try' to study, usuaully end up creating new mnemonics for everything that I read though. Which helps. And, gives me loads of stupid stories in my head to think about and laugh to myself later on.


Oh and, I doodled ^_^
But, that doodle's for another post.
For now, few of the most special cards I've ever received:

Yeah. Cards from home. :')
All nicely pinned to the softboard.