Thursday, August 30, 2012

SPLASH splash SPLASH ! (Out off the Odd #9)

I don't know where to possibly fantabulastically begin!

Without further delay, it is to solemnly and very seriously (I'm beginning to doubt myself now :p) announce that.. that.. that.. IT RAINED TODAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY! ^_^

First PROPER rain of the year 2012-at Karachi.
While I was at school!

So combine the rain-ness and nutcase-ness of my friends and voila, an out-of-the-world-out-off-the-odd day :')

Me and Maheen saw people coming from the canteen with french fries in their hands. Yeah, one rarely finds fries at the canteen because they're sold as soon as they're cooked. Soo, we rushed to our class-fellow, begged him for money (the empty wallet people that we are :p) and ran to the canteen.

I was there waiting for the fries when all of a sudden everybody around me disappeared.

Literally everybody!
I turn around to see, RAIIIIIIIIIIN!
Students were rushing out of the classrooms with their teachers yelling on top of their lungs and demanding everybody to get back in, as the entire school of over five thousand students (just guessing the figures) CAME TO LIFE! :D

One of the sections of our school.
Imagine five other buildings like this with students 'pouring out' of them as it  poured down :D

I got my fries and ran out toooooo!
Warm delicious fries under Karachi's rain :)

Best part: Splashing in the puddles while playing random kiddish games in rain :'))))

We were all so wet :D (not soaking wet yet though)

Well one needs a picture in the rain right ? So there I was posing with my bright smile, the camera detecting my thirty-two teeth when SPLAAAAAAAAASH! One of my friend's dumped an entire water bottle on me! (NOW, I was soaking wet :P)

Well you know what happened then. Yeah, a water fight just as the rain was about to stop.

Couldn't have been any better :)




Waoooo..So finally you enjoyed the rain !! hmmm...nice!
It rains in Islamabad at fajar time today. but a little & fast :)
Oh dear, I remember you was asking about the was not photo sketch,it was fast sketch in app store..
and yeah I wanna ask..are you at instagram??
if u r..find me there at;

Lubaina E. said...

Yeahhh, finally a good pour one craved for :)

Well you'd have to wake early to enjoy the rain there.

And nope, I'm not on Instagram.


Girl, I was not sleeping that's why I know it was raining fast :) hehe
And you must be there at instagram, its fun..totally fun..FB twitter wgera to bs aewy hi hyn yar :)

DEZMOND said...

that is so delightful :)
I wish we can see some of that rain. My country has been experiencing harsh draught this summer with no rain and with temperatures of above 40, 45*C :( Can't remember when was the last time I saw rain this season.

Afshan Hussain said...

Hahaha :)
Alright you get my vote. That was the Whackiest day girl :D

Aliza said...

OMG you go to city?! I`m a new student there too! -High five! :D
Haha,wow,you go girl,I had to stay in the whole time,since I hate that awkward post-rain wetness :( But I do love rain too <3

Cheers xox :)

Yusra Hussain said...

Like absolutely. And I wouldn't even get bored of it even if it rained every second of every year. That's how much I love rain. It makes me feel so happy. An instant mood drifter it is for me.

Yusra Hussain said...

Oh and that's your blog name as well. "When It Rains". It sounds so beautiful<3

Tak Pe Je ~ TPJ said...

Salam. Love the moving picture of rains you put here, in partocular..

Lubaina E. said...

@Creative mind. Oh riiiight. Well then happy rainy season to you too =)

@DEZMOND. That is just sad! And bad. Hope it rains over at yours really soon.

@Aliza. High fiiiiive! :D
AS level right ?

@Yusra. Mood drifter. That's exactly the word I'd use too :)
And yeah, my blog's named after rain because that is how much rain is related to the going on's in my life :)

@TPJ. Animated raindrops, they sure look mesmerizing :)

ifoo da bst said...

Your post reminded me of all the fun i used to have with my school friends on rainy days at the city school.By the way,I am former student of the
City School.I really miss my school days.It is rightly said,"Once a citizen is always a citizen.":D:D:D:D
Playing in the rain makes me feel happy!!:):D.I just loved the post.