Saturday, August 25, 2012

9999 Times.

Even though I vowed not to disclose my grades online, buuuut due to unforeseen requests. Here goes:
5 A's in AS level :)
Highest grades in all those who had the same subjects combos as me.

DISCLAIMER: Not my doing. I couldn't have done what I did without help from my Allah :)

So here's to life:
You want me to go through all the downs ?
You want me to get used to disappointments ?
You want me to be broken that gets me on my knees ?
Well I will.
But just know that I won't stand up to fall back down.
Even if I do fall down again, I'll stand up.
I'll stand up 9999 times, not more :p

From Me, to Myself.

Yes, the above was a response to what happened today.
No, no broken hearts just a slightly disheveled spirit :)
We had this Practice Parliamentary Debate at St.Patrick's High School today, we won only one debate out of three practice sessions.

Sad no ?
Oh well, learning from the experiences and moving on 9999 times :D


AnneyHuzaifah said...


hameem oxford said...

we may not judge a person by the n° of times he/she fall, but by the n° of time he/she gets up!
my moto

cricketfreak said...

WOAH. 5As????? That's amazing!!! Most people only take three or four subjects::)

Andy David said...

You are obviously a bright and intelligent person. Keep it up. Life has its many challenges and ups and downs. The key is to learn from each one so we can grow in body, mind and spirit. Good luck in your future endeavors! Thanks for sharing.

If you have time, come join this month's Lovers' Cove Challenge currently ongoing over at my blog.

jnana said...

MashaAllah, congratulations :)

Lubaina E. said...

@hameem. Exactly! :D

@cricketfreak. Well I took up 5 subjects for a change :p

@Andy. Thankyou. Just added my entry for your contest :)

@jnana. Thankyou :D

Aliza said...

Oh your grades finally :P MasahAllah, 5As are an absolute wowser :D Congratulations sister :)

Lubaina E. said...

Thankyouu ":)