Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lappy Life

So much for a Holiday.

I did what I do every passing day, start off with a project in the morning and be done with it at night.
My laptop has become my life.

Yes, this is how my day went yesterday.
Yes, I did wake up around 5am on a Holiday.
Yes, I did get an hour's sleep.

Food? It takes me hardly fifteen minutes to gobble up the yummies on the dining table.

My consolation: Hard work pays off :D

Note: The doodle image is a copyright of Lubaina E, the rain lover. :)

P.S. Yes, I did mention my Laptop as 'Lappy' in the heading :p
        Sounding cheesy once in a while doesn't hurt, you know ;)

P.P.S. My aim for 2013 should be: LESS LAPPY USAGE.
        (Sounds much to near to the stupid word of 'impossibility')
Cheers to Cheesy-ness! xD


Raajii said...

That's pretty much how it has been like for me the past few days. But oh well, I like working :-).

You have a wonderful blog. I'll definitely be back :-)

Lubaina E. said...

Better than sitting idle and doing nothing at all ;)

Tazeen said...

What a cute doodle!

Momina said...

That is my life, I swear!
I call my laptop 'lappy' too! :P

raiha khan said...

lappy? hahaha :D
i admire your intellect lubaina! :p

Ghadeer said...

We're all trying desperately to detach ourselves from our lappies a bit.

Lubaina E. said...

Thank you guys.

And yes, Ghadeer, we all probably are.