Monday, September 24, 2012

Sorry x1200 :D (Out of the Odd #10)

You talk a lot ?
Well, so do I.
And before you go on being your parrot-self in the classroom. Think Again.

Here's what happened today:

Doesn't make sense ?
Well here's a closer look:

Along with my tries at photography :p

My Physics teacher made me write Sorry 1000 times just because i would not stop talking in the class! xD
Me, a kindergartner ? NOOOO. I'm in my LAST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL.

I did today what I used to do back in the old days :'D

Nostalgia. And An arm-ache :p
Best part: it wasn't just me. My partner-in-talks had to write the Sorry Page as well. :P 
Oh and we were not bound by a page, but people with small aims like us vowed to fit the 1000 Sorrys on a single page xD

To top it all off, we were talking while writing the out the 1000 Sorrys, soo were made to write Sorry 1200 times instead :p

Oh and when she and I were almost done, a friend comes by and goes 
"You guys actually wrote sorry 1200 times ? :O
You could have just written 'Sorry x1200'!"

Oh well, I got a story to tell.
And our teacher got 2400 apologies xP

P.S. What's the plural of 'SORRY'. In case you didn't notice, I wrote 'Sorrys', but it's not in the dictionary :p


izdi her said...


Lubaina E. said...

Why the sad smiley ? It was a different experience xD

Ha-Meem HUSSAIN said...

Good for you ! Chatty people need punishment hahahhahahah

Lubaina E. said...

ikr :P
And i got a memorable punishment :D