Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mera Bhai

Mera Bhai (Read: My Bro)

You've had an amazing yet tiring day.
From getting kicked out off Chemistry Class because you were late to playing Ludo as the rest of the class studied pH curves.
From baking a cake for Your littlest brother's birthday to playing two hours of basketball.
From randomly getting demands for a grand party for your 18th birthday to being able to solve Math trigonometry questions. (Ok so the math part may sound a tad bit nerdy, but oh well)

After a productive-awesome-one-of-a-kind day you see this person walking on your street. Your first thought is that, oh Huthaifa's (my other lil' brother) heading home. The guy is walking Huthaifa's walk too, you immediately plan in your head a lil' surprise you and Huthaifa can carry out for your littlest brother's birthday. And then the realization hits you, the guy walking is just another guy. Huthaifa left today. He studies in another city so lives away from home. The fact sinks in that you'd miss Huthaifa till he comes back in his next holidays.

Yeah I miss you bro. Take care and be back home soon. I've got the blueprints for all the pranks laid :D

The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food came out his nose. -- Garrison Keillor 


Priscilla said...

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Lubaina E. said...

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Ahmad's Wasteland said...

Great post!
It tells what we boarding students miss when they are of to studies and all of the littler things in boarding life.

I didn't know rellies missed others?
We usually get neck deep in the tiring routine and start snoring a few secs after we hit the hay.