Friday, June 29, 2012

Think before you Dare.

Truth or Dare!
The game we all love to play. It's the easiest one to set up too though. All you need is a bottle and a hand to spin it :D

Karachi nights :)
A formal dinner at night.
When the moms and dads got busy in their talks, in their formal attires, mingling, talking and getting updates on all the recent happenings, us friends decided to play a game of truth or dare.

(I'm not sure if it's 'truth and dare', or 'truth or dare' though)

The first task was to gather people our age so that we have a huge circle, and of course so that we can unravel many secrets and see the crazy side of many.
We went out of the hall and into the well lit lawn, with decorated with rockery waterfalls.

The perfect setting for TRUTH n DARE :D

In came the dares of asking on of our friends to act disabled and sit on the wheelchair ans ask the chaperon to push her wheelchair.

It's a delight to see the others make a fool of themselves. Yes, I may sound a bit snobby while saying this but i have every right to after my dare!

Did I mention that we were a large group. Some of the girls we didn't even know personally. The rest of the guys and girls our age were out too since inside was a bore.

I was dared to go up and talk to a guy i hate, ask him how he is and stuff. Now that's something my gutsy self could never conjure up courage for! After much pleading it was finally decided that i had stand on the top of the stairs and sing the entire 'Twinkle twinkle little star' rhyme OUT LOUD.

The stairs were further away from where my 'Truth n Dare' circle was, after many attempts of breaking through my barrier of respect and dignity too I was up on the stairs.

A seventeen year old, who looks wise for her age (I overheard some people saying this about me xD) and one who does not know many people around starts to sing TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR!

That too, totally off-key!

It went something like this:
"Twinkle twwwwiiiinkle liiitlee St-t-taaaaar,
How I WoooonDER whaaaaat you aaaare,
Uuuuuup above the wooooorld sooooo hiiiiiiiigh."
*At this point I just started laughing*
(Beneath the stairs a group of girls was letting out loud guffaws)
That's when of my friend from the circle shouted,"Keep singing LUBAINA!"
Here I go again:
"Like a diaaaamooond"
*laugh plus a giggle*
"A diamooond in the sk-aaaaa-eeeeee"

By this time I heard a hoot and a few claps from the group of guys sitting not much further away from us.
And a clap from another group of teens too.
And of course loud laughs from my circle.

I just have to make a fool of  myself!
I've heard had people calling me 'twinkle twinkle' now.
As if I didn't have many nicknames because of my acts already.

Well, The others will have to be careful about playing truth n dare with me again.
one never knows when a feel like avenging my display of foolish-ness.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And Into the Fridge. (Out Of the Odd #5)

"Aapi! It's fight again", my lil' sister came running into my room while I was getting ready for a party.
Yeah, I'm the eldest and I usually solve their fights :p

The two boys that have been blessed to me as brothers are at it again.

I barge into the fist punching, leg braking and wall slamming scenario.

"Any second now, you're going to kill each other!" Yeah that's me with me skills of exaggeration.
The fight stops for a second, both of them give me looks as if I'm crazy n start fighting again.
So I'm crazy ? Them both were fighting cuz one of them deleted the others saved game data I guess.


Well, I Cool them both down (The hardest task ever)
I take my younger brother into the kitchen.
Eating or drinking usually cools one down.
But he's waiting for the moment I let go of him so that he can go back and take his revenge.

If you're thinking why my other brother's not here to beat up the younger one (Abdullah) yet.
Well I locked him in his room xD

I've learnt my ways to stop them from breaking each others arms or legs, no pun intended.

Back to me cooling down Abdullah in the kitchen.

"Abdullah, drink water it'll cool you down"
"But the water's ice cold. You'll love it"
"UGH! Let me go!"
"It's chocolate flavored"
"NO! NO! and NO!"
"Ok fine, stay angry. Maybe you should sit in the fridge to cool yourself down"

Aaand, he sits in the fridge! XD
The bottom shelf has been taken out and he fits in the fridge!!
I am laughing all over again! :D

Man, i still can't get over the thought of how unexpected my brothers can be :p

I don't want to go to college, move out and meet my brothers and my lil' sister once in a week
 or maybe once i a month
or maybe once in a year.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blind Bicycling (Out of the Odd #4)


Yes, my friends are as hyper and excited about summer vacations as I. Thus, I have a lot planned everyday.
Yet today, I sit in peace.
I had a flight to Islamabad today, it got postponed to tomorrow so I had already cancelled all my plans for doing anything today. I'm living up to my aim of having a 'Phineas n Ferb' like summer vacation :D

So here we are, five shadows at midnight. I have friends at my place for a sleepover.
And as expected, nobody sleeps.
We go out for our midnight adventure.

The winds at night at Karachi ^_^
You got to be at Karachi to learn to love them.
The days are humid and warm, thus the Karachiites sleep then.
The nights are breezy, soothing and yeah well I ran outta words :p
Thus, it makes sense for The City Of Lights to be alive at night.
(I remember being made fun of when I mentioned how I go to sleep at around 10pm on school nights when I recently shifted to Karachi :p)

The cloudy sky and the crescent moon.
This is how the sky looked that night.
Only a bot darker :)

Back to the Midnight Adventure.
Mama n Baba are busy with their own work, us five friends take my brothers bicycle and out we go.
 If you haven't done it before, trust me riding a bike on an empty street with the wind slapping your face and closing your eyes like there's no better moment is an experience worth being risked.

By risk, I do not refer to five teenage girls out at midnight alone in Karachi. 
I mean, closing your eyes on a road which is seemingly empty but one can hit anything and be regretting that time for life.

Life's simple right ? :)
And it's about positivity too :D

If you haven't tried bicycling on a breezy cloudy midnight with your eyes closed.
You have to try it :)

Oh and I painted a polluted city the sea, with the help of my art teacher  this time :D
I'm working with watercolors these days :)

P.s. Don't mind the picture quality.
I need a good camera :D
Behold, the polluted city by the Sea :D

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wisdom tooth agony.

The sky-tearing pain.
Fuzzy thoughts.
Teeth clenched.
Hands shaking.
Exploding jaw.
Fiery inside of my right cheek.
All these trod in along with the growth of my wisdom tooth.
3:18 AM 

Nobody ever told me that wisdom brings pain with itself. 
Does the wisdom tooth really bring wisdom along with it ? 
Who knows, I might achieve spiritual enlightenment in a few days :p
I can totally picture myself on top of a mountain, all alone.
The nature as my companion.

Oh and another thought, I can't find the painkillers.

Mama, wake up. It hurts.


Tooth aches are the worst, they're not only the reminder of my battered teeth but they also mean that I'll have to go to a dentist.

For those who don't know, Dentist's chair is my worst nightmare.
Specially that instrument which seems like a miniature drill machine, drilling a hole in my precious teeth.


I guess I better go and find my painkillers as I do not see any tablets walking towards me in sympathy of my distress (So now I'm picturing walking tablets ? So much for the 'wisdom' tooth)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Five Minutes. (Out Of the Odd #3)

So here I am reading a status of a friend, she's glad to be going to Dubai from UK for a week, she's particularly looking forward to the sun after all the showers. 
(My thought: I want it to rain at Karachi too)

In the evening one of my friends calls, and she goes on about how it rained and how lovely the weather is now.
(My thought: Dear Clouds, just bring in the rain at Karachi already!)

I'm watching Sherlock Holmes, it rains in the first episode of season 2 too.
(My thought: Now the rain's just making fun of me)

The next day, I wake up to hear the sounds of splashes of water. I practically fall off the bed to look out the window. It's the gardener watering the plants.
(My thought: UUUGGGH! Rain! UUGGGHH!)

And then our Prime Minister gets dismissed.
(My thought: Stop thinking about rain Lubaina. Politics has nothing to do with rain)

Did I mention I love rain ? :)

Well that's when I decide to bring in my optimistic and thoughtful self in. I can still love the wind at Karachi right ?
Because here, it's always breezy. No matter how lost or alone one feels, the winds are always there.

I head out with my friends. (To enjoy the wind ;) )

It's the fifth day of summer vacations, the adrenaline still pumps in and we have the urge to pursue an adventure. The last time my adventure spirits got high, I had ended up swimming in a water tank. To know that story you'll have to read this:

But for now, I'll go ahead with this story. 

So, the news of our Roof adventure failing before is quiet famous now (credits to my blog), we decide to climb the roof of a flat!

No going down without a fight right ? Well at the least we can tell our grandchildren we have climbed a roof!
I hope I do something inspirational too though, that'll make a good story too.

And we climb a flat's roof! It was pretty easy, as soon as you get to the top most floor of the roof there are stairs going up to the roof too. Easy as Pie.

YAYYYY! On a roof finally! At this altitude the winds are fast. By fast I mean really really faaaaaaaaaaaaaast, reminds me of the times when Baba used to get me to eat food saying the winds will take me away if I'm not strong. If I had been seven at this moment, I would have ran down the stairs till I find ground.

We stay at the roof, nobody says a word. The winds, the clouds, they're enough to make you love life, love nature. That's when Zee says, 'I wish it rains'. I give her the don't-get-your-hopes-too-high look but on the inside I'm screaming 'RAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIN!'

What happened after this is what one can't forget, it's one of those small joys that make one smile. 
Smile from the heart.

Yes, a raindrop landed on my cheek :)
And it rains. Finally.
For five whole minutes.

Since the talk of rain is going on. It's a capture from last year. The road after it rained at Islamabad :)
Picture credits: Zukhruf.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Reads.

3rd Day of Summer Holidays.

(This was typed yesterday. Internet had problems. Thus, yesterday was the 3rd day of summer holz)

There are moments when you try and run, run away from reality to a place far far away.
Run to a place that resides in the stiff pages of a thick book that speaks of stories and events that seem so unreal, so captivating. 

Got too philosophical ? Well I just returned with a pile of summer reads. I can't wait to dive into the tales weaved by minds who speak of love, regret, adventure and mystery. 

This is how books make me speak. 

Oh and I met an editor of a newspaper today, he advised me to read more than one book at a time, so that the books fit my mood. This seemed like a good idea.

So here are my picks: The Time Traveller's Wife, Mockingjay and Garfield Classics.

My tries at making a book collage :D

The Time Traveller's Wife for when life's illusions surround me.
Mockingjay for when I spring into my adventurous mode.
Garfield Classics for when I feel like laughing :D

Yes, at times I just feel like laughing but just need a reason to laugh. Sometimes I laugh without any reason at all. People tell me that they laugh when they recall a memory buried in the past.

Well, as cliched as it sounds, laughter still is the best medicine.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Barney Nutcase Family.

 (Featuring: an extract from an Urdu-could-be TV show.)

I have this page open since the last two hours.
I don't know how to write it all down.
That's not because of a writer's block, it's because the last day of CIE exams was beyond written words.
It was just so amazing!

My original plans were to get a bucket of ice cream and watch movies in the light of my lava lamp.
sounds peaceful no ? Just me, with a light head watching a movie. Sherlock Holmes Season 2 infact.
(The movie and bucket of ice cream idea was of the wacky laugh guy you'll meet as you keep on reading this :D)

But my day was the complete opposite of the terms alone, peace and quiet!
Yeah yeah, I'm good at exaggeration but this time it really was a day worth remembering.

So instead of writing out all the events that happened and conjuring up lengthyyyyy scenes from the day I'm writing this post for the Nutcases who made this day worth it.

By Nutcases I mean cases of nuts, by cases of nuts I mean people who are cases of nuts, by people who are cases of nuts I mean the Crazy Gutsy Friends of mine. Yes, the people you'll find screaming absolutely insane stuff in the middle of a crowd with no bother about the eyes measuring there extreme LAME-OSITY :P.

In fact it was not only yesterday that they made sure I didn't feel left out, they have been doing it since an entire year. Yes, I have known this Barney Nutcase family of mines since just a year (my AS year) and yet it feels like I have known them since forever :')

'Barney Nutcase Family' It could actually be a TV show xD

Alright so here's an extract from the TV show:
(This might be base on an original story :p)
(The original might have been in urdu)
(Oh the heck, I'm writing it in urdu, it makes it seem so original)

Setting: The staircase of 'AS level of the center of Nutcases'.

( Najam's the only one sitting there, with a chemistry pastpaper book in his hand when Hassaan enters)
Hassaan AK: Mayn! We're the early ones again.
Najam: Oe chup kr oe! I'm concentrating on chemistry.
Hassaan AK: Tum aur kuch bhi parh lia kro.
Najam: Bs tu nai smjhay ga.
(Kajol Manglani enters)
Najam: Manglaaaannnniii! Yay question smjhana zra!
Kajol: Abay Najam jaan chhor do chem ki.
Najam: buuut aaj test hai!
Kajol: I studied for it two years ago. Abhi parhnay ka koi faida nai hoga.
(Sadia and Hassaan enter)
Hassaan S: Assalam-o-alaikum.
Everybody else: HEEEEYYYY Hassan :p
Hassaan S: Salaam ka jawab do.
Najam: Wa alaikum assalam yaar. Ab chem ka yay question smjhao.
Hassaan S: All you have to do in this question is...........................................

[No, Hassaan S is not taking a deep breath, he's explaining the question, and the explanation is still going on :p]


Hassaaan S:..........................................................................................
(Khushhal who's been here since a while and is eavesdropping on Hassaan S's explanation finally steps into the scene)
Khushhal: HAAASSSSSSAAAANNNN! Yay itna lamba nai ho ga!
Hassaan S: But this IS how its done!
Khushhal: Adopt the short way na. (Khushhal explains it in hardly four to five words)
(Abdullah enters)
Abdullah: I'm going to HARVARD!
               Khushhal you are wrong!
               Hassaan S maybe you're right.
               But I am perfectly CORRECT!
(Moaaz enters)
Moaaz: Meray BOY ko koi kuch nai bolay ga. Khushhal sb say theek hai.
Abdullah: Nahi mein theek hoon aur Khushhal ghalat hai.
Sadia: (finally realising what's going on) Phadda! Phadda!
(Mehraz, Junaid, Maheen, Lubaina, Meeshal, Zarak, Amara, Ubaid, Saad Rafi and Shuja suddenly appear)
Chorus: Phadda! Phadda! Phadda!
Ubaid: *laughs his WACKY LAUGH* xD
(everybody hushes up to look at ubaid)
(Yup, that's how crazy ubaid's laugh is :D )
Meeshal: Sb choro, phadda kyun horaha hai ?
Najam: Yaar aik chem question par larai hai.
Maheen: Oh you were doing PAssssssPAPERS again najam ?
Saad Rafi and Shuja: Abay OHHH! PAssssPAPERS xD
Lubaina: Sb choro I'm awesoooooome xD
Junaid: Sb choro I got a 'Livestrong' waala band.
Mehraz: Sb choro today's chemistry test is cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Everybody screams! Everybody shouts cries of joy!)

Scene 2:

 Setting: A1S1 at the center of nutcases.
(a quiet sullen scene, faces speak of gloom, eyes of sorrow, faces down, but the smiles still don't vanish)
Ms.Carol: And you ALL are staying back on friday because YOU ALL BUNKED THE CHEMISTRY TEST!
Everybody: But Mehraz said it's cancelled!

Ms.Carol: Mehraz is not your teacher. Detention on friday for all of you!!
(Zeest pokes in her head from the window into class A1S1)
Zeest: HA-HA. You're all Dead xD

Yeah, that's how random our days are.
But it still was an extract for a TV show :p

The Barney Nutcase family featured at the center of Nutcases :p

Next time: A Barney Nutcase Family comic :D

P.S. For my AS companions, yes I just added Moaaz, Khushhal, Zeest and Hassan AK into A1S1 :D
P.P.S. Ignore the typos. I'm in a hurry :p

Aaaaand I didn't forget your 'SWATCH' Amara, didn't know how to fit it in :p
Aaaaaaand, Aqsa you're the aqalmand one. You'll be included in a sensible episode of the Barney Nutcase Family :D.

And my Barney Nutcase Family makes it Sooper Dooper Amazing :D

Monday, June 11, 2012


Blogging shall be resumed on 14th June 2012.

Got AS level bio exam day after tomorrow and physics day day after tomorrow.

And I being a procrastinator have just started being serious about studying. Am a day early but oh well :p

Aaaaaaand, I made this awesome new bookmark! Cool no ? :D

Say Hi to 'TOOTHY' :D

TOOTHY eats up a page of Brisingr.

Be back in three days :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My brothers go camping.

I have been fighting for the laptop since ages!
When one has a sister and two brothers and each one of them wants to use the same laptop as they don't like using any other laptop then it gets ugly.

To top it off, the AC in my room works best, so I have both of my brothers camping in for the night in my room.

Oh joy :p

We've already had a water fight. I took to running to the lawn hoping I'd find mama somewhere who'll save me, but luck apparently was not on my side. I managed to get hold of the water spray from my lil bro's hands :D
Luck on my side now ? Oh no :p.. His backup plan was firing spit balls !

Yes, actual SPIT !

And I was hit  not once but many times by his spit fires. Did I mention luck not being on my side ? :p

Out of the odd updates sometime later :D
Or else this blog will have posts that make no sense at all.

Yes, I can track down my lil sister and brother's eyes who're waiting for me to let down my guard so they can take over the laptop again. Risky business.

Oh aaaaand, I did not give up without a fight. I got my brother soaking wet. And I've hidden the PSP Charger. This girl does not go down without a fight xD

I just got hit by a PAJAMA!
Looks like we're in for a pillow and dirty sock fight!
I just hope luck's on my side this time :D

I love summers :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mr.Cat the Ignorer (Out of The Odd #2)

And I finally got around to get my lazy ass up and doing something worthwhile..

This calls for a London Tipton 'YAYY ME!' :P

Yeah, I might be seventeen buut Im still a Zack and Cody fan. Specially, Suite Life On Deck.

Here's something for out of the odd update.

Me n my brother didn't feel like having dinner at home. I mean sure when there's Biryani at home nobody can resist that. So, we had Biryani AND went out to eat a Roll Paratha :D.. Even though it's just BBQ chicken in an oily paratha, we love the 'IMLI' sauce that comes with the Roll Paratha place near our home.

Roll Parathas :D

We ordered Roll Parathas and were sitting outside in the lawn when a cat came near us.

I'm not much of a cat lover buuut there's something about the cats which makes me say 'BILLIIIII' in wierd voices. (FYI, Billi is urdu for cat)

So here we are, my brother n me, while the scrawny cat with a brownish colour arrives. 

n i go "BILLIIIIIII" in a booming voice like a grumpy old man..
The billi pays no attention, this time I decided to go with a coarse whisper. So i go "BIHH-LLIHHHH"..
And the cat is still ignoring me. Like seriously ? I already have many people who can't handle paying attention to me as they already have too much egos to handle.
So this time I manage a witch like squeaky (really shrilly too) "BEEE-LLEEEE"
NOW, the cat looks at me ! :D

And then there's a kick, someone hits me really hard on my leg.

I look around to see that my assailant is nobody other then, yeah you guessed it, my brother! :p

While I was trying to get the Billi's attention, i got the attention of people around me.

And by the time I looked around even more, I could find more then one stare staring at me, probably mentally calculating how much time it will get to call an ambulance here to take me to a mental facility nearby xD
Or maybe some hospital for brain treatment. I guess it's called Neurosurgery. Scary word.

Well, i just sat down on my seat, well I was already sitting but i sat deep deep down, until i was almost underneath the table.

Thankyou Mr.Cat, you ignored me :p

And made me look foolish.
Buuuuut, gave me a good story to tell :D

I sure will think twice now before saying Billi again.

Oh and LYCHEE's in season at Pakistan !

I love Lychee. 
And a fact, Lychee's seeds are toxic. 

Lychee season is the best season :)

So for the next birthday wish I'm going to wish them 'As awesome a Birthday as LYCHEE'
In my opinion, that would be the best bday wish ever. If the other person likes Lychee that is.
Anyways, skip reading this part. It just got too random :p

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

timewastagestupidiocity. UGH!


I am a case of 'timewastagestupidiocity'.. If that could be a word in the dictionary, I'd paint it on my wall and swear every night before going to sleep that I'll uncase myself from this case. At the moment that is the case I am.

I've made countless vows and gazillion oaths with myself of how I will stop worshiping my laptop day and night and night and day and day and night all over again. But THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN!

I still have two exams left and I have studied absolutely NOTHING at all yet, well I did study something but it made no sense to me so I closed my books.

Buuut Thomas Edison tried One thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine times, only after that did his bulb dream came true .. Such Determination.. 

Another day.. Another Cupcake :D
Well I still have Eight and a half hours of the day left..

I'm going to make the most of them. 
This time, just this time, I know I mean it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012



I've been repeating this word over and over today.

Pronounced as 'Hau-zin-fae-fur', it is one of the most unique word I've come across since days.
Every word has its own taste, when spoken, when written, every word seems to have a soul of its own.

Well before I go on rambling about the life in words, Hasenpfeffer is nothing techy nor is it some word from the Anglo Saxon times, it means Rabbit Stew :D..

A special German Rabbit stew that is.. Crazy word for a stew right ? Buuut it seems like one of the wacko words one keeps in store when they have to make a statement of the way they write.

Aaaaaand I found a Bugs Bunny episode with Hasenpfeffer in it ..
Not to self: if I'm in a hurry, Id watch the video from 
1:33 on wards.
The link to Bugs Bunny Hasenpfeffer episode :

What's up Doc ? :D

As soon as I'm done writing this post, I'm off to watch Bugs Bunny epsiodes..
I just realised how much I miss watching it.

Oh and no out of the odd moment today, a lazy day. Again.

Best moment: My three year younger brother came home from boarding school for summer holidays.
He's two-inches taller than me now!

Everybody was exclaiming about how grown-up he seems now, untiiiiil he starts discussing how Gandhi showed his non-materialistic nature by wearing a 'SAARI' xD

I dropped laughing, while he went on justifying his SAARI claim. HAHAHA. The thought of it still gets loud guffaws out of me. Not until he repeated the word Saari like a gazillion times did he realise how silly he sounded. Then he goes,"Ohhh, Saari is a woman's dress!!!". Yeah well about time you realised that, you aqalmand-yet-awesome bhai.

Well, no matter how tall he grows or how deep his voice becomes, he'll still be my lil' brother. The brother who can make a fool of himself at the best times. Oh how I cherish those moments!

And yes, I'm dead the moment he gets to know I put this on my blog :p
Oh well, I'm ready to take my chances this time.
I'm two inches smaller after all.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Roof Adventure :D (Out Of The Odd #1)

Funny. This life and its coincidences. One day I resolve to do something utterly crazy and that same day my internet stops working. Yeah yeah, there are larger than life problems out there and my broken net seems meaningless in front of them. Anyways, before this post turns gloomy like our sadistic selves who go on living with fake smiles and white lies, here's for the crazy update :D

Before I go on, there is one thing I realised that to be utterly crazy and take risks one usually needs a partner, and knowing that the partner needs convincing that whatever stunt I'm going to pull off is not dangerous and surely not an act to prove myself in one way or the other. This is just the toughest part. The rest is smooth :D. As long as one has guts that is.

So, the day before yesterday I got one of my friends, Aliza*, to climb my home's roof with me. At first we just let go of the idea since climbing my roof has been declared as 'Mission Impossible' by the man who came to fix the AC. Yup, he fell to ground while trying to climb or roof. Then a ladder was called in :p

So yeah, if a man whose job requires him to climb the roof and fix the cooling thingy of split AC's (yeah, i forgot what it's called, the box outside our home which is attached to split AC's that keeps the ACs cool :p), then us 17 year olds are nothing in front of him. We came around to prank calling :p 

But prank calls got boring in a while, we resolved to go out and climb the roof with the deal that I'll climb first and Aliza will follow me. There's a water tank in my backyard, if we could climb it then we could climb onto the windowsill and then finally to the roof (my home is single-storied). Well the plan seemed like a piece of cake. Maybe it was just not the AC uncle's day that day :p. 

Well after half a minute of taking a deep breath a stood on a chair and to climb up the water tank. It was a bit slippery but with Aliza's help I managed. But just so you know, I never made it to the windowsill. No no, I didn't die :p. The minute I stood up on the water tank, it's made of some hard plastic, it bent inside just a teeny bit. And well what do you know, I go swimming xD. The water tank was filled to the top and the moment it bent inside water came gushing out its top, it got too slippery for me to stand so i sat down and by this time I was soaking wet! :P

Well we just slipped quietly back into the house through the backdoor, I changed into dry clothes, we planned to just go out and eat rolls while the entire time Aliza kept laughing over the looks on my face during the roof adventure.

Oh and I realised that craziness is a tough option. Sooo, I'm gonna do one new thing each day. Which would be anything out off the odd :D

Whenever I say odd, it reminds me of Hunger games. Good read it is <3
I'm planning on writing a critique on it after I'm done with all the three books. At the moment, I'm on Chapter Fifteen of Catching Fire.

And, I got these cool fish on the top of my blog, I wanted to give them a wisdomatic title but no matter what title I write, it doesn't appear :/

*Name has been protected for my friends privacy :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Started with Beatboxing.

Coolest thing of the day xD
And even epic-er beatboxing :D

1) Open Google translate.

2) Write 'pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk bschk bschk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk bschk bschk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk bschk bschk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk bschk bschk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk bschk pv kkkkkkkkkk bschk bschk bschk

3) And translate it from German to English. It's so cool :D

I found this at Chris Howley Photography page on facebook :D

Was just sitting lazily, haven't been studying, been stalking tumblrs and pages at fb. I know have to get up and do something productive but i just can't. I'm on the same chair and in front of the same screen since like three hours uptil now. Talk about wasting the time I could have written a few chapters of my book or maybe baked a cake or probably finished the painting I'm working at these days. But oh well, we need days to rest right ? After all I did spend a gazillion days preparing for my CIE's. Yes lame excuse, but oh well :P

So here's the summer resolution, I'm gonna do one crazy wacko stupid and utterly idiotic thing each day :D
Starting tomorrow. Ok shit, starting today :P.. It's 12:14pm now, so that means i got around 12 hours uptil midnight to do something crazzyyyy for today :D.. I feel like Harriet the Spy xD

Oh aaaaand Jodi Picoult's new book 'LONE WOLF' is friggin-mindbogglingly-epic !
I went to a book store lastnight, sat there for a few hours, read it there and it's worth the read :D
Oh and i couldn't buy it cuz i've already finished my pocket money for this month, n it's only 2nd JUNE yet!
 I'm going to ask baba if he could advance me next month's pocket money, I have to buy so many books. And paints :)
I'm planning on turning some photos my friend (an amah-zing photographer) took and turn them into paintings :D

Off to find craziness :D

N yeahhh, i just noticed i use alotta smileys -.- Oh well :p 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Holidays for Twelve Days :D

How I live my days:

  Finally the days are here! The ones every student, more like a caged mice in the prison of CIEs, dreams off. HOLIDAYYYYS!! Even though I have to remind myself that these are just twelve holidays until my next two CIE exams but they feel as rich and delightful as dark chocolate mousse. No stressful days, i can study without my days turning into monotonous schedules of eating, sleeping, studying and laughing less often. And i can blog :D

 I made my blog months ago but haven't had the minutes to blog. My first blogging experience, I have a feeling it's going to be worth it. 

 Back to the holidays. Yaayyyyy! Holidaaayyyyss! I can repeat this over and over and not get tired of it. And after my CIEs finally end on 14th June, i have F.I.F.T.Y days of Summer Holidays. Each one of those fifty days is going to be like the summer days Phineas and Ferb had, only they had 100 days of summer vacations.

My Hopes of a Phineas and Ferb like Summer Vacation :D