Thursday, August 30, 2012

SPLASH splash SPLASH ! (Out off the Odd #9)

I don't know where to possibly fantabulastically begin!

Without further delay, it is to solemnly and very seriously (I'm beginning to doubt myself now :p) announce that.. that.. that.. IT RAINED TODAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY! ^_^

First PROPER rain of the year 2012-at Karachi.
While I was at school!

So combine the rain-ness and nutcase-ness of my friends and voila, an out-of-the-world-out-off-the-odd day :')

Me and Maheen saw people coming from the canteen with french fries in their hands. Yeah, one rarely finds fries at the canteen because they're sold as soon as they're cooked. Soo, we rushed to our class-fellow, begged him for money (the empty wallet people that we are :p) and ran to the canteen.

I was there waiting for the fries when all of a sudden everybody around me disappeared.

Literally everybody!
I turn around to see, RAIIIIIIIIIIN!
Students were rushing out of the classrooms with their teachers yelling on top of their lungs and demanding everybody to get back in, as the entire school of over five thousand students (just guessing the figures) CAME TO LIFE! :D

One of the sections of our school.
Imagine five other buildings like this with students 'pouring out' of them as it  poured down :D

I got my fries and ran out toooooo!
Warm delicious fries under Karachi's rain :)

Best part: Splashing in the puddles while playing random kiddish games in rain :'))))

We were all so wet :D (not soaking wet yet though)

Well one needs a picture in the rain right ? So there I was posing with my bright smile, the camera detecting my thirty-two teeth when SPLAAAAAAAAASH! One of my friend's dumped an entire water bottle on me! (NOW, I was soaking wet :P)

Well you know what happened then. Yeah, a water fight just as the rain was about to stop.

Couldn't have been any better :)


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mera Bhai

Mera Bhai (Read: My Bro)

You've had an amazing yet tiring day.
From getting kicked out off Chemistry Class because you were late to playing Ludo as the rest of the class studied pH curves.
From baking a cake for Your littlest brother's birthday to playing two hours of basketball.
From randomly getting demands for a grand party for your 18th birthday to being able to solve Math trigonometry questions. (Ok so the math part may sound a tad bit nerdy, but oh well)

After a productive-awesome-one-of-a-kind day you see this person walking on your street. Your first thought is that, oh Huthaifa's (my other lil' brother) heading home. The guy is walking Huthaifa's walk too, you immediately plan in your head a lil' surprise you and Huthaifa can carry out for your littlest brother's birthday. And then the realization hits you, the guy walking is just another guy. Huthaifa left today. He studies in another city so lives away from home. The fact sinks in that you'd miss Huthaifa till he comes back in his next holidays.

Yeah I miss you bro. Take care and be back home soon. I've got the blueprints for all the pranks laid :D

The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food came out his nose. -- Garrison Keillor 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Lover's Cove Challenge #4

I like contests that let me play with words :D
Here goes:

It’s that time again!
Time to head on over to, other wise known as Lovers’ Cove and take part in this week’s challenge!
Please read the Guidelines and Q’s & A’s thoroughly before entering!
In short, you must come up with a line of 15 words or less and your line must continue
on in thought based on what the previous person on the linky wrote.
Get invitation to the challenge at:  Lover's Cove Challenge #4 8-26-2012

Behold! I am renewed again, for the spirit of love has descended upon my heart!
Years, I’ve wandered aimlessly through the midst of the shadows trying to elude the dark.
Darkness isn´t always so dark, sometimes becomes hope when our imagination wants to look for a light
A light that has been trying to find its sight through such darkness night
This darkness becomes me; I am but the light of our shadow that quivers now
yearning for a flight toward the dream, away from the claws of fear

My line.
And I rise, rise towards destiny till what the heart wants seems so near.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

9999 Times.

Even though I vowed not to disclose my grades online, buuuut due to unforeseen requests. Here goes:
5 A's in AS level :)
Highest grades in all those who had the same subjects combos as me.

DISCLAIMER: Not my doing. I couldn't have done what I did without help from my Allah :)

So here's to life:
You want me to go through all the downs ?
You want me to get used to disappointments ?
You want me to be broken that gets me on my knees ?
Well I will.
But just know that I won't stand up to fall back down.
Even if I do fall down again, I'll stand up.
I'll stand up 9999 times, not more :p

From Me, to Myself.

Yes, the above was a response to what happened today.
No, no broken hearts just a slightly disheveled spirit :)
We had this Practice Parliamentary Debate at St.Patrick's High School today, we won only one debate out of three practice sessions.

Sad no ?
Oh well, learning from the experiences and moving on 9999 times :D

Friday, August 24, 2012

Have a Cookie

Cookie, yes ? :)
And Hey, SMILE :)

Life's not all about ups and down, sometimes the road is smooth.
At that time, get your pillow and take a nap. :D

Thursday, August 23, 2012

#surroundedbyamazingpeople :')



Ok sooo, I don't know how to begin. You know how you think that you're going to have the most boring days ever buuut they turn out to be the exact opposite ?
Yeah well that's what happened on Eid and the two days after it =D

1st Day-Woke up early to give finishing touches to vermicilles (typical Eid delight)
             and the cake I baked for  breakfast.
             An Eid Milan Party followed by a visit to a distant relative and off to lunch
             with baba's cousins.
             And then an Eid Dinner at our home for friends and their families.
            (There were around THIRTY people at our home) xD
2nd Day-Went out in the evening with friends, best windy weather ever :)
               Our non-stop foolery.
               Dinner at baba's college friend's home, the aunty cooks awesome food ^_^

3rd Day-A trip to Interior Sindh.
              And off to Gharoo Water Park! :D
              (It has separate water-slide areas for men n women :D)

Good Days Mayn :')

The Cake I baked on the first day :)
My newly acquired baking skills :p

I have to go to school in like half an hour and I haven't had breakfast and neither have I changed.

Just sitting in my night-suit and Blogging. It's addictive xD


Sunday, August 19, 2012




I can't wait to put on Mehndi on little girls' hands and see them smile :)
I can't wait to dress up my little sister as she looks at her reflection in the mirror with delight.
I can't wait to help out Mama in the kitchen, making yummi-licious Eid breakfast :D
I can't wait to walk around in my new dress and see Baba smile at me :)
I can't wait to be the treasurer of my Brothers' Eidi that they are hassling elders for xP
I can't wait to give the Eid gifts I've bought for my friends :)

Eid is about sharing and love and happiness right ? :)

I love EID :D

Just One Day till EIIIIDDDD! :D

P.S. I purposefully skipped out parts about spending Eid with relatives. Baba doesn't have much holidays so we can't go to our Family Home at Islamabad. 
Which is just sad. 
Eid is more about Family too you know.

So, for all those who are spending with a House full of Khalas and Khaloos,
Mamoos and Mamis,
Chachoos and Phuppos,
Dadi and Dada,
Nani and Nana
and 'More than a Dozen' COUSINS.
Feel blessed, very blessed and make the most of it :)

Eid tomorrow! :D

Oh and for all those celebrating their Eid today, EID MUBARAAAAKKKKK! :D

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Even More Green :D (Out Of the Odd #8)

14th August! :D
Even though we loathe every bit of all that happens in Pakistan everyday,
on 14th August the aura is just different.

There's Solidarity.
There's the spirit of Paki Pride.
There's Green :)

Over at my place, the moods were high and low.
High because the weather was amazing.
Low because Baba would not let us buy flags to put up at our home. His reason: the flag is disrespected in many ways this way. My patriotic Baba :')

Well we headed for this Anti-littering Drive at Seaview. Sadly, we were too punctual and nobody from the organisers was there. We still went on go-carts at the beach! :D

Then over to Hypestar. Roamed around doing nothing at all. Like literally. Just window-shopped. While Baba made us do crazy stuff.
Like getting the trampoline off the rack and having us to jump on it xP
Aaand, complimenting on the hats and caps of the salespersons :p
And blocking the Sales Counter while reading magazines and seeming very engrossed in them.

In the middle of Hyperstar, HBL had set up a 14th August Celebration area.
(Yayyyy! 14th Aug Celebrationss!!!!) :D
We had to say an Independence Day wish in one sentence with 'HBL' and 'Smart' in the same sentence.
My wish: While standing at HBL, I smartly wished Pakistan a Happy Birthday. :)

Guess what gift we got ?
Dr.dre beats! xD

You so Cooleos Oreos HBL! :D

Aaaaand back at home I made Independence Day cupcakes and sent them over to friends n neighbours.

These are the cupcakes I made :D
Made on special request from my lil' sister LABIBAH :)
The stuff I do for her :p


Oh and I gave charity on this day :)
And I made lil' children smile by telling them they look really cute in their green clothes.

And I randomly smiled at any elder person I saw.
Aaaand the smile they gave back was PRICELESS! ^_^

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Smiles :)

The moment when your Baba randomly calls up one of his friends. When the friend asks about what's going on in your baba's life he starts bragging about his daughter's result. And then looks at his daughter and smiles :'). While I ate grapes :p

Just know that you both, mama and baba, have made me a very happy daughter :)

And yes, Thankyou Allah for the grades in AS level that I never expected :)

P.s. Never knew alphabets could matter so much. 
       I though we got past that in kindergarten. 

The Best Google Doodle Ever!
-Paki Pride :')

Event Check:

Sunday, August 12, 2012

65 Years :)

I shall stop worrying about my result that is tomorrow and start preparations for doing something productive on 
14th August 2012! :D

Yes, it's my country's 65th Birthday :)

My homeland, Pakistan :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Nervous Jitters ? Oreos :D

Me: Ok sooo what am I going to ask for after I get my result ?
Mama: But your result's not even out yet!
Me: Oh that's okaaayyyyyy, I'm just driving away my nervous jitters by thinking happy thoughts :D
(Baba arrives in the room)
Baba: Lubaina's talking about result all over again ?
          I'll go get pills so that you sleep through the 13th :p

Know what ? I actually like the idea!
No waiting in anticipation,
no worries about no sleep at night,
just wake up after the drugs loose their effect,
and VOLA see my result :D

Ok so this result wait is making me go BONKERS!

Thus, I shall go make Cold Coffee n dip Oreos in it.

Yes, my new-est addiction on the block: Cold Coffee + Oreo Combo :')

Oreos ^_^

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Moments :) (Out Of the Odd #7)

The moment when it rains :)
The moment when one finds money in an unexpected place :)

The moment when one's brothers don't finish up all the chocolates :D
The moment when one's mama brings in milk at night :)
The moment that happens out of the odd.

An out of the odd happy moment ?
Yes, it happened today :)

My friend had borrowed money from me and she had to return it.
Friends always borrow n return money right ?
That's how it goes.
Buuuut the moment when the money comes in such a pretty bag along with a funky candle and a caaaard saying thankyou, that's the moment of a true smile :).. The best moment.

The Pretty in Pink Bag :D

The Funky Candle :D
I have a knack for anything that looks crazily weird n very different :D
Hey Zobz n Aimi if you guys are reading this, just know that it made me smile on one of my most tiring and hectic days :)..

P.S. Yes, just three days of school buuut last year of A'levels has waaayy more study than I had expected it too have. 

P.P.S RESULT ON 13th X___X
P.P.P.S I LOVE SCHOOOOL (Mainly because of the people in it) :D

Monday, August 6, 2012

First Day of the Last Year of School.

The moment you step inside school and you're like 'I WANNAAAA GO HOOOME!'
It's not because I hate school,
neither 'cuz I hate the people there,
nor do I view it as a place of torture.
It was just the realization that this is my last year at school and I have utterly no idea how am I going to bear the though of leaving it.

The times we've had.
The pranks we've played.

Oh that reminds me, they changed the chairs of our class. There are some weird wooden ones placed now and they're sooo beyond uncomfortable!

Sooo, my Nutcase of a class has decided to request the administration to change our chairs.

If not, then we plan on bringing floor cushions to class and sitting on the floor in protest until we get back the Comfy chairs xD

They remind me of my Nutcase Dost. :D
Glad to be back to school.
Let's see how our cushion stunt turns out to be xD

Friday, August 3, 2012

Wrong-ness at its Peak.

My legs are dead.
I'm like a walking zombie.
Any minute my backbone will break and say 'I Give Up'

I got stranded in Karachi.
My driver got lost.
I had to wait for him for an hour.
His cellphone stopped working.

Where exactly was I when my driver disappeared ?
The last place on Earth where one should be lost at.

Swarm of people getting clothes for eid.
Hundreds of 'Riksha People' stopping by thinking I need a ride.
My mama in frantics, a seventeen-year old whose driver is no where in sight and the only people with her are her cousins who're already frightened from all the stories they hear about Pakistan. (The cousins are from Canada, so yeah).

Then, another car was sent to pick us up. FINALLYYYY! Till that time we walked over to KFC and waited for the car there.

Yes, GAARI :) (Read: CAR)
I do not think i've been so happy before to see a gaari I recognize head my way.

As if anything bad could happen.
This other car had an accident!!
Dead legs and now arguing drivers.

By then the other driver was found. The other car was deserted while we headed home with the first driver.

Peace yes ? Not exactly.

I came home to find a smiling mama, glad to see her daughter back safe n sound. Until she remembered that she left the camera I had borrowed from my friend at some place.

Karachi is huuuuuuge! How in the world were we to find a camera in this ginormous place.
That too a camera that my friend loves.

Buuuut thankfully by the end, mama's friend had found the car camera that mama left at somebody's home.

Like daughter, like mama :P
I tend to be very very very very forgetfull too.

Any more tragedy that could befall ?

Well, not yet.
I just hope I get a goodnight's sleep. I'm off to hit the sheets :)

Or maybe I won't even reach the bed. I have no strength to walk to my bed.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

What's the Word ? PAPER!

And just like this our days will pass.
And just like this I'll go on looking for Uni's with small classes. Write on paper the entire day.
And earn just a piece of hard paper after years of hardwork, that paper will be called a degree.
And go on to earn more paper. It will come in varieties of colours, known as money. Some nickname it as cash.
And then lay on couch, head in despair because of more paper. That'll be called tax.
And then in the search of even more paper! My journey writing a book, my times as journal writer writing about all the amah-zing events that unfold.

What a PAPER-OUS life.
We sure should grow more trees :D