Sunday, September 9, 2012

Literally words can't describe!

While Adele Set fire to rain,
and Hilary had her hair blowing out on her sweet sixteen,
my LEGAL EIGHTEEN was beyond what words could describe.

Yes, I'm legal.
And yes, I don't feel old or big or even adult-ish for that matter.
Well, my age blues for later.

For now, listen to how my 18th bday went. It'll make you smile :)

Ok so on the night of 3rd September (my bday's on 4th sep) I had planned to go to sleep early and not wait up till midnight since I wasn't expecting any of my friends to call as we had our humongous physics test at school the next day.

3rd Sep. 10.00pm

Me: mama I'm going to sleep.
Mama: *gives me a wierd look* But you always stay up at midnight on your birthday.
Me: Not this time, I'm old for birthdays.
Mama: Well, it's your birthday.

-I dozed off-

3rd Sep. 10.30pm
Aunt: Lubaina wake up, you haven't had dinner so I made noodles for you.
Me: You woke me up just so I could eat noodles ?
Aunt: Sleeping with an empty stomach is not good.

-So I got up to eat noodles.

3rd Sep. 11.45pm.

Mama: Lubaina, before you go to sleep again could you tidy up your mess of books from the dining room ?
Me: Ok mama.

-So I headed to the dining room-

And they sprayed snow spray in my mouth! xD

These nutcases had entered my dining room through the backdoor, arranged my dining room for my surprise birthday party, got me a DUCK-SHAPED cake, PIZZA and presents while I was too busy trying to get some sleep! :D

Some of the cards they made me :)
Yes, some of my friends call me Banana because it rhymes with Lubaina :D


We all happily gave our physics test. We had no class after it, the next class was to begin in forty minutes.
My school counselor called me to talk to me, she kept talking about random stuff and I being talkative kept the conversation going on.

Then two of my friends came to the counselor's office too. They took me to the canteen with them. (Dumb me did not notice the absence of my other class-fellows and friends)

Junaid: So Lubaina, it's your birthday. What are you treating us with ?
Me: I have no money today.
Moaaz: But you have to get us at-least a bottle of Pepsi from the canteen since it's your big day today!
Me: I seriously do not have money.
Junaid: Oh well. Some other day.
Moaaz: Let's go see if the Common Room's open.

And the moment we were outside Common Room's door, I could hear screams from inside.
As i stepped in.

All of my friends were standing with their backs towards me, wearing black shirts over their uniforms, with 
'HAPPY BDAY BENNY!' written with white tape on the back of their shirts and singing me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY song!

I would've let my happy tears out if there were not so many people around :')

The were standing in one row like the picture above but all of them won't fit the camera screen at one time.
So yeah :)
And yeah, people at school call me benny or banana :)

By now I was still shocked at all that people would do to make my day a very very very special one.

Then, they lead me to a SPONGE-BOB CAKE!!! :D
Yes, it was a huge 7-pound cake that I shared with almost every student who was out in the school grounds.

Guess what my school friends got me ?
It's a cup with a cute kid painted on it. 
The lid of the cup is a brain and there's a card attached to the cup saying 
"Even if your brain refuses to retain memories of us, his brain will."
And inside the cup are Paper strips from almost everybody I know with a memorable memory I've had with them :)

I guess, this long yet worth-reading account made up for my blog absence since four days!

Another reason for my absence: I've been made the head of the Student Blog of my school's blog. My school recently started the blog and I have been assigned to manage to it. I'm confused about it's background.

You can visit it here and give me advice related to the background:

My 18th B'day would have been incomplete without my friends no ? :)


Aliza said...

GET OUT!!! That seriously has to be the best surprise birthday EVER! :O You are like so lucky to have people like those around :')

That brainy cup made suchay thoughtful gift.. <3 My BFF`s birthday`s coming up and I think I`m gonna steal some ideas ;) :P :D


P.S: I thought it said the word 'Banana' does not have a rhyming word in my language book :P

Creative Khadija said...

What a Lovely post..I enjoyed reading & now remembering the day how I spent my birthdays similar to yours :) I am youngest at home & almost in family who are living near my house, & I always enjoy my birthdays! How sweeeeet na...

Oh yes, have you checked my new website?


Oh yes Happy Birthday yar...

The Ordinary Guy said...

You definitely have great friends. :D
Oh and happy belated birthday!
You are getting old =/

Ananya said...

Beyond awesome, your friends!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Wishing you happy birthday on their shirts is really special. Thrilled you had a good birthday!

Anonymous said...

WOW. That is one unforgettable birthday. And surprises like that, are always amazing. :D

Anonymous said...

BTW you have done a good job with your school blog. so don't you get confused. :)

Yusra Hussain said...

You've got such amazing friends.
You're so lucky!
I was kind'a hoping to see a picture of that "Sponge-bob" cake. :P

Lubaina E. said...

@Aliza. well leave it upto my friends to do the impossible xD
A rhyme for banana ;)
Oh and memory cup is the best idea! you should go for it.

@Creative khadija. thankyou. Well on my part, i had not planned to do anything on my bday. Congratulations on the new website!

@The Ordinary Guy. ikr. SO OOOLD x_x

@ananya. word :')

@L. Diane. Special and unique :D, gotta love my friends.

@Neda. Thankyou :) And thankyou for visiting my school's blog too, it's a big responsibility. And yes, amazing day!!

@Yusra. Maybe someday i'll post the picture :p