Sunday, August 19, 2012




I can't wait to put on Mehndi on little girls' hands and see them smile :)
I can't wait to dress up my little sister as she looks at her reflection in the mirror with delight.
I can't wait to help out Mama in the kitchen, making yummi-licious Eid breakfast :D
I can't wait to walk around in my new dress and see Baba smile at me :)
I can't wait to be the treasurer of my Brothers' Eidi that they are hassling elders for xP
I can't wait to give the Eid gifts I've bought for my friends :)

Eid is about sharing and love and happiness right ? :)

I love EID :D

Just One Day till EIIIIDDDD! :D

P.S. I purposefully skipped out parts about spending Eid with relatives. Baba doesn't have much holidays so we can't go to our Family Home at Islamabad. 
Which is just sad. 
Eid is more about Family too you know.

So, for all those who are spending with a House full of Khalas and Khaloos,
Mamoos and Mamis,
Chachoos and Phuppos,
Dadi and Dada,
Nani and Nana
and 'More than a Dozen' COUSINS.
Feel blessed, very blessed and make the most of it :)

Eid tomorrow! :D

Oh and for all those celebrating their Eid today, EID MUBARAAAAKKKKK! :D


Priscilla said...

I love everything here! Great blog dear! If you have a minute, please check out my blog and follow me if you haven't yet. I'll appreciate it so much! Thanks!

Blow A Rainbow


Hello Dear..
Your post is just lovely & you know what..your animation type image is forcing me to jump like this..yayyyyy...tomorrow will be much fun is waiting for us :) Yahoooo...
InshaAllah it will be an amzing day..and eid without relatives is nothing..
All the best & have fun..

take care..

Inggrid Monalita said...

Nice post! :-D
Tq for ur comment btw:)
Mind to fllw each other?

Peaches Ledwidge said...

I'm not celebrating, but have fun.

sahara said...

id mubarakh

Aliza said...

Eeeeeee! I feel EXACTLY the same way right now! It`s chaand raat and there`s just so much hustle bustle around :D I loved this post,it made me happy,pta ni kyun :P

Eid mubarak to you and your fam,have a blast! xox

Afshan Hussain said...

Funny :P
I can't wait to hear how your Eid goes ;) Beisdes, you know how to apply mehndi? Feel blessed yourself girl! :p
Happy Eid mubarak ;) Thank you for becoming a part of my virtual life :p

Momina said...

Eid Mubarak! :)

AVY said...

So cute :)


Jessille said...

happy eidmubarak! great blog
mind to check out mine?

ZQ said...

Eid Mubarak...Must I ask you about your Post Eid Experience?

Lubaina E. said...

@Priscilla. Thankyou. I could say the same for your blog, followed it :)

@creative mind. I love the Home Alone gif too :D Eid was amah-zing.

@Inggrid. Ty. I'm already following you :)

@Peaches. And i did have fun :D

@sahara. To you too.

@Aliza. Well the excitement shows from your words :D. I'm glad to have made you happy :D

N yeah, i like putting it on other people's hands :). Plus, i could say to you for becoming a part of mines :)

@Momina. Khair Mubarak.

@AVY. Thankyou :)

@Jessille. Thankyou. Off to your blog :)

@ZQ. The post is up :D