Monday, June 24, 2013

These Two. Featuring: Abdullah and Labibah

Midst all the skin-burning, hair-sweating, fire-blasting and just a very very very very hot weather with no electricity, is me. Sitting with a Chemistry book, training but not complaining. What's the point of our SAT scores or CIE grades or the rest of the shizz anyway if at the end of the day we have to prepare for the 'Entry Tests' all over again. I mean, can't we get admissions based on our co-curricular record and school grades alone? Interviews are acceptable though.

Oh well, with all that going on. There is this going on too.

He runs into my room asking for scotch-tape saying it's very important and that he needs a scotch tape right away. I'm curious but I don't ask. Minutes later he has got newspaper wrapped around his feet. My first though, did he get hurt and not find bandages?

Me: Abdullah, why do you have newspaper wrapped around your feet?
Abdullah: Oh, nothing.
Me: This can't be nothing.
Abdullah: Actually these are newspaper shoes.
Me: *looking at him with a bewildered expression*
Abdullah: Oh, you know. So that my feet get wet but not dirty when I got out in the rain! :D

Who needs a break to watch movies when you have this little rascal in the house :D

Behold, the 'newspaper shoes' :D

The below happened on another day.

Me: Abdullah, change your night suit already.
Abdullah: Don't boss me.
Me: Yeah, but that doesn't mean you won't change it.
Abdullah: Oh I wont, you'll see.

And this little fellow went on a trip all the way to Peshawar in his night pajamas. Haha yeah, he's one stubborn little brother of mines.

The little notes Abdullah and Labibah leave on my journal as I head off
to take a study break. Oh yeah, Labibah's cute too ^_^
Oh and, this happened too.
I'm sleepy but I just have to finish two chapters before I go to sleep.
Abdullah arrives with a torch in his mouth.

Me: Ummmmm, why are you eating a torch?
Abdullah: Oh, you know. When I turn off lights and turn on the torch, my cheek GLOWS! *___*

With this eleven year old brother in the house, giving me all the laughs just as it seems the end of the world. And, the cute little nine year old Labibah, who's going to unleash her 'evil-ness' on me when she reads that I called her 'little', I'm pretty sure I'll make it through all the humongous pile of books I have to study :D

I love you Abdullah (Yes, he's going to make puke-ish sounds as soon as he reads this :3)
I love you Labibah (Yes, she's going to give me a hug when she reads this :D)


Roll No 53 said...

Wish I had siblings :)

Stay Blessed ^_^

I Romanticize said...

Kids make everything so wonderful :-)

ifoo da bst said...

I totally agree that entry test should be based on our co-curricular record and school grades.I strongly feel that separate entry test should be conducted for A level students from A level syllabus.
I don't know about the pattern of entry test for which you are appearing for, but here in KPK A level student is supposed to go through whole of the Fsc syllabus.It is not fair :(.
I badly wanted to do A levels after doing O levels but dropped the idea as I didn't want to overburden myself :(.
I just loved the part of the post related to your siblings.Little siblings bring craziness to one's life.I have experienced this craziness =)=).

Ghadeer said...

MashAllah! Get a patent for newspaper shoes before this awesome idea gets stolen!

Nuha Nasim said...

Haha, the newspaper shoes was a smart idea. ;)

Ph_ said...

This is so cute :D
Having little siblings is a great experience. Except of the part when my brothers unite and tease me :P lol

Ph_ said...

Oh and I love the idea of news paper shoes by the way :D :D (y)

Anonymous said...

I missed reading ur blog. And I miss Abdullah and Labibah. And I miss you.
Hugs to all three of you. :D

Lubaina E. said...

@Roll No 53. Well, siblings or no siblings, each has its own perks :)

@I Romanticize. They sure do ^_^

@Ifoo. EXACTLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I have to study the entiiiiiiire FSc syllabus now, which i tell you, is very very very annoying. Well, I had no plans of doing medical or I probably wouldn't have opted for A Levels. But, oh well, ab jou karna hai tou karna hai :)
Hahah yeaaah, a lot of CRAZINESS xD

@Ghadeer. Oh yeaaaah! Good idea :D

@Nuha. Haha, oh well :p

@Ph_ Thankyooouu :D About the brothers uniting, it always happens! But then, i have my lil' sister to form an army with me :3


smile khan said...

i specifically like newspaper shoes =°

Lubaina E. said...

Well, they are a good idea ;)