Wednesday, June 6, 2012

timewastagestupidiocity. UGH!


I am a case of 'timewastagestupidiocity'.. If that could be a word in the dictionary, I'd paint it on my wall and swear every night before going to sleep that I'll uncase myself from this case. At the moment that is the case I am.

I've made countless vows and gazillion oaths with myself of how I will stop worshiping my laptop day and night and night and day and day and night all over again. But THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN!

I still have two exams left and I have studied absolutely NOTHING at all yet, well I did study something but it made no sense to me so I closed my books.

Buuut Thomas Edison tried One thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine times, only after that did his bulb dream came true .. Such Determination.. 

Another day.. Another Cupcake :D
Well I still have Eight and a half hours of the day left..

I'm going to make the most of them. 
This time, just this time, I know I mean it.

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