Tuesday, June 5, 2012



I've been repeating this word over and over today.

Pronounced as 'Hau-zin-fae-fur', it is one of the most unique word I've come across since days.
Every word has its own taste, when spoken, when written, every word seems to have a soul of its own.

Well before I go on rambling about the life in words, Hasenpfeffer is nothing techy nor is it some word from the Anglo Saxon times, it means Rabbit Stew :D..

A special German Rabbit stew that is.. Crazy word for a stew right ? Buuut it seems like one of the wacko words one keeps in store when they have to make a statement of the way they write.

Aaaaaand I found a Bugs Bunny episode with Hasenpfeffer in it ..
Not to self: if I'm in a hurry, Id watch the video from 
1:33 on wards.
The link to Bugs Bunny Hasenpfeffer episode :

What's up Doc ? :D

As soon as I'm done writing this post, I'm off to watch Bugs Bunny epsiodes..
I just realised how much I miss watching it.

Oh and no out of the odd moment today, a lazy day. Again.

Best moment: My three year younger brother came home from boarding school for summer holidays.
He's two-inches taller than me now!

Everybody was exclaiming about how grown-up he seems now, untiiiiil he starts discussing how Gandhi showed his non-materialistic nature by wearing a 'SAARI' xD

I dropped laughing, while he went on justifying his SAARI claim. HAHAHA. The thought of it still gets loud guffaws out of me. Not until he repeated the word Saari like a gazillion times did he realise how silly he sounded. Then he goes,"Ohhh, Saari is a woman's dress!!!". Yeah well about time you realised that, you aqalmand-yet-awesome bhai.

Well, no matter how tall he grows or how deep his voice becomes, he'll still be my lil' brother. The brother who can make a fool of himself at the best times. Oh how I cherish those moments!

And yes, I'm dead the moment he gets to know I put this on my blog :p
Oh well, I'm ready to take my chances this time.
I'm two inches smaller after all.

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