Monday, June 4, 2012

The Roof Adventure :D (Out Of The Odd #1)

Funny. This life and its coincidences. One day I resolve to do something utterly crazy and that same day my internet stops working. Yeah yeah, there are larger than life problems out there and my broken net seems meaningless in front of them. Anyways, before this post turns gloomy like our sadistic selves who go on living with fake smiles and white lies, here's for the crazy update :D

Before I go on, there is one thing I realised that to be utterly crazy and take risks one usually needs a partner, and knowing that the partner needs convincing that whatever stunt I'm going to pull off is not dangerous and surely not an act to prove myself in one way or the other. This is just the toughest part. The rest is smooth :D. As long as one has guts that is.

So, the day before yesterday I got one of my friends, Aliza*, to climb my home's roof with me. At first we just let go of the idea since climbing my roof has been declared as 'Mission Impossible' by the man who came to fix the AC. Yup, he fell to ground while trying to climb or roof. Then a ladder was called in :p

So yeah, if a man whose job requires him to climb the roof and fix the cooling thingy of split AC's (yeah, i forgot what it's called, the box outside our home which is attached to split AC's that keeps the ACs cool :p), then us 17 year olds are nothing in front of him. We came around to prank calling :p 

But prank calls got boring in a while, we resolved to go out and climb the roof with the deal that I'll climb first and Aliza will follow me. There's a water tank in my backyard, if we could climb it then we could climb onto the windowsill and then finally to the roof (my home is single-storied). Well the plan seemed like a piece of cake. Maybe it was just not the AC uncle's day that day :p. 

Well after half a minute of taking a deep breath a stood on a chair and to climb up the water tank. It was a bit slippery but with Aliza's help I managed. But just so you know, I never made it to the windowsill. No no, I didn't die :p. The minute I stood up on the water tank, it's made of some hard plastic, it bent inside just a teeny bit. And well what do you know, I go swimming xD. The water tank was filled to the top and the moment it bent inside water came gushing out its top, it got too slippery for me to stand so i sat down and by this time I was soaking wet! :P

Well we just slipped quietly back into the house through the backdoor, I changed into dry clothes, we planned to just go out and eat rolls while the entire time Aliza kept laughing over the looks on my face during the roof adventure.

Oh and I realised that craziness is a tough option. Sooo, I'm gonna do one new thing each day. Which would be anything out off the odd :D

Whenever I say odd, it reminds me of Hunger games. Good read it is <3
I'm planning on writing a critique on it after I'm done with all the three books. At the moment, I'm on Chapter Fifteen of Catching Fire.

And, I got these cool fish on the top of my blog, I wanted to give them a wisdomatic title but no matter what title I write, it doesn't appear :/

*Name has been protected for my friends privacy :)


Ridx :) said...

hello :D

Lubaina E. said...

Heyy.. I've been following your cup of coffee since a few weeks now :)

Sabahat Ali Khan said...

Hahahaha! :D
I could really imagine you and your acts while reading. ;)
Too good!