Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Reads.

3rd Day of Summer Holidays.

(This was typed yesterday. Internet had problems. Thus, yesterday was the 3rd day of summer holz)

There are moments when you try and run, run away from reality to a place far far away.
Run to a place that resides in the stiff pages of a thick book that speaks of stories and events that seem so unreal, so captivating. 

Got too philosophical ? Well I just returned with a pile of summer reads. I can't wait to dive into the tales weaved by minds who speak of love, regret, adventure and mystery. 

This is how books make me speak. 

Oh and I met an editor of a newspaper today, he advised me to read more than one book at a time, so that the books fit my mood. This seemed like a good idea.

So here are my picks: The Time Traveller's Wife, Mockingjay and Garfield Classics.

My tries at making a book collage :D

The Time Traveller's Wife for when life's illusions surround me.
Mockingjay for when I spring into my adventurous mode.
Garfield Classics for when I feel like laughing :D

Yes, at times I just feel like laughing but just need a reason to laugh. Sometimes I laugh without any reason at all. People tell me that they laugh when they recall a memory buried in the past.

Well, as cliched as it sounds, laughter still is the best medicine.

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