Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Five Minutes. (Out Of the Odd #3)

So here I am reading a status of a friend, she's glad to be going to Dubai from UK for a week, she's particularly looking forward to the sun after all the showers. 
(My thought: I want it to rain at Karachi too)

In the evening one of my friends calls, and she goes on about how it rained and how lovely the weather is now.
(My thought: Dear Clouds, just bring in the rain at Karachi already!)

I'm watching Sherlock Holmes, it rains in the first episode of season 2 too.
(My thought: Now the rain's just making fun of me)

The next day, I wake up to hear the sounds of splashes of water. I practically fall off the bed to look out the window. It's the gardener watering the plants.
(My thought: UUUGGGH! Rain! UUGGGHH!)

And then our Prime Minister gets dismissed.
(My thought: Stop thinking about rain Lubaina. Politics has nothing to do with rain)

Did I mention I love rain ? :)

Well that's when I decide to bring in my optimistic and thoughtful self in. I can still love the wind at Karachi right ?
Because here, it's always breezy. No matter how lost or alone one feels, the winds are always there.

I head out with my friends. (To enjoy the wind ;) )

It's the fifth day of summer vacations, the adrenaline still pumps in and we have the urge to pursue an adventure. The last time my adventure spirits got high, I had ended up swimming in a water tank. To know that story you'll have to read this:

But for now, I'll go ahead with this story. 

So, the news of our Roof adventure failing before is quiet famous now (credits to my blog), we decide to climb the roof of a flat!

No going down without a fight right ? Well at the least we can tell our grandchildren we have climbed a roof!
I hope I do something inspirational too though, that'll make a good story too.

And we climb a flat's roof! It was pretty easy, as soon as you get to the top most floor of the roof there are stairs going up to the roof too. Easy as Pie.

YAYYYY! On a roof finally! At this altitude the winds are fast. By fast I mean really really faaaaaaaaaaaaaast, reminds me of the times when Baba used to get me to eat food saying the winds will take me away if I'm not strong. If I had been seven at this moment, I would have ran down the stairs till I find ground.

We stay at the roof, nobody says a word. The winds, the clouds, they're enough to make you love life, love nature. That's when Zee says, 'I wish it rains'. I give her the don't-get-your-hopes-too-high look but on the inside I'm screaming 'RAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIN!'

What happened after this is what one can't forget, it's one of those small joys that make one smile. 
Smile from the heart.

Yes, a raindrop landed on my cheek :)
And it rains. Finally.
For five whole minutes.

Since the talk of rain is going on. It's a capture from last year. The road after it rained at Islamabad :)
Picture credits: Zukhruf.


The Ordinary Guy said...

It never ever rains whenever you want it to!
and when you dont want it to rain, it pours. :P
cool blog btw. :)

The Ordinary Guy said...

Oh and i read "out of the odd #1 & #2" as well.
Looking forward to more. :D

Shah said...

Cool Blogging :)

Lubaina E. said...

About the rain, that's true!
Specially when one has an outdoor event and it rains!
And thankyou :)
I'll be writing 'Out Of the Odds' as soon as something new happens :)

Lubaina E. said...

@Shah. Thankyou :)

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

I love rains...and loving the winds as well..
lovely weather these days :D

I do, I do. said...

Rains make you beautiful when you feel every drop. <3

Lubaina E. said...

@♥●• İzdihër •●♥. Yes, lovely weather indeed :)

@I do, I do. Like they say, every drop of rain counts :)

BT said...

I love rain too, but not as much as you! Haha.

Man, your friend from Dubai is gonna be real disappointed if it keeps raining in your city.

Sabahat Ali Khan said...

I actually had to take off head phones and stop myself from listening to the song I am addicted to, for this week :p only because your blog was so interesting. (Y).

Lubaina E. said...

@BT. Well it didn't rain since then :p

@Sabahat Ali Khan. You compliment too ? :O
Thankyouuu Sabahat :D