Sunday, June 10, 2012

My brothers go camping.

I have been fighting for the laptop since ages!
When one has a sister and two brothers and each one of them wants to use the same laptop as they don't like using any other laptop then it gets ugly.

To top it off, the AC in my room works best, so I have both of my brothers camping in for the night in my room.

Oh joy :p

We've already had a water fight. I took to running to the lawn hoping I'd find mama somewhere who'll save me, but luck apparently was not on my side. I managed to get hold of the water spray from my lil bro's hands :D
Luck on my side now ? Oh no :p.. His backup plan was firing spit balls !

Yes, actual SPIT !

And I was hit  not once but many times by his spit fires. Did I mention luck not being on my side ? :p

Out of the odd updates sometime later :D
Or else this blog will have posts that make no sense at all.

Yes, I can track down my lil sister and brother's eyes who're waiting for me to let down my guard so they can take over the laptop again. Risky business.

Oh aaaaand, I did not give up without a fight. I got my brother soaking wet. And I've hidden the PSP Charger. This girl does not go down without a fight xD

I just got hit by a PAJAMA!
Looks like we're in for a pillow and dirty sock fight!
I just hope luck's on my side this time :D

I love summers :)


Gorilla Bananas said...

Water fights near laptops and AC outlets are a bad idea. You guys need to lay down some rules for your fights.

Lubaina E. said...

Well now you know my other reason for running outta the room besides searching for my mom :)