Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mr.Cat the Ignorer (Out of The Odd #2)

And I finally got around to get my lazy ass up and doing something worthwhile..

This calls for a London Tipton 'YAYY ME!' :P

Yeah, I might be seventeen buut Im still a Zack and Cody fan. Specially, Suite Life On Deck.

Here's something for out of the odd update.

Me n my brother didn't feel like having dinner at home. I mean sure when there's Biryani at home nobody can resist that. So, we had Biryani AND went out to eat a Roll Paratha :D.. Even though it's just BBQ chicken in an oily paratha, we love the 'IMLI' sauce that comes with the Roll Paratha place near our home.

Roll Parathas :D

We ordered Roll Parathas and were sitting outside in the lawn when a cat came near us.

I'm not much of a cat lover buuut there's something about the cats which makes me say 'BILLIIIII' in wierd voices. (FYI, Billi is urdu for cat)

So here we are, my brother n me, while the scrawny cat with a brownish colour arrives. 

n i go "BILLIIIIIII" in a booming voice like a grumpy old man..
The billi pays no attention, this time I decided to go with a coarse whisper. So i go "BIHH-LLIHHHH"..
And the cat is still ignoring me. Like seriously ? I already have many people who can't handle paying attention to me as they already have too much egos to handle.
So this time I manage a witch like squeaky (really shrilly too) "BEEE-LLEEEE"
NOW, the cat looks at me ! :D

And then there's a kick, someone hits me really hard on my leg.

I look around to see that my assailant is nobody other then, yeah you guessed it, my brother! :p

While I was trying to get the Billi's attention, i got the attention of people around me.

And by the time I looked around even more, I could find more then one stare staring at me, probably mentally calculating how much time it will get to call an ambulance here to take me to a mental facility nearby xD
Or maybe some hospital for brain treatment. I guess it's called Neurosurgery. Scary word.

Well, i just sat down on my seat, well I was already sitting but i sat deep deep down, until i was almost underneath the table.

Thankyou Mr.Cat, you ignored me :p

And made me look foolish.
Buuuuut, gave me a good story to tell :D

I sure will think twice now before saying Billi again.

Oh and LYCHEE's in season at Pakistan !

I love Lychee. 
And a fact, Lychee's seeds are toxic. 

Lychee season is the best season :)

So for the next birthday wish I'm going to wish them 'As awesome a Birthday as LYCHEE'
In my opinion, that would be the best bday wish ever. If the other person likes Lychee that is.
Anyways, skip reading this part. It just got too random :p


Gorilla Bananas said...

No one deserves to be kicked for saying "billi". Who does your brother think he is? Parathas are good, but what about pooris?

Lubaina E. said...

Well I was attracting unwanted attention, so yeah.
And poori with halwa yes ? :D

raiha khan said...

HAHA.. unlike others,your blog is quite refreshing,simple and easy to read :D
Good job ^^
and dont forget the lychee wish on my birthday cz i love lychees :D:D

Muhammad Israr said...

well, this is some unique form of getting attention :P hillarious :)

Lubaina E. said...

Thankyou :D N well the lychee wish is yours for sure. my companion lychee lover :D

Lubaina E. said...

Attention by coincidence ;)
Calling out to a Billi is sort of a reflex action by now.