Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Reasons

I just realised (Well, realised a few days ago but I've been very lazy) that it was my blog's 
First Birthday last month!

I started this blog on 9th March 2012 and officially started blogging on 1st June 2013. Yeah, took me three months to finally write it out. Well, as I said, I've been very very very lazy AND busy with the entry test and shifting and shizz.


Just for the sake of it: YAAAYY! LET'S CELEBRATE! 
On a very normal day I would've launched myself right into the celebration mode but on a day like today all I can say is: BAUHAT ZIADA GARMI HAI! Read: The Summer heat is roasting me into a burnt up Banana.

*reverting back to my thankful and cheery self now*

I guess I shall make a list of all that I like about SUMMERS and maybe that'll make everything seem normal again.

Reason #1. I am awesome. Okay, no.

Reason #1-edited. SWIMMING! ^_^ What is better than moping about the hot weather the entire day and then finally getting to dive in that big ocean of very-ice-cube-cold-goodness. Well, it's not THAT big and nor have I gone swimming since a few weeks now, but this can count as a reason.
All those who think otherwise: you may go and jump in a pile of dirty socks.

Reason #2. ICE CREAM. This is a summer filled with Ice Cream and Ice Cream Shakes for us. Somehow, Baba has realised that keeping the freezer stocked with ice cream flavours is essential for the happiness of his children.

Reason #3. Playing in the RAIN. Yeah, try going out in the winter rain and you'll hear my Mama calling out "Come back inside or no coffee for a week!". So, since we can't enjoy the rain in winters to the fullest, summer rains are always worth the wait. Conclusively, exactly why summer rains are amazing: One can splash in the water paddles and face the sky as it rains without a care of the world.

Here's our recent rain routine:
Go out in the rain, get soaking wet, the boys usually shampoo their hair in the rain too (Hehe yeah, True Story) and then as soon as mama steps out in the veranda run to her while shouting "Mamaaaa! Thandi baarish hai!" (Translation: Mamaaa! The rain's so cold!). And, repeat.

Reason #4. Since we can't go out much and there's not much to do at home except blaming the weather, us brothers and sisters finally have a common enemy rather than each other.
The common enemy: The people who supply the electricity, of course. Yeah, we're having spells of no-electricty-ness during these summers after every hour!

Oh and that reminds me, the electricity dies out for only an hour the entire day during Ramadhan. On this thought: Ramadhan Mubarak to all the Muslims out there! :)

It is a late Ramadhan greeting, but, oh well..
I shall be off now, even the laptop's heat is getting too much :3

For all those who are wondering: our Air Conditioners usually don't work during the day due to low voltage problem. But, the times that our Air Conditioners do work is one of the bestestest moments of the day :D..


Ifrah Ishfaq said...

happy birthday dear blog “When it rains”!!! =) =):-P
Your post cheered me up as I was really tired today after studying for my prof =) .
It is boiling hot at Peshawar:c.Anyways your post reflects your optimistic approach to life =).
Eating ice creams and playing in rains are two things I love to do in summers =)=).
Happy Ramadan to you too!!=)

Ariba Shahid said...

I just read this ^_^ Happy birthday Blog ^_^
i so agree about the reasons why summers are awesome :p

The Erhu Enchantress said...

I love rain, it's so calm and refreshing, a change from a busy noisy sunny day :). I wish I could play in the rain. However what with the dirty roads and the cold, that's inconvenient. I guess I accepted this, now that I'm a teen and all.

Would you do me a favour and check out my blog? it's , mostly about musings. Thanks so much ^^