Saturday, June 15, 2013

Moving, Yet Again (Take 1)

Featuring: Barney Nutcase Family and Habshis. (What could be better? :') )
In case I forget when I turn eighty: both the names above are of the amazing-estestestest family and best-estestest group of friends I found at Karachi :)

So much to write, such little time.
To make it short: I’m done with my A Levels, no school anymore. *sigh* *And, another sigh* And, I moved, yet again, from Karachi to Kamra (Yeah, you might have to Google-ofy this city, it’s near Attock but unknown to even most of the Pakis) *SIIIIIGH*

The timetable and 'Past Paper Count' I had pasted on my wall during CIEs.
Won't be needing this anymore :D
 I’ll be starting off with my Out Of the Odds in a few weeks, but before that, this traveler owes the world a story. A story of all the sdfghjklgfdvbfrt-esses (Read: I do not have words to describe all that happened as we left Karachi and came to Kamra)

Note for the wise: If I were the reader and not the writer here, I would probably have closed this blog post by now and moved onto a read that actually makes sense.
Still reading? Well, no matter what happens, remember this:

My newest obsession: Hand-lettering :D
Yeah, before telling my friends or gulping down the news of ‘moving, yet again’ that was stuck like a huge bite of burger that refused to go in while making me seem like the most uncivilized person as the mayo plastered my face, and clothes too... Ok, this is a weird expression. But, oh well. I doodled this 'Life is but an ADVENTURE' poster knowing that whatever happens, does happen for the best. Sounds cliched, but oh well. I write' oh well' too much no? Oh well...

And then, I got down to texting my friends and letting them know that I’ll be moving the very next day of our last exam. Hahaha, yeah, many of my ‘Barney Nutcase Family’ members were ready to kidnap me and keep me in Karachi. You know, it’s not such a bad idea. And then, in came their tries of working out a ‘Farewell Party’ for me on the last day of our exam. Maaaayyyyyyyn, I love them :’)

Also, they made me feel as if I’m sick and going to die :3.. Yeah, that was the level of effort they were putting in as they wanted me to leave Karachi HAPPY-LY. And, I did :D

After the exam what is worth being remembered is the baffoonry at Amara’s home after exam, then the ultra-mega-acts-of-awesome-ness at the Grill House (them lot made a freakin’ tower of cans as the waiters and Manager of that place gave us ‘the eyes’. If only looks could drive us out of a restaurant :3) and then off to PAF Museum for the rides :D Too childish? Meh. We’re young B) We battled it out in the dodging cars SIX TIMES! By the end of it, most of us had aching arms and disoriented noses and rattled teeth and churning stomachs. (No, no, thankfully we had no accidents :3) Bbuuuuut, it was worth it.

By the way, this hangout had the largest turn up of all the hangouts of the two years!
See, I’m loved xD

The Dodging Cars all lined up :D
It's not a clear picture, but it sums up the essence of it :')
If this wasn’t enough. As soon as I got back home I had another group of friends ready to take me to the Arenaaaaa ^_^

Did I write how loved I felt that day? 

Oh and I fell during Ice Skating at the Arena. Lubaina has a good day and no accidents happen? Hahaha. Wait. HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Never happens.

Buuut, the best part about the ice skating rink was GIRL POWER XD Mayn, I’ve been waiting to write this down since daaaayyysssss. The guys in the rink didn’t really know how to ice skate while us girls whizzed passed them in attempts of making them fall down (Yeah, call us evil.. But then, Meeshal and I did get paid back by falling down ourselves too, no?)

I had a good good day :’)

Only to wake up the next morning with high fever and a back ache ‘cause of the fall during ice skating. But, that story’s for another day. For now, I have stupid study to do to get an admission at a stupid medical college. They say, we need to stay positive. Soooo, I guess it’ll be ‘veerrryyy niiiccceee’ study to do to get into a ‘verrryyy niiiiiccceee’ medical college. Don’t judge, I’m not this two-faced the rest of the times.

I’ve missed writing out everything random-ly-lame-ly-weird-no-matter-what-it-is at my blog :’)

Meeshal, Maheen, Kajol, Sadia, Mehraz, Moaaz, Khushhal, Junaid, Mehraz, Amara, Najam, Tooba, Saad Haseeb, Saad Rafi, Ubaid, Hassaan AK (Hassaan Akhrot Khan :p), Zeest, Wasti, Aqsa Bongi, Minahil, Rija, Iqra and Abdullah.
(Yeah, even though most of the above probably won't read this post 'cause they're 'too cool with the shades on' or too engrossed in the 'entry test studies'. But, this post would've been incomplete without their mention. So, yeah)


Fatima Riaz said...

well i can't wait to see you :) BTW nice hand writing :D mujhe bhi sikhaoo!

Aqsa Faisal said...

I am so GLAD that you're back to blogging! :D Was looking forward to your new post! And do I have to say it that the post was awesome?

Momina said...

So good to have you back Lubaina! Thank you for dropping by and leaving all those comments!
I hated moving and we moved a lot. But we are finally settled now and I kinda miss all the moving. :3
Kamra is a beautiful place! Hope you have a good time there! :)

Yusra Hussain said...

I know Kamra. I go to Attock a lot. Mayeb someday, I'll drop by at your place to say hello? :P

You're friends are amazing. YOU are blessed.
I missed reading and commenting and stalking people's blogs.

Oh and good luck for the entry test. You'll ace it inshaaAllah.

IceMaiden said...

Your blog is so full of happiness, it sort of blew me away just now! Wow! You are blessed to have a good life, or atleast one in which you are making the most of it! :) Be happy.. And thanks for visiting my blog! :) :)

ifoo da bst said...

Your blog is really lively and full of happiness!!:) :).I
know kamra as well.My khala lives there.Lubaina!! you are blessed to have such awesome and good friends.Best of luck for entry test!!! InshaAllah you will excel it.I have been through this horrifying entry test thing but thank God got admission in 'verrryyy niiiccee' dental college :D.I liked the way you described the medical colleges:D Your post reminded me of all the fun I used to have with my school friends.I wish I can go back into the past and enjoy those moments again.May Allah shower petals of success and happiness upon you.

Lubaina E. said...

@Fatima Riaz. I shall, as soon as I meet you inshaAllah... Just remind me :D

@Aqsa. Feels good to be back too ^_^ Haha. Tahnkyou.

@Momina. We miss the absences. Love the presences, not so much. So, yeah. Well, you are an amazing blogger afterall :) Hopefully, this time i won't have to 'take off'.

@Yusra. Sure sure. It'll be the first ever visit from one of my 'blogger friends' :D
And, if i knew the answer to your question I would've been making millions by now :p

@IceMaiden. Thankyou :)

@Ifoo. LUCKYYYYYY YOUUU! I can't wait for this torment to be over. Well, Kamra is a nice place to be at :)

Ph_ said...

Amazing post!
I totally agree with the fact that whatever happens is for the best so the moving may hurt a bit leaving your friends behind but the sprinkles on top of huge ice cream cone is your last day :)
I am in third year of University (not that old :D) so it reminded me of my post for my bunch of monkey people with whom I love to be a monkey :P
My friends!
Because of the ending fun and get together leaving college and leaving them all behind was not that hard :)