Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wait, What?

She looked out the window, wishing it would rain. But, that would not happen. Could not happen, in fact, because it was snowing. Were it really snowflakes falling from the sky or was it her little brother on the roof tearing up one of those packing material things that the new Air Conditioners came in and making it seem like it's snowing. Wait, what? How could it snow when the new Air Conditioners came in JUST a few days ago. Oh yeah, it is summers. Seems like winters. The fan is turned on, so is the Air Conditioner. Yeah, it is summers. No snow. No rain, either. The maid's outside vacuuming. Ohhhh, the Air Conditioner's not switched on, that is just the sound of the vacuum cleaner. Air Conditioners do not make THIS much noise. But, there is too much light. Better close the curtains. Or, is the light turned on? Wait, what? But, how can she see snow if the curtains are closed.


Nothing makes sense. Means it is not time for her to wake up yet.

*Closes her eyes. Blocks out all the thoughts. Pulls over the blanket. Goes back to sleep.*

I just pulled over the blanket. It is definitely not summers!

*Shut up, Lubaina. Just sleep. And, goes back to sleep*

Found this Calvin and Hobbes comic. It perfectly describes the story of my life. 

Yeah. This is pretty much the most happening part of my day when I have to decide whether to wake up or not. Better catch as much asleep as I can. Medical studies don't let one sleep, or so they say ;)

Medical College does not start until Mid-December. Yayayayaay! So many holidays. ^_^


Abdullah Ehsan said...

ROFL! :D That is not sleeping for you.

Zukhruf said...

You have insane amount of time to sleep. Enjoy it while it lasts :p

Ridx said...

Calvin and Hobbes OMG LOVE!!!

Sleep Lubaina. Enjoy your time. :D

Irene ~Melodies In The Sand~ said...

Sleep while you can! I am a former medical student (but did not last) and I know how sleeping is a privilege when you are in medical school. ♡ :-)

Irene ~Melodies In The Sand~ said...

*a privilege not granted to you when you are in medical school. ;-)

Amrit Sinha said...

Enjoy your holidays, and your sleep :-P

Nadal Hadi said...

hahahahaha You're sooo right. It really does feel like your internal clock's on Tokyo time. Even 4 hours of sleep seems like a blessing. :p

Ifrah da bst said...

Sleep as much as u can as medical studies don't let one sleep!! :( :(
Enjoy farigh time to the full :)

Yusra Hussain said...

First off, CONGRATULATIONS for getting into the medical college.

Second off, Adjust your internal clock back to the Pakistan time.
Or not, it's for you to decide what time do you want to work yourself with, after all.

Stay happy, Lubaina! :)

shonazee said...

Hahahaha , yeaaah sleeep is a luxury you cannot afford once you are in med colg , so have fun and sleeep as much as you can . Goshh i am jealous of you right noww , i could use some sleeep :/

Ohh and i LOVE the whole summer - rain - snow thing you wrote . Keeep writing and happy holidays ;) !

Lubaina E. said...

@Abdullah. Well, that's what it is now :D

@Zukhruf. I am. I am. B)

@Ridx. They sure are the best comics. Haha. thank you.

@Irene. Oh. WHOA. I really hope i do last at medical school despite the lack of sleep. :)

@Amrit. Haha Yeah. Thanks.

@Nadal. Ok. Now, you're scaring me :p

@Ifrah. As I'm scrolling down and reading the comments, I'm realising the seriousness of 'no sleep'. Well, i better get loads of sleep now.

@Yusra. THANK YOU ^_^ Ghayab na hua krou na. And, yes. Pakistan Time would suit me best ;)

@Shonazee. Now. I'm seriously off to sleep as much as I can. But, one can't ever have enough of sleep I guess :p And, thank you ^_^

Yusra Hussain said...

Yaar, yeh university k kaam mujhe ghayab kar detay hai. :(