Wednesday, November 27, 2013


November 2013, the month that turned it all around.

The winters, the love for coffee and baking cupcakes after eons.
The feelings as I pack for my hostel.
The realisation of the love I am surrounded with.
They say one turns over a new leaf, I say I jumped on to a new leaf and it started raining.
Not all rains are good, by the way. But, I love rain nonetheless ^_^
I've heard that snow's better than rain, I believe that to be true :D

Just because... :')


fahaad said...

don't get changed , hostel ja kar. Only thing i would share from my living alone experience.

nupur said...

I so envy you :'(
my turn is going to come next year though :p
Btw amazing doodle! :o you are surely not going to have a problem with the super tough biology diagrams and all that :p
I couldn't even draw the heart wala diagram properly :p

Aqsa Faisal said...

The doodle :3

Misterio Vida said...

wish you a very happy winter season and hostel stay :) winters are good but difficult to study especially writing as fingers get freeze :(

Lubaina E. said...

@fahaad. I shall keep that in mind. But, change is definitely going to be there anyway.

Yusra Hussain said...

I, too, want to doodle.

Lubaina E. said...

@nupur. Haha. Thakyou :D Well, sometimes if one draws something a gazillion times one does get the hang of it ;)

@Aqsa. Yes, the doodle :3

@Vida. Thank you. Haha yeah, that's really annoying.

@Yusra. Kaisa waala? :D

Irene ~Melodies In The Sand~ said...

"They say one turns over a new leaf, I say I jumped on to a new leaf and it started raining."

Oh how I love that line. ♡ :-)

The Purple Assassin. said...

Winters. Hostel. Good Books.
Perfection in just three words!
have a beautiful stay.

Ifrah da bst said...

Doodle is awesome!! :) Happy winter season and good luck for hostel!!

Ifrah da bst said...
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I Romanticize said...

Snow is better than rain - when it first falls :-).

I'll post some photos for you :-).

Glad you see the beauty in life.

P.S. I love coffee too! Are you on instagram?

Anonymous said...

That image! <3
And I love rains too! Nice blog, btw.

Red Handed said...

Hostel rocks. I spent 5 yrs in it. I envy u now. Awesome doodle!

Nadal Hadi said...

Snows good.... only for 5 mins. Then it's BAD. X_X
Rain's the best. ^_^
Teach me how to doodle like that! :P

The Purple Assassin. said...

amazing doodle!