Friday, August 16, 2013

Trip to the North

Warning: Below are not-so-cheery emotions that contradict with the motto of this blog. 
Read at your own discretion.

I remember how I gave my blog a Green theme last year on 14th August. That day was special and amazing, because last year I got the most unexpected yet the most amazing results. Alhamdullillah.

I've spent an entire year floating on that 'Happy Cloud'. I made it when it was least expected from me to.

I guess, I had sketched out a mental image of the same happening this year too. But, it didn't.
My grades turned out to be lower than my own expectations, let alone the expectations of those around me.
"Expectations torment us, in the end. Yes, they do."

Well, just as I thought I had lost it all and would not make it through, my family planned a road trip!
Did I mention before about how random my family is? I LOVE THEM.

It was supposed to be a one-day trip to any Northern City. Instead, my Baba drove all the way to Malakand. He then randomly decided to go meet a friend in the Swat Valley. And, then just as randomly we headed off to Malam jabba as well. Yeah, it turned into a two-day trip to beautiful areas. I guess, sometimes all one needs is a trip to the North.

"It's the green, I tell you. Green has this calming effect; a soothing aura."

I had not gotten out of bed since I got to know about my result. I detested every minute of the way that I had not wanted to be on a road trip; I'd rather watch rerun of Friends at home. I do not remember any hour that passed without a crying tantrum from my end. What was I supposed to do? I talked to my friends, didn't attend most of the calls or return the messages asking about my result and lent out the anger on my family who have a lot of patience for bearing with me and well... didn't write it down until I read Fahaad's Blog Post. You can read it here.

"Our own problems seem way way easier when we know that someone out there has faced the same that we did."

A view from Malam jabba I captured using my cellphone.
Oh and, did I mention that Malam Jabba is on top of the mountains?
It's the place where the phrase 'ON TOP OF THE WORLD' suits best :D 

"Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best. Let God take care of the rest."

A the end of the day, this trip cured me. It could have been my worst fall ever. But, it wasn't. And, it isn't. I'm ready with my newest battle armor,  my newest strength and my even more newest resolve. Yeah, this can count as an over-use of the word 'newest'. 

"We are not born once, but again and again" -William Charles.


Aqsa said...

Aww that was so sweet of your family to take you for a trip. I bet you enjoyed there.
And don't give up. Inshallah you will exceed even your expectations next time. All the best.

Priya K said...

Nice post.. I love the line " "Our own problems seem way way easier when we know that someone out there has faced the same that we did."
I somehow feel if you understand this you will go a long way.. Cheer up..! I am sure you will get better grades next time..!

MS said...

The view from Malab jabba *_*
Now you can't say that your phone doesn't take nice photos. :3 :p

Ifrah Ishfaq said...

So sweet of your family to take you for a trip :)
:).Don't lose hope and courage.InshaAllah you will ace MCAT :) :).


Love love love it.. wonderful post my dear :)

Honey said...

See? Life can still be beautiful even though sometimes we think the worst has happened. You're fortunate to have a loving family. Thanks for the comments and for following my blog. :)

Ecstasy said...

Love the name of your blog :D
It's nice to know that you have a loving family :)

Zeba said...

We live the highs and the lows. Sigh. Lucky to be part of the family. :)

Fahaad said...

I like how no one appreciated my blog post like they didn't read it although the reason I am here is because you directed a lot of traffic to my blog :p
and that's not a good reward you know, I so want to go to these places but my dad wont allow me to because of security issues. Army sucks so much.

Nejia Arif Sultan said...

Oh wow. Cool shot, I love how the blue keeps a connection with the mountains and then turn them green. very scenic <3 These clouds seem to be like cham chams.

Amrit Sinha said...

Life is all about ups and downs ... how we deal with them is what matters :-)

Momina said...

I can relate to the result part but I can also tell you it gets better. It does. I've been there.
I love how random outings turn into happy memories one can never forget.
Also, lovely picture. I love the clouds, as I am greatly obsessed with them!

Arcane said...


And I love the quote at the end.

Alcina said...

Sometimes the breaks we run from are what we need the most :) and your family is surely superb!
You know when i read about expectation that time this qoute reeled in my mind "Expect the unexpected"(don't really know who gave it)
Life will be continuing in circles :)
Thank you so much for the love back there on my blog :)

Cassandra Too said...

The view is beautiful!

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cassandra xx

Lubaina E. said...

@aqsa. Sure it ^_^ InshaAllah inshaAllah. Need your prayers :)

@Priya K. Thank you for the nice thoughts. I sure hope so :)

@Moaaz. Malam Jabba is a place to be at ^_^ Well, this one came out nicely coincidentally :3

@Ifrah. InshaAllah :)

@Creative Mind. Thank you, Khadija :)

@Honey. Exactly :D Yes, I am blessed to have such an amazing family. And, no problem :)

@Ecstasy. Well, I love rainy days after all :)

@Zeba. That's true. And, yeah. Everyday I thank God for the family He blessed me with.

@Fahaad. Hahahahha :D Well, maybe nobody can conjure up a comment that matches the awesomeness of your blog post ;) Well, yeah, there are security issues. But, we made a short n quick trip which was totally worth it :D

@Nejia. Thank you. I'm not usually good with photography, it's just the beauty of the place I guess :)

@Amrit. Yeeaah, that's true :)

@Momina. I sure hope it does. Random family outings are the best. And, thank you thank you ^_^

@Arcane. Thank you :)

@Alcina. I shall remember this quote :) And, no problem.

@Cassandra. Sure is :)

shonazee said...

This sounds a lot like the story of my life , 2 years back . And after reading this , i m totally nostalgic ! This post has inspired me to write about my shortcomings back then ! Thanks for the lovely post and the pic it's kinda awesome . All the best with your endeavors . Oh i forgot mentioning , i Love the theme and look of your blog and the way you have inserted several quotes in btw , it's really admirable .:)