Sunday, March 10, 2013


I remember how I had vowed to dedicate this blog to happy things and writings that make one smile. But when the unspeakable strikes, one is left with no other choice but to let it all out by words.

He passed away yesterday, he was my age, he used to be in the class next to mines, he was known for his athletic skills and his football game, he died in a car accident. Hamza Khatri.

Little did the ones who attended morning classes with him, laughed with him and joked with him knew what was about to strike that very day. It took just Three hours and Fifty minutes. That's it. Eighteen years that he spent in this cruel world, he had dreams for the future, he was the only child of his parents and his mom and dad had big plans in store for for him, were all gone as he had a car accident at 2pm, and soon took his last breath at around 5:50pm on the 9th of March 2013.

But Almighty's workings work in a different way. All that happens, happens for the better. Here I am planning to go meet Khatri's family in a while when I do not even know if I'll make it past the next minute. Death does not really give out a warning signal before it strikes, it just takes away the soul from the body and done. We're gone.

Khatri left us, and to all those reading this, pray that he is granted Jannat-Ul-Firdous.
But, he left behind gazillions who miss his smile, his company, his advice, they simply cannot bear to trudge on with life without him. These people who have a hole in their hearts need us now. They need shoulders to cry on, ears that would listen but not judge, company that comforts them and hands they can hold on to as they find the strength to go through this loss.

Every life matters, every moment is worth it, there are tiny problems that we face but those are hurdles to test us and prepare us as we go forward with zeal and passion. We spend our days looking forward to tomorrow, and at the end death awaits us. We do not leave when death strikes, it all does not end when death's hand strengthens its grip on us.

Khatri left behind his legacy.

Khatri left behind memories.

Khatri left behind hearts who will never forget to love him.

He didn't really leave, he lives within us, in our prayers, in our hearts and our words.

This life is not pointless, as we go forward, we touch souls in ways we do not even realise, and maybe, just maybe, that is how this is supposed to work. And that is how it has been working since the beginning of times..


Momina said...

May your friend rest in peace and Allah bless his soul!
Death is indeed unpredictable, we have no idea about the next second.

Raajii said...

That's a beautiful tribute to him. I lost a very close friend of mine to a car accident two years ago and I still cant believe she is not here.

nupur said...

That is a very touching tribute. Very sad he left the world so early. May allah bless his soul

Aliza said...
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Aliza said...

Oh yes I heard about Hamza too... tragic :c My condolences to you and his family... I felt it so much. Just a regular Citizen like you and me,and embraced such an early,unexpected death.

May he rest in peace,Ameen.