Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Doctor-To-Be in Winter

So, where was I when I left off around 24 days ago?
Oh yeah. I had my doodle-making mode on, started the Doodle Liners too. You can view them here. I was comfortable in summer clothes. And, was very very very nervous about my Medical College Admissions.

Well, guess what? The tables have turned! Well, not the doodle tables, just the medical and summer ones.
Yes, I feel very cold these days. And yes, I did get into a Medical College that I have dreamed of getting into since I visualized the possibility of becoming a doctor. *Alhamdulillah.

Oh yes, I am one of those Doctor-To-Bes now who flaunt off their lab coats even when they're eating out. Although, I might not wear my lab coat everywhere. You know, this world can't handle THAT level of awesomeness B|

Haha. I sound so self-obsessed. But hey, who's judging.

Anyways, apart from getting past the admission-mania there was EID.
I love Eids.
Even though nothing much happened at Eid other than meeting my family, eating good good very good food and wasting time on Facebook liking the Eid Pictures uploaded by everybody.

Apart from Eid, there is cold in the air. The feet freeze at night when one's not wearing socks and the nose turns red. Yes, WINTER'S COMING ^_^

Oh and, the rest of my family roams around in summer clothes while I shiver in the winter ones. This might give you an idea of the extent of the 'winter' and my health level at the moment. I am A-OK, just by the way. It's just that I've embraced the winter too dearly this time around. I think.

This shall be it for now.
Oh and, do not re-read Toxin by Robin Cook if you wish to eat Meat Burgers and not be haunted by gruesome diseases caused by bad meat. Well, if you still plan to read or re-read it: I DID WARN YOU!


*Alhamdulillah (Arabicالحمد لله‎) is an Arabic phrase meaning "Praise to Allah". It's most commonly used to thank Allah.


MS said...

Alhamdulillah ^_^
Congratulations and all the best, Dr. Lubaina Ehsan :D

Rajesh said...

Five years of wearing long white coats :) All the best.

Abdullah Ehsan said...

Congratulations ^_^!
And brace your selves for winter!

Ghadeer said...

Congrats! :)

Harshini Naidu said...

Congratulations :D :D

And again congratulations,you've been nominated for a liebster awars :D :D


Happy blogging :D

Lubaina E. said...

Thank you so much, Moaaz ^_^

@Rajesh. Five years sure seems too long. And, thank you :)

@Abdullah. Thank you. Oh, I have my coats and sweaters ready :D

Thank you, Ghadeer. :)

Yayayayay. An AWARD! ^_^ Thank you, Harshini :D

Ifrah da bst said...

Congratulations Dr sahibah!! :p Wanna congratulate you earlier but was busy with horrifying proff papers!!
It is a success, you truly deserved. It is an achievement you have truly earned. I congratulate you on your success and wish you all the best for your future.

Ridx said...

Congratulations! :D

nupur said...

So you would be studying medicine?
WoW :O
Congratulations :D Becoming a doctor was my childhood fantasy too, before I realised that I am super scared of blood :p

Lubaina E. said...

@Ifrah. Haha. Shukria! :D Thank you so much for all the motivation ^_^ Hope your proff papers went great.

@Rida. Thank you :D

@nupur. Yeaaah. I'm a Doctor-To-Be now B)
Hahahhaha. Well, I have to overcome many fears of mine too :p

shonazee said...

Don't forget to seize that moment when you first wear your white lab coat . That feeeling , the stirr of emotions within you is just invaluable .
I am sooo happy for youuu ! And while reading that AKU offer note , i had crazy goosebumps , literally . It is a milestone that you've just reached and there's this long road ahead , so all the very bessst , for your dream has now come to life ! Show'em how it's done ! Lotsa love <3

aq said...

Good blog