Sunday, July 15, 2012

We Broke In (Out of the Odd #6)

And i successfully pulled off an all-nighter. It's a rarity in my case. I can be a very sleepy sleepyhead.

This guy here.
This is exactly how I am at the moment.
I need sleep so bad.
Buuuuut My vacations are going to end :(

I can't believe my much-awaited summer holidays are about to end.I have so much left to do!

Well, i still managed to visit my family n pals at Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
And we're going to Hyderabad today.

Meanwhile, at the Out Of the Odd World at Isb n Rwp.
Me and four other friends managed to break into a swimming pool!
Yes, we actually broke in.
Five girls, broke in.
I'll be calling my friends Tui, Mui, Sui and Lui.
Oh how i wish they actually had names like these xD
(No offense intended if these are actual names)
Sleepovers are the best, specially when it rains at night :)
And also when you meet your bestest friends after an ENTIRE YEAR!

Well none of us slept (as expected) so we decided to go out and play basketball. At 6am xD
Yup early morning exercise keeps us all healthy :D
(While saying this I'm completely ignoring the unhealthiness of not sleeping at night, oh well :p)

Seeing the sunrise from behind the Margalla hills, listening to birds chirp and the bounce of a ball.
Recently, there were rumors about some guys breaking into the pool and their parents being called n shit, well we decided that there was only one way we'd know if the rumors were true.
We'll break in ourselves xD

The wall of the pool was a bit high. Tui, Mui and Sui decided to climb it. 
There was a ledge buuut it still was high.
Tui is tall so she made it, but for Mui n Sui it was like climbing Mount Everest.
'I scraped my knee'
'Hey! Give me hand!
''I'm gonna faaaaallll!'

And all this while me and Lui stood there and watch them face death row.
(No we're not mean, it's been a while since we had a good laugh together xD)
I had no plans on climbing the wall.
I can be clumsy, small and I didn't want any broken bones at the moment.
(Although i like wearing fake casts on my arm and going around pointing them as bulldozers :p)

Well, i just went around to the other side of the pool n it had a perfectly climb-able gate!
Yh I always knew i was a genius xD
Me and Lui climbed it up and were soon in. By this time the other three were in too.

Poor them, the look on their faces when they saw that there was an easy way in :p
First things first. A picture in the pool as a proof of our break-in.
Nobody is at the pool early in the morning.
Well as soon as we sat in the pool and Lui faced the camera towards us, we heard a door shut!
Yes, I just said that nobody's at the pool early in the morning. Well I was SO wrong.
And we'd have our parents called in!
Our height of stupidity: we ran away with heavy footsteps rather than creeping out. We sure made enough noise to confirm our presence. 

This time we just jumped off the wall and were out.
Good scare. A closing door. But no picture!
My idea: let's just climb the gate again, take a picture and come out.
Mui: But there was somebody in there!
Me: Maybe the door closed due to the wind.

Just an advice. Do NOT take the same risk twice.
The moment we climbed the wall there was the lifeguard waiting with a notebook in his hand.
We were caught.

And my very-very-clever friends did NOT recognize him.
(My friends after all :p)

Lifeguard: What's your name and your dad's name ?
Lui: I'm kiki and my dad's kaka.
Lifeguard: Nope you're not kaka's daughter, you're lying.
---Well the rest of the conversation went somewhat like this concluding with the lifeguard going in to make calls to parents---
(We couldn't even save our butts because the lifeguard recognized all four of them, i was a guest.)
(They go swimming and yet they didn't know the lifeguard :p)

So much for our adventure.
That's when we decided to apologize!
And not leave until he trusts that this won't happen again.
(Sometimes we're just so rational, I am glad for these rare times though)
So we went back to the lifeguard's desk.
(Mui's puppy dog face is the cutest)

Aaaaaaand, He let us go :D

Oh and you have to read this:
We sure were swift with our breaking in and even running out but the window in front of the lifeguard's desk was a one-way mirror. Yup, we even tried to open the windows and made funny faces thinking it's a mirror, while all the time the guard was seeing us! He saw us trying to open the windows and that's how he knew what we were up to :p. 
So, when i was pulling out my tongue to make a crazy pose for a picture i was actually looking right at him without knowing it ? HAHA. 
But next time, we sure are keeping an eye out for one-way windows. 

See ? How were we supposed to know that the lifeguard's on the other side :p

I've never been to Hyderabad before. Can't wait for today's trip! :D
And the forecast is talking about rain at KARACHI ^_^


Anonymous said...

Lucky you, my school's opening on August 1 and I'm just praying that these fifteen days go real slow.
LOL at the one way mirror. :D

I do, I do. said...

Interesting post! :) Have fun!

Lubaina E. said...

@N. Well they probably will be the fastest days of the entire holidays. My experience ;)

@I do, I do. Thankyou :)