Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rain-missing-home-lost-pajama-ness-ity :)

“I can’t find my night suit’s pajama anywhere. I’m drugged with lack of sleep, my feet ache, my head’s woozy and I’m stumbling around looking for my pajama. I ask mama, nobody has a clue about the whereabouts of my dear old pajama in which I sleep the best of sleeps.
Just then I reach to fix the scarf wrapped around my neck. Well what do you know; I’m wearing my pajama as a scarf!”
-An extract from yesterday when I had hardly slept 5 hours in the past 48 hours.

Well that was yesterday.
I had a sleepover at a friend’s and of course nobody sleeps then. And the night before sleepover night it rained in Islamabad! :D
So I was up and about, out in the rain at 3.00am for around six hours.
Enjoying the rain, and the weather after the rain 
Thus, no sleep.

Going out and turning my head up towards the sky, closing my eyes and shivering each time an ice cold raindrop fell on my face.

Raindrops :)

I’m probably returning to Karachi the day after tomorrow.
I sure have to update posts on my times at Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
But till then, I miss home.
And I literally have to fight to use the internet.
The explanations of the fight are all in here: More Than a Dozen.
Yet, I love to travel.
And I love it when it rains.


Brocha said...

This post made me laugh, I have had those days where I searched my entire house for the one thing I had either on my head or in my hands. Needless to say I didn't leave the house those days.

By the way, if you can convince the rain to come over where we are, I am sure everyone one be thankful.

fatima said...

You are having fun that is what matters.
Sleep doesnt:-)

raiha khan said...

Haha.. funny post :p
p.s it rained here in karachi too,and u missed it *nananana*

Ovais said...

Rain <3
love this time of the year.


wao...Interesting post & these rain drops are so good..we were having rain this morning in Islamabad..but sun is back again right now :(

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

You are an amazing writer.
Love this post.

Lubaina E. said...

@Brocha. HAHA. That happens too :D. N well if people here can let go of rain it sure can arrive there :)

@fatima. Exactly :)

@raiha khan. So a three houre rain at isb compared to a half hour rain here ? :p

@Ovais. One can just sit back n watch the drops patter :)

@Creative mind. Yeah I was in Islamabad when it rained :)N yes, it got too hot after the rain though.

@Izdiher. Thankyou :)

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

I'll be waiting for those posts about your days in ISB and Pindi.