Tuesday, November 18, 2014

No Shoes Friday

Do you wear shoes? Well, I know that you do. And, how do I know that? Well, I tried NOT wearing shoes (wore just socks, it is cold here these days) the entire day on Friday and noticed that I was the very extremely odd one out because everybody else was wearing shoes.

Friday was that one day when we roamed around entire Islamabad probably, Mama Baba had places to go to and I tagged along. And, know one good thing about not wearing shoes the entire day? I actually looked down on the ground to watch my step, with all the looking I noticed the beautifully patterned sidewalk, the cement patches to smooth down the road, the bricked design in the lawn that I walked on and, since looking down equals seeing lots of shoes, the creativity that is bursting out of the shoe industry.

Why 'No Shoes Friday'?
Well, one might expect a wisdomatic solution but there is none.
I actually roamed around in socks the entire day because I was too lazy to wear my converse and tie the laces. True Story. My converse just relaxed in the car the entire day.


WritingForLife said...

We did that in college - for charity purposes. That was a perspective altering moment for me. I couldn't last on the concrete for more than 5 minutes (and we weren't allowed to wear socks). Made me realize just how hard that is, and we dont think twice about someone barefoot who can't afford shoes. Sigh.

Aqsa Faisal said...

I have difficulty believing this. One word; WOW.