Saturday, May 3, 2014

On The Move

 If I ever write an autobiography, this is is what it would be titled:

On The Move Since 1994

Born in Rawalpindi, I soon moved and journeyed to many places. My dad's the one who is always in for an adventure and mama wants us to be brave. So, yeaaah, we've been out a lot. Even then, we might have shifted homes and cities and countries because it was needed but we travelled because we wanted to. I can't imagine how it would be to live in just one city our entire lives. It must be amazing but then again discovering new places is even more fun. I love moving. I love travelling. But, know what, no matter what place one is at it's the people at that place that matter. They are the ones that make the city what it is for one.


Rajesh said...

I agree L. We remember places for the people who occupy them.

Ridx said...

Hello Lubaina. :) Just read your comment, thank you for the advice. I need some so I will definitely stick to what you said. And are you thinking to write this autobiography? are you serious? I must tell you that if you are serious, you should go on and write and I will be the first one to buy your book. I know you are studying medicine but you can always write. Also, I haven't traveled a lot but I would love to. I shifted to Islamabad when I was in 5th grade and stayed there for two years I guess. All that earthquake times. And later shifted back to Karachi. And yes the important thing is the people around you. :)

Anonymous said...

PLeaseeeee post your email id . the one on your profile is not working

Lubaina E. said...

Rajesh. :)

Ridx. Well, I hope everything turns out for the best for you! I'm honored to know that my autobiography will be worth being read. Well, I'm hopefully going to write some book some day. After all, Robin Cook is a doctor AND a novelist. Oh right. Well, yeah. The people sure do matter.

Anonymous. My email id: I've changed it in my profile too though.

I Romanticize said...

I find comfort in places more than people. I have moved so much too, and enjoyed most of the places I have been.

Zeba said...

It's the same with me, so much to see and learn out there, no time to stay in one place for too long. :)

P.S: Thank you for always reading, and leaving behind such kind words. They make my day.

Varun Singh said...

Rightly said. It is the people who make the city beautiful or horrifying!
And, you were born in the place where Shoaib Akhtar was born. Ever got a chance to meet him? :P

Keep blogging!

nupur said...

I am really envying you now!
Your life seems so happening :D
And the photos you posted are BEAUTIFUL. Keep writing

Nadal Hadi said...

So true! It's the people that make a place what it is. Came to realise that when I left khi for a town called hypocrisy. :p
I would love to read that autobiography. :)