Friday, January 25, 2013

Mr.Time. You There?

Wait. I had started writing blog posts about winter vacations, right?
Wait another minute. I had written just one post about the vacations.
Is that it?
Yeah, I guess that's it.

There's so much to do... And I have done... Nothing?

will you be so kind?
Stop as you may,
as I hand you a dime
as you pause,
pause what we call time.

Ignore my poetic baldness, because I have lost it!

Shoot. I just wrote poetic baldness xD

And this is when Mr.Time was my partner. Yeah, during the vacations. All I had was time.
That's when I came up with picture-ising each day of my life.

All that happened from 8th till 19th December :)
Nope, I did not get to work on my 'picture journal' after this. :p

17th December-the day those mids ended.
Oh, that freedom :')
We were till 11pm, playing basketball :)

All the work done for LUMUN IX.
LUMUN IX, that's another amazingly awesome story.
That I shall write about... Someday... soon... Maybe... Hopefully...

Yes, I do try to make up my own quotes at times. Sigh.
I know Mr.Time will knock at my door someday and it will go something like,

"Knock Knock!"
"Whose There"
"Mr.Time who?"
"The one who doesn't exist"

Yes, I know I ruined the knock knock joke. Completely.

Oh, well. It is true.



Ph_ said...


Anonymous said...

This is so creatively awesome and awesomely creative :P I think I'm going to have to try this.

Except I cannot draw to save my life so I'' have to work something out on the computer :P

your latest follower :P

MS said...

Alas! There will be never enough time to do all that you want. Ah well..what's a life without some challenges, eh...
The art work/doodles... are love ^_^

ifoo da grt said...

Creative and innovative!! :):)