Friday, March 9, 2012

And I became a BLOGGER :D..

We all define life in our own different ways. Well, life has no definition and we ourselves have to define our own definition of life. Okay so this sounds too much like a self-help book :p.. These books don't really make a difference though, they just remind us of wisdom and advice that we already know but don't act on..

Anyways, back to the point. I always considered blogs to be too much of time-takers (i don't know if that is even a word in the dictionary :p), but I read this blog of a blogger who goes by the name of noise halberd. I don't know if he would ever read this blog but yeah, I got the motivation to blog from him ;)..

When it rains, it's not a philosophical phenomenon nor are these words those kind that have a hidden meaning. When it rains is only because I love rain :).. N when I write I feel as lovely and awesome-atic (warning: this word is not in the dictionary either) as I do when it rains :)..

P.S. other than the motivation. My second reason for blogging would be that when the next time I want somebody to read my writings, I won't have to go through the trouble of typing and printing it out for them :P..

P.S.S Not everything has to be complicated, life can be very very very simple ;)

*Pointing to the image above*
I have more nicknames than the stars on a starry night :)
Nope, I don't hate getting random crazy nicknames, neither am I asking for another nickname from you :P.. I just put up the image for the sake of it, not everything has long lengthy reasons behind it right ;)

Life's Simple (Y)
and RAINY :D


Zukhruf Amjad said...

This was a very good read and you are very talented. Keep up the amazing job! :D

Lubaina E. said...

Thankyu Mazukray ^_^

Daniyal Asif said...

I Wish I Could Thought Of A Simple Name Like "When It Rains" But Yet So Memory Awakening Statement. I Love It When It Rains, I Love The Scene Before Rain The During Rain And The After Rain. Just Lovely, & The Smell Of After Rain Just Makes Me Want To Get Lost In The Rhymes Of Insanity, The Rhymes Of Nature. ;)

Welcome To Blogging, Have Fun.

Lubaina E. said...

@Daniyal Asif: So you're a rain lover too :)
Many think rain is depressing.

And thankyou :D..